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"Possibility and promise greet me each day as I walk out into my garden. My vigor is renewed when I breathe in the earthiness and feel the dirt between my fingers. My garden is a peaceful spot to refresh my soul." Meems

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shoveling Lots of Fresh Dirt

Sometimes I wonder if I make up excuses to haul in yards of fresh dirt.

What is not to love about the hopes and even promises all that earthiness brings with it?

It is this time of year when garden projects are well under way that I'm glad we haven't abandoned the big black truck. It surely comes in handy for hauling.

Four yards of fresh potting mix so far on the new planting bed in back.

Although there's one little guy I know who is not going to be happy when the plants are taking up his play area.

He's pretty certain it was created just for his endless digging pleasure.

There have been so many long and detailed posts here lately. We thought it would be nice to give you, dear readers, (and me, too) a little break.

We are diligently putting the veggie garden back together one step at a time and working on the new planting area in the back simultaneously.

One pile of soil at a time... I LOVE February!


  1. I would love to know where you get your truck loads of potting soil? I love your cardinal photos.

    Enjoy our beautiful FL weather while we have it. Summer will be here before we know it.

    I need to check in here more often to be inspired. Need to find other FL gardening blogs too.


  2. FlowerLady,
    There are so many more FL gardening blogs recently then ever before. As I find them I list them in my side bar... feel free to click away.

    There are two different local nurseries who carry good potting mix and they are not too far from my house. Our truck is a short bed so I can only fit one yard at a time in the back. But there's always room for a few plants in the box that takes up some room in the bed.

  3. Meems - I want to come play in that dirt bed, too! The little guy sure is having a great time.

    Cabin fever up here with wind chills at 13 degrees with 50 mph winds today. Thought I'd check out the blogs while we still have electricity!

    Enjoy your gardening day!

  4. I know just how your Grandson feels. I want to play in the dirt too. I have to wait until spring since I am busy shoveling snow.

  5. Your dirt looks wonderful. It is fun to be gardening again after the freezing temps isn't it? I can't wait to see what you do with the new area. I always enjoy watching your veggies grow. Those cardinal photos are beautiful. Spring is almost here.

  6. Dirt? I think that is what is under all that white stuff that is all over my yard once again this morning. Looks like about 5 inches or so in some places. I have wondered several times in the last 48 hours why I left Florida!!!

  7. Hi Meems, I echo Cameron and want to play in your dirt too. Love the little guy's enthusiasm. Is that a PJ top under the shirt? Our little one wants to wear his pjs all the time, I don't blame him. We do it too and just call ours cuddleduds. Having a truck is such a bonus for gardeners. Hauling stuff made so much easier. And flat land helps too. That is some rich dark soil there, Meems! Looks good enough to eat! :-)

  8. I haven't lifted a garden spade in about 5 months...I miss gardening, my body and soul miss gardening. Soon my hand shall be strong. So here I am for my voyeuristic garden fix and to say hello to you! warmest thoughts, gail

  9. Looks like to me you need to have us all over to play in the Fresh Dirt!! Are you going to get any of the freezing weather this weekend?

  10. Meems,
    looks like your raisin' a future gardener there. Its great kid fun to play in the dirt, adult too. looking forward to see how the beds turn out. You always create a beautiful garden display.

  11. The warmer weather definitely is great inspiration for getting out in the garden...especially with so much "brown" to cut back.

  12. Your little gardener is so cute! Lucky you have a truck to haul all those dirt. We hauled more than 100 bags of soils in our minivan in numerous trips to the nursery store. Love the earthy smell of the fresh dirt!

  13. We've got dirt hauling on the to do list for the next month or two as well. It's so exciting to dream about a new bed and new designs. Best wishes with yours.

  14. I think you have some spam, Meems. Report it to blogger... That's what I did--and I haven't had anymore trouble.

    Sounds like you are getting ready for spring and some new plants and flowers in your garden. Thank Goodness for that beautiful DIRT.... I'm sure the grandson LOVES it...

    Love your Cardinal photos.

  15. Cameron,
    I think it is so cold where you are that it pushed some of it down here today. Threats of freezing temps tonight... I'm hoping it doesn't reach 32.

    I admit I've never had to shovel snow... I think dirt is much more fun.

    This is my favorite kind of weather to be gardening in... sun shining and cool air... fresh dirt and plants to plant. What could be better?

    Lots of snow up there for you TN people. It will be spring soon and then you'll remember how nice it is to be where it is cool.

    There was a short window of time after the well was dug that I could haul all the way to the back garden. The gates and fences have been put back up this week and no more driving all the way back. But still ... hauling is a great convenience. Not the practice around here to where jammies outside. It was a combination of an unexpectedly cool morning and a daddy-packed overnight bag. :-) It was a Mimi improvise to get him outside suitable. I like the sound of cuddleduds.

    Dear Gail,
    If there is such a thing as good timing for an injury I suppose winter is it... soon you will be all better and spring will gift you with plenty of gardening to fill your soul.

  16. Darla,
    It is very iffie whether the temps will drop to 32 tonight. It will get close if it doesn't. I haven't moved or covered a single thing... I've got my fingers crossed we don't get that low.

    He is a great little helper. The fact that he gets completely lost playing in that dirt is a joy to my soul! We'll be out in it again tomorrow... I should get some plants planted as the soil is ready.

    With the weather we are experiencing tonight I'm glad I haven't had time to cut back too much yet. But it is beautiful weather to be outdoors in.

    I've done that in the past, too. Trucks do make it much easier to get more done at one time.

    It is exciting to come up with new plans and then realize the results of hard work. Nothing like moving around some earthy dirt to make you appreciate the gift of gardening.

    The cardinals are looking brighter than ever this winter. I think because we've lost so much foliage and they surely are showing up better.

  17. Hi Meems~
    What fun for your grandson! A truckload of fresh fertile soil is a delight to any gardener! I absolutely love that bottom photo of the iron piece in the garden.

  18. What camera are you using? Your photos are lively with good color and depth of field. They show off the beauty of your garden.

  19. MMG,
    Oh that dirt has been a thrill to me and to the wee one. He just dug around in it again today with glee and sheer delight. The iron piece is the chair my mom gave me last fall for my birthday. I LOVE it, too. And it is finally back in place after all the well digging and such.

    Thanks so much for stopping in and your kind comment. I've placed a link to the Canon website on my side bar just below my profile. The camera is a Canon PowerShot SX20IS. It was new in December. From August 2008 until December 2009 my camera was a Canon PowerShot SX5is. I like them both very much and recommend them for beginning/amateur photographers.


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