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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Easy Maintenance Low Bowl Containers

I've been switching out the plants in my low bowls with each change of season. Since they are very visible when we walk into the back garden it's been fun to have seasonal flowering plants in them. They are close to a water source, but even the largest bowls have fairly shallow soil. I've done something super low-maintenance for fall/winter. A mix of succulents and bromeliads mostly. 

I walked around my yard and gathered pups from reliable bromeliads. They don't need an adjustment period. Just poke them into the potting soil and they look like they've been there all along. I left the moss rose, guara, thyme and angelonia from summer and they are doing fine with natural rainfall also.

I rarely have to hand-water the bowls now and it feels like another step to more freedom!

What are your favorite easy maintenance container plants?

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  1. I empty my planters for the winter. I do bring in the plants I love.

  2. Hi, Meems, it's been quite awhile since I've visited; I think the last time I was here, you were in the process of moving. Your new garden is beautiful! I love all your containers. I plant a few cold weather annuals in containers in the fall, but of course, here in Illinois nothing lasts through the winter.

  3. I am new to your blog and really enjoying it. I garden in containers on the sidewalk in Philadelphia, PA. We have yet to have a hard frost, so my containers are looking pretty good. I do mixed plantings of annuals, perennials, shrubs, small trees, so some things are evergreen, like my mini conifers. Other things look good even without their leaves like the red twig dogwood, curly willow, and Physocarpus. Once we get a frost and things die back such as the hosta, I will fill in with seasonal decorations such as cones, seed pods, branches. Then in the spring, these will get pulled out until next year and I will both overhaul pots, switching perennials into larger ones, etc., and infill with spring bloomers. I also have bulbs tucked in here and there of Scilla, daffodils, species tulips. I hope to get my own blog going soon, but meanwhile I am learning so much and being inspired by all the amazing gardening going on in the Blogosphere! Best wishes, Astrid

  4. I saw a few caladiums peeking out on the side!

  5. Hi meems, just like Rose above, it's been awhile too since i visited maybe because i see you in FB. I love container gardening as well, but when our dry season comes it is so difficult to give regular watering. Yours are so healthy and beautiful.


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