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Friday, November 30, 2012

Troy-Bilt Triple Blade Lawn Edger TB554 Review

Have you ever wondered how to keep your grass from spreading in to your planting beds?  It takes a bit of diligence along with the proper tool. I'm kind of a stickler for keeping a clear delineation between the grass edge and whatever plants frame my beds. Just like mowing the lawn regularly is required for healthy grass, edging the grass is a repetitive gardening task required for clean edges. Edge every time you mow and you will keep the grass out of your planting beds.
Routine gardening maintenance, like mowing and edging, is repeated often during the growing season and can become mundane. For these tasks, reliable tools save time and get the job with better efficiency. I'd rather spend my time planting and creating than mowing and edging the lawn.

I discovered a long time ago that a walk-behind edger provides the cleanest edge. I've owned several of them over the years, each made by various manufacturers.

As a member of the Troy-Bilt Saturday6 Team, they provide me with Troy-Bilt equipment of my choice each year. I get to keep it. I also test and review it. Sweet! One of the products I chose this year is the Troy-Bilt Triple Blade Lawn Edger TB554.

I wanted this edger because it had all the features I look for in a walk-behind edger:
•Self-sharpening, heavy duty 9" triple-edge blade
•6-position edging depth up to 2 1/4"
•3-position adjustable bevel for easy edging along walks and flower beds
•Curb wheel included
•Premium 7" front and 8" rear steel ball-bearing wheels
•158cc/5.0 ft-lbs* gross torque Briggs & Stratton 500 Series engine
•*ft-lbs gross torque per SAE J1940 as rated by engine manufacturer @ 3060 rpm
•2-year limited warranty

Additional features I especially appreciate about this edger:
Easy start: the pull start is easy enough for me to pull and it cranks the motor with the first or second pull.
Manageability: It is lightweight and easily maneuvers through the grass.
No tilt: It has excellent balance when going around curving borders.
Reliability: this edger contributes to efficiency in the garden and saves me time.

It is also particularly useful for shaping the circular ground cover of Asiatic jasmine (Trachelospermum asiaticum) in the back garden.
I love the triple-edge blade! It is sharp, powerful and precise.

I don't need the feature for changing the angle of the blade for my sandy soil and St. Augustine grass, but it could be beneficial for clay soils.

In the front garden, the edger shears off the Asiatic jasmine (Trachelospermum asiaticum) ground cover and keeps it from growing over the drive way.

I highly recommend this edger**. It has been a great complement to my Troy-Bilt lawn mower for keeping what's left of the lawn in the back garden tidy.

What tool do you use to keep your lawn from spreading in to the planting beds?

**Reviews, recommendations or opinions expressed by me regarding Troy-Bilt® products are my own. I am being compensated for my partnership with Troy-Bilt® as one of the Saturday6 team members. This post is in conjunction with that partnership. The Troy-Bilt® product I've reviewed has been provided to me free of charge.


  1. I think that would be just the thing for trimming away the grass. I so need one to make my life easier that trying to do it with the shovel. LOL! Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Looks like a great tool--is it too practical for a Christmas gift for hubby? The problem is, he doesn't edge but every month or so, so it becomes tough to get a handle on creeping St. Augustine. In the backyard, I use a manual edge cutter--one you have to step on/jump on to cut an edge. And the only reason I do the back is because I take the puppies out there to do their job. Maybe I should just buy one of these for myself!!! lol So lucky that you get one for free!

  3. Using a shovel would take forever, Lona. This edger would make your life a breeze. :-)

    Debra K,
    Great tools are never TOO practical for a man right! (Actually I LOVE getting a great tool for a gift). St. Augustine grass runners grow too fast to keep it out of the planting beds. This blade reaches into the dirt and cuts off the runners so perfectly! YES, buy it for yourself... it's very easy to operate for both male and female!

  4. My edging is done manually with a machete and takes ages. Something like this will make this task a dream. I am going to investigate this tool some more. Thanks for the post Meems.

  5. We have one of those weed whackers that you attach the edger blade to, and I despise it! I would totally love this...and think it would also serve well to tame the one patch of English ivy (horrid I know) I left out back because the dogs love it so much. Hmmmm, could this be added to a baby registry? Haha. Well, now I can drop hints for Mother's Day.


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