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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Florida Garden Iris

Many years ago I researched which Louisiana Iris might be suitable for my Florida garden. I'm sure there are more types than what I have, but this one was what I started with. I ordered 'Sinfonietta' from an online source and 6 bare root plants were mailed to me.

As I do with most brand new plants that I don't have full confidence planting, I placed them in two different locations in my old garden. When we moved to the house next door last summer of course the Louisiana Irises were among the list of plants I wanted to be sure to bring with me.

This new garden has more space in more areas with more sunshine. I just said more three times in one sentence. You get the picture right? Louisiana irises can take full sun. In my garden each patch gets between 3-6 hours. Which seems to be plenty.

To get 'Sinfonietta' started here (after digging/dividing from my old patches) I cut off all but about 4" of greenery, knocked off the soil and planted them in three different locations here. Their greenery perks up in the winter season. They have adapted well in this new garden. Blooms started right on time in mid to late March. One of the locations bloomed later than the other two and still has a few flowers while the others are finished for the year. Yes, it's a quick bloom time. But, oh, what a beautiful display while it last.

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  1. It is a beauty. I have only seen a yellow Louisiana Iris. Obviously there are more than one color. :)

  2. She's a real beauty. My old neighbor had quite a few different ones and they're all lovely. As for the short bloom period. It just makes you enjoy them that much more.

  3. Aren't those gorgeous!!! I'm partial to blues. It must be so rewarding (and a bit challenging) to go from a mostly shaded garden at your last home to the more sunny one. Twice the learning! Thanks so much for sharing this lovely post.

  4. The irises are beautiful, as are all of your plants. Love your blog, especially enjoyed reading about your move. I'm zone 9, just beginning a gardening blog. Enjoyed the visit!


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