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"Possibility and promise greet me each day as I walk out into my garden. My vigor is renewed when I breathe in the earthiness and feel the dirt between my fingers. My garden is a peaceful spot to refresh my soul." Meems

Welcome to my Central Florida Garden Blog where we garden combining Florida natives, Florida-Friendly plants, and tropicals.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Live Video:: A Tour Down the Tropical Pathway

For my next Lowe's blog entry the assignment is to create a "short" video illustrating the content of the written entry. 'Short' is a key word in the assignment. My first attempt at a video was way too long. So the thought occurred to post the one that is too long here. The length is about 3:50 minutes as I take you from the circle garden down the tropical pathway. (And I tried to hurry~yikes). I apologize in advance for the jiggly camera. The video is UNSCRIPTED and completely shooting from the hip so please forgive. Again, I will NOT be using this video for my Lowe's entry next week. Although the one I am submitting is UNSCRIPTED as well. (That's what they've asked for.) But now that I've made this video and uploaded it to YouTube I'm wondering why garden bloggers don't do this??? What do you think? It seems like a good way to get to share more of our gardens in REAL time! Anyway... here it is... blemishes and all! Oh, heads up to listen for the Pileated Woodpecker at the start of the film.

While I was working on that clip I also made a short (this one really is) video of the gold finches at the feeders in the way back garden. It's rare that I have my camera while I'm working back there. Have you ever noticed, like I have, the birds are less shy when I'm plodding about the garden than when I'm edging closer to them with my camera? It dawned on me to post the short video of goldfinches here so you could see them too.

The males have molted into their bright yellow breeding plumage and I love to hear them singing away during the day. The American Goldfinch can be found throughout the state until about early May, sometimes later. They've been here since December.

I was relating to the Wild Birds Unlimited Store owner the strange way the goldfinches are AVOIDING the thistle feeders this year. And golly is that food expensive! But they ARE feeding from the feeders with black oil and striped sunflower/safflower/white millet blend. His response was that it is happening everywhere. Strange. Too bad the large bag of thistle food is going to waste. I hope you enjoyed the videos and the stroll through the garden with me. Do you think making an easy video is a good idea to share our gardens??? Meems


  1. It's great getting a "real-time" walk through your garden. Congrats on the Lowe's gig! You could have your own show, Meems!
    Great job!

  2. Nice to see the video perspective too. Your images are so professional but you don't get the "being there" feel like you do with video. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for this more personal look at part of your wonderful garden. It was great ... love the warts and all! I also enjoyed seeing those fabulous Gold Finches as well.

    It's strange that I've just posted my own video tour ... nothing as good as yours, though, I must say. I too think more gardeners should do it ... such fun hearing a gardener's voice as they introduce you to their own garden.

  4. Well, I think the video was TOO SHORT. I was not through strolling your pathway. Or talking with you about all the great container plantings:) I like the idea of a video in a blog occasionally, but I don't know how to use that feature on my camera so it will be awhile before I put one in mine. It would be a good way to perhaps give a spring, summer, fall and winter perspective on the gardens.

  5. What a TREAT, to go on this walk with you. It really is gorgeous, and oh so peaceful. I'm afraid that when I finally do make a video everyone is going to hear what I hear, traffic racing by. I need to do more work around here before making a video of Plum Cottage Gardens. Thank you for the lovely tour.


  6. Meems, that was great. I really would have liked a longer walk through your garden. I read my favorite blogs constantly and really wish I could walk through the gardens in "real life". Your video gave me a taste of what a walk through your garden would be like. Also, it was great to be able now to put a voice with the written word.

    Also loved the video of the gold finches. I have never seen one in my yard.

    Enjoy the day!!

  7. Loved viewing your beautiful garden. I want to see more of it. As a horticulture therapist, there were so many great elements.

  8. Love the videos Meems! I sometimes look at gardening videos on youtube. My big kids bought me a Sony HD 'bloggie' for's a small video camera for blogging....I haven't used it yet...maybe you just gave me inspiration..

  9. Yes, I have noticed that about the birds. I see them all over, come back later with the camera, and they have disappeared. I wonder if they think my camera is a weapon. ; ) Your video is really nice. It does feel like taking a stroll through your garden paths. Just wish I could walk over and sit a spell on some of those benches. I've tried making a video of my garden, but in addition to the incessant zooming in and out I seem inclined to do, the digital file always turned out too large and locks up my editing software when I try to open it. My new Nikon is famous for video quality...I just need to find a way to create smaller files. My son has a better camera, and he's always making parkour videos that are really good, so I've been trying to talk him into making a video of my garden. Like that's gonna ever happen.

  10. Nice videos, Meems! I enjoyed the tour very much, and watching those pretty gold finches is such a treat. Your tropical path is really peaceful with the birds chirping and butterflies fluttering on the background. I would like to take a video of my garden someday too. Right now it is just not mature enough yet :)

  11. Hey Meems...I enjoyed the video of your tropical pathway and all your lovely containers. Chartreuse is such a wonderful color in the just goes with everything, and seems to make all the other plants look even better. The goldfinches visiting my garden this year did eat the thistle during the colder months but haven't lately. I love their bright yellow color...wish they'd stay year 'round. Have a great week!

  12. I enjoyed the walk down your tropical pathway. I didn't think you were too jiggly. I have tried to upload a video before and had luck only one time. So I don't fight it I just blog.

  13. Meems, That was really cool, your tropical pathway and blue pottery looks great. Can't wait till the next video. Janis

  14. Meems, I really enjoyed your videos, but mostly enjoyed hearing your voice and what is important to you in your garden. Your point of view is inspiring and causes me to reflect about my own garden. Really lovely, Meems! And your goldfinches...I've not had any at my feeders...only woodpeckers, blue jays and cardinals. I love them, but a bigger variety would be lovely. Some day...!

  15. Meems, loved your tour and your bird feeders. For a first attempt, your tour was fabulous.

    If I'm not being too forward, a few tips. (1) Mount your camera (with a neck strap) on a monopod that you collapse to snug into your waist band. The triangulation of your body, neck strap and monopod will add a lot of stability to the camera and let you walk more (2) minimal Zooms in and out and do them very, very slowly. (3) do lots of slow panning. (4) do keep the camera eye moving.

    Can't wait to see more of your tours!


  16. What a beautiful garden, I very much enjoyed the tour! Now I want to get a bunch more chartreuse in my garden.

  17. Daisy,
    Thank you. It's been a good experience writing for Lowe's. I'd need a good videographer if I attempted a show of my own!

    It is VERY different to film a garden than to just see 'still' shots. I might try this again in other areas.

    How interesting is that... YOU posted a video today also. Your gardens are beautiful. I LOVED hearing YOUR voice and tried to leave a comment but blogger wouldn't let me... will try again later.

    I like that idea of spring, summer, fall ... seasonal videos. YOU can come actually walk through here anytime you get a chance... forgot the Tomato Tone... good excuse to come back. :-)

    I completely forgot you have road traffic... you'd never know it or think it looking at your sweet cottage garden! You two have really made your own little paradise there.

  18. Siesta Sister,
    Somehow the video does seem a little more personable. If I do another live garden tour you will have to be sure and come.

    Thank you. It is a healing place to be.

    YOU need to get that camera and figure it out ... start shooting!

    Hmmmm... I just used the software that came with my camera then uploaded to YouTube. I have had trouble with trying to use the Google feature to upload video in the past. It would be so fun to see your garden on video.

    If you don't take a video for the rest of us to see don't forget to take one for your private viewing. You will be thrilled to see the changes each year!

    It would be great to have the gold finches all year long... just about the time they get gorgeous they leave us for the north.

  19. Lisa,
    I don't blame you. Even though it would be a joy to see your garden in a video your blog works just as well with still shots.

    Not sure I'll do anymore videos... except I was kind of thinking about it to display the new front garden renovation. I'll have to think on that one...

    That is so kind of you to say... it IS different actually putting a voice/face or any element more personal with the perspective we have from our written blogs.

    Those are great tips... thanks for taking the time to share them. I'm going to try that with my monopod.

    A garden can never have too much chartreuse. :-)

  20. So enjoyed your video with my morning coffee, Meems, feeling especially close hearing your warm voice. All looks grand! I love your garden. I'm having fun with slide videos ... much to learn.

  21. So relaxing and lovely! I could smell and feel the air around me.

  22. I just watched Bernie's video tours and now yours - it feels as though I have been wandering through your gardens all morning. How lovely. I really have to do one of my garden now...

  23. Brilliant idea. I really liked your videa. Keep up the good work.

  24. Joey,
    It is remarkable how hearing a voice adds warmth. I 'listened' to someone else's video and just that small additional element adds depth to the connection for me. Anyway, always love your visits.

    It is a peaceful place back there under the shade trees. Thank you for joining me for those brief minutes. :-)

    I LOVED her piece and LOVED hearing her accent and calm voice. Google prevented me from commenting but I must get back over there to leave one. Thank you for coming along with me today.

    Ferdi Nel,
    Welcome and thank you.

  25. Loved the video tour, Meems, and the short video of the goldfinches. We had golfinches in our yard for a week or so in March and the ignored the thistle too -- but they did seem to be eating the seed pods on our elm tree.

    I really enjoy all the info you provide on adding color to shade gardens. I have a lot of shade and have been following your advice to add color with foliage, which led me to the purchase of my pretty little "Orange Crush" bromeliads and, hopefully very soon, the caladiums from bulbs I planted recently.

  26. What a beautiful plants !!! I do love visiting your blog.

  27. Meems - I think it is smokin' cool that you post for the Lowe's project! The video is such a great tool to bring your readers closer to your gardens with a 'virtual tour'. (I just decided I need to make my gardens even bigger and get rid of more lawn. Your gardens are just beautiful and inviting.)

  28. Hi Meems,
    I just watched both and yes, you should do more. I had just watched Bernie's video from Australia and loved it as well. What strikes me as amazing is how the birds and background noises give such a sense of place. My birds are yet again different, so it would be strange to others but just familiar bird calls to me if I did a Texas video. Thanks for giving us a tour. Please do more!
    David/ Tropical Texana

  29. Oh, Nanette, I can't wait to see all your caladiusm sprouting this summer. Interesting the goldfinches were eating elm pods... don't you just love their sweet little song high above in the trees!

    Thank you...

    I'm so thrilled you enjoyed the virtual tour. It does seem like an easy way to add a touch of 'personal' to our blogs. Yay for you taking out more grass and having fun with design!

    You are right the birds are different in every region and mine seem SO familiar to me. Loved seeing Bernie's video as well. Hearing her voice gave me an added sense of connection, too. thanks for stopping by...


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