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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rain Brings the Lilies

Blushing pink Rain Lilies (Zephyranthes) appear quite regularly following ... you guessed it ... a good rain shower in late spring.

Short in height with fairly insignificant grass-like foliage from tiny bulbs that multiply on their own they are repeat bloomers throughout the season. Even into mid-summer flowers will flush out although not as abundant as this time of year.

I wish I could say this mass of lilies is mine. I DO have a few of them scattered in pockets here and there. But not a display quite as stunning as my sweet neighbor, Ms. Helen, across the street from me. She has shared so many wonderful plants with me over the years including many rain lilies.

These plants prefer a location with a good deal of sunshine (which is one reason I don't have more of them). Given a warm site along with a healthy down pour to urge them forth they are an easy, simple-pleasure lily to grow in Florida.

Fortunately for me, Ms. Helen's are planted en masse on the street side where I get to savor their delicate blush of pink and smile everytime I glance over at them.


  1. Wait! Are you saying ya'll have had rain as of late? I love rain lilies and Ms. Helen has a beautiful display of them. How sweet of her to share her plants with you.

  2. Wow! Those are very lush and healthy rain lilies,so lovely!Ive never seen such beautiful bunches of them here.

  3. How delicate and lovely they are. Thanks to you and your neighbor for sharing them.

  4. Those are luscious looking rain lilies. Mine are more of a solid pink. Haven't seen mine lately as we've not had any rain. Did hear frogs croaking this morning but no rain yet.

    How great to be able to see Ms. Helen's rain lilies and that she has shared plants with you from her gardens.


  5. Seeing these beauties pop up after a good rain would certainly put a smile on ones face. Lucky you to have a generous neighbor.

  6. Love the rain lilies. Had lots of them years ago when I lived in Englewood. Last year at a Plant Sale they gave a little baggie of rain lily seeds if you made a purchase. They never grew. Saw "Florida Friendly Plants" comment on Facebook that the viability drops quickly after ripening. Maybe I can find some fresh seeds somewhere.

  7. I adore rain lilies but lost most of mine in the Great Yard Makeover last year. However, I brought home several bulbs I got at a Plant Swap last weekend and planted them. Only problem is I can't remember where I planted them!! I feel like those squirrels who lose their acorns. I guess I am in for a nice surprise when they pop up.

  8. What a stunning display of rain lilies. I have a few but nothing like that! The fact that they are so unexpected adds to their appeal.

  9. These are adorable little flowers...not something I remember seeing in my area. I wonder if they would do well in zone 7-A? Your neighbor has a wonderful patch of them, and it's so nice she has shared some with you, too;-)

  10. What amazing flowers. So pretty. And pink too! Kudos to Ms. Helen and you.

  11. Beautiful flowers, love the color. And they look just stunning massed like that. What a treat to have a neighbor who shares your love of gardening, and who shares her plants.

  12. Ms. Helen deserves applause for this show! Very nice!!! And you answered some questions before I could ask - I have a few that produced one single bloom for the very first time. I was so excited, but sad that there weren't more. However, you've told me why...mine are in shade so I'll move them to a bright spot where they can thrive. Thank you so much for the timely info and wonderful photos!

  13. Stunning Rain lily show! Now I know why mine is not bloomed yet: I planted them in shaded area! Will move them into a more sunny area. thanks!

  14. It's so nice when a neighbor has such a stunning display of flowers to enjoy, and Miss Helen's rain lilies are beautiful. I love rain lilies but mine don't seem to multiply :-(. Maybe I'm just being too impatient. Glad you got some rain.

  15. wow! I have never seen these before and they certainly make a show en masse like that. I too have mostly shade, but isn't it lovely when we can share the beauty in our neighbors gardens too!

  16. Darla,
    We had a good rain two Saturdays ago... enough to urge the lilies out of dormancy.

    They have been there a very long time. And they just keep multiplying.

    Delicate but sturdy... nice combination.

    They are the talk of the neighborhood every spring... wish we could get a bit more rain this week.

    Helen is most generous with her plants. She is 82 and still gardens her large lot. Love her.

    You might be better off to find some bulbs... with all your sunny locations they would be great for you.

  17. Nanette,
    Ha!That's a problem we gardeners seem to have. Only in this case it shouldn't take too long to see some green shoots of foliage starts to help you remember.

    First appears a slender stalk with a bulging pink tip... then we wait for them to burst open... fun!

    I'm grateful for all Ms. Helen has shared with me. You could probably grow these in a pot and then you'd have to bring them indoors to overwinter. Hardiness is zones 8-1.

    Yes, a very 'pretty in pink'.

    Ms. Helen and I have quite a bond... sharing our gardens has been a treasure for many years.

    Even the ones I've had in PART shade don't do very well... they really like lots of sun and neglect. The natural rains are their trigger to bloom and their only requirement.

    Good thing you have plenty of sunshine. They will be much happier in that part of your garden.

    You've got me wondering if yours are in enough sun?? Left undisturbed and in the right location they multiply pretty quickly.

    Ms. Helen has mostly shade like me but the rain lilies are located on the edge of her property where it is dry and sandy and mid-day sunshine gives them the light they need. She is jewel of a neighbor.

  18. Meems, what a beautiful view you must have of your neighbor's rain lilies. They're so lovely. I have a few that haven't multiplied in the years they've been there, but one sprouted about 30' away in the field behind my house. It was so beautiful that I mowed around it. A really thrilling sight all by its lonesome. Mine are lavender pink.

  19. Meems - those lilies are enchanting!

  20. Sherry,
    That is so sweet you left the lone lily standing sentinel in the field. I do love seeing them naturalized in fields of grass.

    Now if we could get a bit more rain... they will flush out all over again.

  21. Hi,Meems! Absolutely beautiful flowers. These are stunning!


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