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"Possibility and promise greet me each day as I walk out into my garden. My vigor is renewed when I breathe in the earthiness and feel the dirt between my fingers. My garden is a peaceful spot to refresh my soul." Meems

Welcome to my Central Florida Garden Blog where we garden combining Florida natives, Florida-Friendly plants, and tropicals.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The More the Better

Typically I'm a 'less is more' gal. But not when it comes to plants!

The lemony-fresh fragrance of Trachelospermum jasminoides Confederate jasmine is steadily wafting through the air commanding notice from all passersby. Those tiny white flowers emit some powerful sweetness. There are things I did in the garden long before I had any good sense about gardening at all. Some of them worked out by sheer mishap. Covering the chain-link fence was one of them. Originally erected to contain our family dog many years ago it now serves as the perimeter to the edible garden protecting it from winds and wandering critters. Covering a spans of 50 feet by 30 feet allows for oodles of those intensely aromatic white flowers to emanate a goodly portion of loveliness during spring. The more the better in this case. Ahhh, SPRING! The garden is teeming with life. So much to see and love. So much to thrill the soul and warm the heart. Colors and textures and growth and blooms. Stromanthe is blooming for the first time. 'Triostar' has become one of my recent favorite foliage plants for the shady garden. Since it didn't freeze back this year blooms are rising above the plant adding to their already beautifully hued foliage. Caladiums in containers are sprouting as April's sunshine warms the soil. We better watch where we step or we could easily crush the tiny sprouts of caladiums as they push their way up out of the warm earth. Want to see what that adorable spotted foliage is next to Miss Muffet? That is the African Squill I stumbled upon at Green Fest a few weeks ago. It is doing well behind the retaining wall in the tropical garden along with the Silver Squill and the African hosta purchases.

These are some really cool & unusual plants I didn't even know about but had to have when I saw them at Geoff Denny's booth. Geoff has a horticulture brain I wish I could borrow when it comes to the science-side of plants. Check out his website if you get a chance. Speaking of hostas ... don't these peacock gingers remind you of hostas as they are just emerging from their winter's sleep. I do love how their low habit covers the ground in so many places in the garden.

So happy everyone's gardens are waking up ... even for my northern friends. Drink it in and don't forget to pause in gratefulness for the beauty that surrounds. I certainly am (grateful) for every dear reader of this blog. Happy gardening and don't be shy... go ahead and say hi to let me know you're here. Meems


  1. Dear Meems ~ Your photos are gorgeous as always. I need to read up on propogating Confederate Jasmine. I just love it and mine is blooming away and scenting the air also.

    I've not heard of Stromanthe or the African Squill before both are lovely and different.

    Enjoy your bit of paradise.


  2. Hi, Meems !
    Wonderful garden views ... such great plants. Anyway, your planting choices are fabulous. I just love all your caladiums and cannas, and stromanthe...

    I am happy you liked my blog...Thank you for your lovely comment ! Thank you for your kind words.

  3. I have fallen madly in love with the Jasmine.I added more to the new side garden,and already it is filling the yard with it's aroma.Sweetness!
    The African Squill is a nifty looking plant.I have never heard of it before.
    Your garden looks beautiful,as always.

  4. Walking through the neighborhood I inhale deeply when a pass the yards with Confederate Jasmine. Love that fragrence!

    Hi Meems,

    Every morning I check to see if more caladiums are popping up. The exciting thing is that this week I should be receiving 50 caladium bulbs. I actually won them from the Central Florida Garden Blog. Can't believe I won something.

    This is a wonderful time of the year with daily changes in the garden. Enjoy!

  5. Meems, Just beautiful. Thank you for inspiring us. Janis

  6. Meems - that Peacock Ginger just blew me away! The angle of the shot you have on it just makes it ready for a frame as a piece of art. Can I say I covet your cobalt blue pots & Adirondack chairs? I just LOVE them!!

  7. I can almost smell the jasmine thru the computer...I think everywhere I've lived I made certain to have some in the yard...your photos never disappoint!

  8. Meems,
    I always love to wander through your garden and I could amlost smell that confederate jasmine - it must be hard to tear yourself away from the garden to do other things :). I always liked the stromanthe for its foilage but now that I have seen the flower I just have to have one.

  9. Great pictures,your garden looks great

  10. FlowerLady,
    I've never thought about trying to propogate it but I have a feeling it can be done. Both stromanthe and squill require some shade... each have markings I adore. Thank you for your visit.

    Plant choices are all the fun aren't they! Amazing and joyous to fit them all together in an appealing fashion AND so they are happy. Thank you!

    You are going to keep falling in love as it flourishes. I'm sitting on the back lanai and the drift of jasmine scent is heavenly.

  11. Siesta Sister,
    I saw that you were the winner over there at Susan's give-away. I am SO happy for you. I've ordered from them many times and they have very nice bulbs. Your garden is going to get a nice amount of joy from that many caladiums.

    AND... you inspire me! *hugs*

    Fortunately the snails haven't found the ginger yet. They are a favorite but tiny holes in their leaves are unsightly. thank you. I am really enjoying the blue and black combination, too.

    I don't blame you for making sure you have it. I would do the same if ever I moved.

    Oh, you don't know how true that statement is... I am a home-body at heart. I really do have to be dragged away from my garden. There is no place I'd rather be. I hope you find some stromanthe.

    Thanks... and thanks for stopping by.

  12. There is so much Confederate Jasmine flowering in downtown Charleston right now that it knocks you in the nose. A little goes a long way! I do love it, but don't take a bath in it!

  13. Always delightful to visit your garden and get a big helping of tropicals and pretties.

    Let a little Confederate jasmine run along the ground and it will root where it touches. It makes great groundcover, too.

  14. Jim,
    I guess in Charleston More is NOT better. Have you noticed how potent it is especially at night and in the morning?

    I want to FIND a place to use it for ground cover so badly. BUT I think it does better spilling over a retaining wall rather than crumpling all over itself on the flat ground. Anyway, I don't have the right spot for it but I will likely find one ... eventually. Thanks for the visit... good to see you.

  15. Your garden in just bursting at the seams! Gorgeous! Although my garden is in the beginning stages, I am grateful for every step. And for your continued inspiration. Blessings, daisy

  16. Your tropical plants are such beauties. I can almost smell the jasmine,mmmmmm. Love your header shot.

  17. I never realized that stromanthe bloomed! It's a favorite of mine just because of the foliage but now....

  18. Mmm.. all that jasmine must smell heavenly. I would never want to come inside. (Not that I ever want to come inside anyway.) How exciting to get a bloom on the stromanthe. Mine got burned to the ground and now they only have a leaf or two trying to make a comeback. Last winter they were hardly fazed. Go figure. I thought our just past winter was much milder. Those squill look very happy in your garden. Such interesting plants.

  19. Beautiful jasmine! One side of my garden has the bushes planted to provide the privacy. I always think they are too boring, and take too much my limited garden space. Could this jasmine be an option to let it climb all over the fence to provide the privacy and interest? And of course, the scent!

    Love your newly painted blue chairs, they go together with your blue container very nicely. Oh, I saw you have the canna lily in that blue container. It is funny that this weekend I also just moved my canna lily into a container (not pretty one as yours) since they have spreaded too much in the ground. Now at least they will be contained in the pot :)

    Your garden is so colorful in this spring!

  20. Love everything about your garden - its perfect! How long have your Star Jasmines been growing? We planted many, many lat year August (8 months) and I'm wondering when mine will look like yours!

  21. Daisy,
    The heart of a true gardener... to be grateful for every step! They all count and they all matter. *hugs*

    That jasmine is almost potent enough for you to get a whiff. :-)

    I know exactly what you mean... I want more.

    It is surprising you lost your stromanthe THIS year... last year was lots colder. Mine is not far from the garage so it was the one group I covered. I'm SO glad I did. I'm loving the Squill. :-)

    Those chairs are actually black but like you I thought they reflected the blue sort of in the photo. :-)

    The jasmine does really well with a fence to weave through. It sounds like you have a good place for it.

    Oh dear, you have a little while to wait for them to get big but they should bloom right away on whatever growth they have. The plants on the fence (around the edibles) were planted about 20 years ago.

  22. I love the 50 foot length of jasmine...that must be absolutely heavenly, and so very pretty even when it's not in bloom. I didn't know that stomanthe's bloomed. How exciting...something else to look forward to.

  23. Hi Meems. My Confederate Jasmine is in bloom now. It smells the whole neighborhood. All of my gardens are awake but am waiting on some.

  24. Im here and visiting once again. Your garden is sensational.
    Happy Easter, Meems!

    from your garden blog friend, David, at Tropical Texana, Houston


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