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"Possibility and promise greet me each day as I walk out into my garden. My vigor is renewed when I breathe in the earthiness and feel the dirt between my fingers. My garden is a peaceful spot to refresh my soul." Meems

Welcome to my Central Florida Garden Blog where we garden combining Florida natives, Florida-Friendly plants, and tropicals.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Winter Morning

A quick turn around the garden in the morning light with my camera.

I'm not sure it really is winter.

It doesn't FEEL like winter.

It doesn't LOOK like winter.

January will nod goodbye tonight.

February will say hello.

Oh, has it been a winter to love!

More like a magical spring.


I sorta hate to rub it in. Sorta.


  1. I can even say it has been the winter that wasn' far. Of course it is nothing like your winter but here it seems miraculous. Today it has been up to 55 again. Crazy. I am loving it though. All we need now is a bit more sunshine. Still love seeing all your tropicals blooming. Gives me hope for blooms here.

  2. I love this weather! It's been perfect for getting TheGreatWall back into shape.Cannot wait for longer days.

  3. It was 70 yesterday, a record high, here in SE Nebraska. It was in the upper 60s today. Next week, there is a 60% chance of snow a couple days in a row. I hope it does. When April gets here, I want nice weather.

  4. Oh, and go ahead and rub it in! The days are getting longer, and I am in better spirits than I am in November. Your place does look wonderful!

  5. Even though I'm only an hour and a half north of you in Citrus County we did not fare as well as you. The last hard freeze got most everything. It looks really odd with everything crunchy brown and the azaleas are starting to bloom in January. Can't wait to get out there and cut it all back. Trying to be patient.

  6. Same here in Tucson. It's been a great winter here. Glad no freezes have hit you. Your garden looks beautiful.

  7. Hi Meems, I've looked for the dashboard yesterday wondering why you are not posting! And now, yes, it doesn't look like winter at all, it looks like our own tropics, except for the carrots and pansies. You are so lucky to have been living is wonderful temperatures!

  8. Lisa,
    Honestly, I would LOVE day temps in the 50's but this winter has been so beautiful I mustn't complain about a thing. :-)

    YES... perfect for projects. Longer days will be much welcomed here, too.

    Seems everyone is milder than normal. Your garden must be missing the snow. When April gets here we are happy to have a few cool days thrown into the 70's and 80's. I hope the mild winter doesn't mean a hot spring.

    It does make a big difference north of here. I know ya'll have had many colder nights than us. It will all come back fast fortunately.

    Glad to hear it... it's nice to have a break from the freezes for a change.

    Just busy with gardening all month... It has been a great time to get some projects accomplished.

  9. I'm sure hoping that our "winter" continues through February. This is more like what winter used to be like down here. Loving is...although I miss having the time to work out in the garden.

  10. Just beautiful Meems. I see the forecast is very mild for the first week of Feb. I am a tad nervous though.

  11. OH, MEEMS! Those carrots look amazing! (Along with everything else in your garden.)
    Hasn't the winter been heavenly?
    Continued blessings...

  12. Dear Meems ~ I hope my gardens will one day look as wonderful as yours. What tranquil beauty you have there. What are the red blooms in picture #6.

    Your carrots looks delicious! Pansy's look happy and everything else looks lush and inviting.


  13. It definitely has been a wonderful winter...more like the winters of old. Thank God we're back to least for now!

  14. We're having a great "winter" here in Texas, too! Love it!!! Your garden is lovely as usual, but that little iron chair caught my eye!!!! Beautiful :-)

  15. Lovely! Can't wait to read more!

    Loved your blog!

  16. FlowerLady,
    Those are ordinary red pentas... kind of worn out from autumn and winter. I'll trim them back in a couple of weeks for them to return healthier.

  17. The best use of plants to offer a similar sense of calm in the absence of the lawn. Repeat the same variety of a plant effectively in a lawn-less garden and it pulls the space together in a peaceful manner.

  18. It definitely has been a wonderful winter...more like the winters of old. Thank God we're back to least for now!

  19. Wow, what a cold morning we had today! I saw that your temperature dipped down to 30.6 ( I wonder how your beautiful garden fared? We hit a low of 28.8 here in Jacksonville. Oh, my, I have "cooked spinach" all over the garden. Just when I thought we were almost out of the woods. I hope your big oaks protected your tender little ones.

    Jacksonville, Florida

  20. Carol,
    I'm sorry to hear your yard was hit so hard this week. It is amazing how very fast a cold front can push down here seemingly out of nowhere. Especially after such a mild winter. Today it will be back in the beautiful 70's. So far it looks like the oak trees saved my most tender tropicals and plants exposed survived as well. I have my doubts we were actually as cold as they predicted.At least we know recovery is fairly quick on any losses.


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