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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Highlights from Cheekwood Botanical Garden

Recently I visited Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and Museum in Nashville, TN. It is actually the second time I've been there. Gardeners know how very different each garden presents with each visit. Don't you love the intense colors in the plants/flowers in this vignette! The ornamental pepper 'Black Pearl' is stunning.

A closer snapshot of the pink flowers on canna and purple of mexican sage in background.

In the 'Robert Ellis Color Garden' is another sweeping bed loaded with annuals, tropicals and perennials to complement the massive planting in the first photo.'Color Garden' is fitting for this part of the garden.

Most plants are identified well in these gardens. Some are not at all. I have no idea what the shrub is in the background, but here is the bloom on it. Anybody know?

What a cheery and bright patch of tall yellow flowers! No ID for this one either.

A picture of autumn! Common buckeye butterfly on mums. There's a reason we see so many mums this time of year. They are compact bloomers with loads of color for autumn. Not my favorites, but they surely do make a colorful statement.

Take a walk with me down a long corridor of archways. Love those red stemmed Colocasias clumping along the way draping over double rows of mums.

A dazzling focal point draws you to the opposite end of the walkway.

Sunshine floods through purple muhly grass in the over-sized urn to make it sparkle and glow.

Side note: I posted this photo on my Hoe and Shovel Facebook page. Here's the note I made about it for a design idea anyone can work toward.

" Alone, this is a perfect display of a dazzling autumn container. Have a look at the composition of this small garden within a garden. The structured background arborvitae standing sentinel, grasses in the middle adding movement, and bright yellow mum pom-poms for a sturdy autumn border--each encompassing the centerpiece urn. It is a great example of how to create a focal point in the midst of a sprawling landscape. It can be seen from every angle of entry as the walks converge toward it. Yet, it is quarantined by the backdrop of evergreens. Simple elements put together for a remarkable effect. Weekend gardeners can duplicate this type of design on a smaller scale ~~ you can even use different plants to adjust to your own climate. Getting ideas is just one of the benefits of visiting other gardens."

BAMBOO! A curving passageway through the Japanese gardens. Listen to the gentle clack-clack of bamboo canes in the breeze.

Meditate and quietly ponder.

Vast grassy areas with three ponds connected by cascading water over rocks provide an expanse for a variety of large, mature trees.


Several trickly water trails, creeks, falls and ponds travel among the gardens.

The perennial garden is bright with color, texture and interest.

A stunning use of grasses.

Celosia. Love it.

Caladiums we are familiar with ... 'Peppermint'!


The newest section of the garden, added since the last time I was there, is the Howe Garden. It includes a state-of-the-art rain garden.

It featured some beautiful stone walls and pathways including this natural stone bench.

There is a series of garden rooms set up to display plant collections, herb gardens, decorative arbors and rain basins.

Shady places to rest.

Toad lily.

Don't you love to visit botanical gardens?

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  1. What a fantastic garden. Thank you for sharing it.

    FlowerLady Lorraine

  2. Beautiful garden, and so inspiring! I've always loved visiting different gardens, especially Bok Tower and the Tallahassee botanical garden. So lovely! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  3. I've always wanted to visit Cheekwood, and your pictures make me want to go there even more. Are the tall yellow flowers swamp sunflowers?

  4. Love the celosia, grasses and bamboo. I try to visit botanical gardens on my travels. Will post on the one in Mauritius later this week!

  5. Nice bamboo!!!!! Love the pot with the grass....elephant ears, etc. Great lighting in your pics and a beautiful place to visit....but the bamboo is perfection:)

  6. Cheekwood looks beautiful. I love visiting public many wonderful ideas to borrow!

  7. Beautiful!
    Have a great week-end!
    Lea's Menagerie


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