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Saturday, October 20, 2012

White Bridal Veil Flowers

Clerodendrum wallichii or bridal veil is a pretty fall bloomer in my garden.

Cascades of white pendulous flowers grace this simple shrub every autumn. My elderly neighbor gave me a cutting from hers a few years ago. They root easily. It grows in partial sun or bright, filtered light. Mine is nestled under the oak trees.

I forget about it until it blooms each year because it is a low-maintenance Florida-Friendly plant.

Then, Wow! Fragrant and gorgeous. Do you grow bridal veil?

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  1. Oh that is beautiful! I will be on the lookout for some.

  2. Never heard of it but now I've got another plant to add to my wish list. Do they sell it here or do you have to know someone?

  3. I am unable to find this particular plant in my gardening book. I have Clerodendrum but not the particular one you have mentioned. My question is how large does it grow and could you post a picture of the entire plant? It is so beautiful and I have just the spot under some oak trees where it would thrive. Thanks

  4. I love them....I could afford the palnt over at the sale..but i crave one

  5. No, but I wouldn't mind having it in my garden, beauty and fragrance. What more could a gardener ask for?

    Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend.

    FlowerLady Lorraine

  6. ernquet 45Yes, I have one and have propagated it several times. Blooms are spectacular.

  7. I was weeding a cutting back over the weekend and "discovered" my plant again - it is full of buds, so looks happy.

  8. A friend gave me a cutting of this about two years ago and it flourished in my yard, growing to about 5 feet high and producing the beautiful white flowers that you showcased in your blog. But this past summer the clerodendrum wilted completely and I still have no idea what happened. It did not wilt for lack of rain, that's for sure. It was beyond recovery and I had to remove it. Still sad, because this was one of my favorite shade plants.


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