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Monday, July 6, 2009

Tempted by the Dollar Sale

It does me no good to try to convince myself I can stop by my favorite local nursery just to have a look around. I have a feeling you know how it goes! You know it's about to happen when you have that justifying conversation with yourself that goes a little like this, "let's just drop by to see what's new or just to grab a bag of soil or some such excuse ... anything really that confirms the need for entrance."

Step away from the garden center!

Pseuderanthemum, 'Black Varnish'

On one recent drop-by of this nature my favorite nursery worker greeted me with her usual enthusiasm and excitement to show me the new arrivals.

Lysimachia procumbens 'Aurea' Variegated Golden Globes

As she excitedly showed me some new plants she just happened to take the route by a certain sale table. So strategic she is in pointing to the current sale offering 4" pots of what they call "accent plants" that had been marked down to $1 each.

Plectranthus 'Silver Shield'

There were a few specific plants that jumped out at me. Each displaying unique qualities and foliage color. Immediately ... container arrangement designs were dancing in my head. I could see them blending together for a flower-free combination that would require little maintenance.

Still, I walked away. So proud of myself I left that day with the purchases that were on my list and the ones I had intended in the first place.

Yes I did just what you are thinking. I went back the next day to get those few little plants. Just couldn't get them out of my thoughts. (You know you would have done the same thing).

The showy red salvia in three 14" pots in the back garden was beginning to look very leggy and needed to be purged after all. They had been delighting the garden since last October but were ready to be pitched.

I left the potato vine in the pots from the previous arrangements. All new plants in three pots for approximately $20 total. Not too bad (Read: more justification).

I'm not one for matchy-matchy. But in some cases it just makes for better flow. Since these pots are the same style/size and they always stay together wherever I move them about the garden... I keep them arranged with 'like plants'.

I buried some Gingerland caladium bulbs in them (which are just starting to come up) and now they are sitting in a semi-shady spot beyond the pool cage for my constant enjoyment.

Container plants. Can you have too many?


  1. You are to be commended on your willpower! I mean, you exercised it well. Going back the next day is 2ndary to that, and plus, you had time to think about it. Then you made a decision that wasn't impulsive! Just look at it this way and you shouldn't feel any guilt whatsoever! I think you got some great deals. Hey, you can never have too many container plants. They don't go crazy wildly spreading uncontrollably with underground runners! Maybe they spread wildly throughout your yard...but that's on YOUR terms, and you are in charge when they do! I think I'm being a little silly now. It's time for me to get to bed. Take care, Meems;=)

  2. LOL...I've danced to that tune myself! Frequently...

  3. I think you should be proud of yourself for being so conservative with your purchases. tee hee... I have heard the call of the sale at our own nursery. I know just how you were feeling. I must go over there.

  4. Oh Meems Oh Meems, we are all very guilty of this can't get it outta mah head syndrome. I look at it this way, my husband burns his money in cigarettes and I spend mine on plants. So whenever he starts up about I really don't need another plant thing, I snarl that the day he stops smoking will be the day I stop buying plants. So I guess I'll be buying plants for a long time (he is a stubborn old mule). BTW I got hold of those begonia seeds in the UK and they will be soon arriving. Some plants I just gotta to have! I have been good lately and have kept out of the nurseries.

  5. LOL, Meems, I had the same experience this past weekend myself. I wanted to show my friend Beckie a garden center that she'd never visited before, and all their annuals were priced $1.00. We both had said we weren't going to buy any more plants, but at a price like that, how can you pass it up?:) I agree, you can never have too many containers.

  6. It's funny when you see a good deal it's hard to get it out of your mind. I have done the same thing. I think you got a great deal, and they all are really pretty.

  7. Hi Meems, You did GOOD. I'm proud of you... Our biggest problem when it comes to impulsive buying is when someone like Lowe's gives us $10 off IF we spend $50... We sometimes have to THINK of what we 'need' --in order to spend the $50.... It's not always a good way to buy!!!! ha


  8. Gee Meems~~ I just can't relate at all. NOT! In fact I was at my favorite nursery yesterday, bought $36.00 worth and think I need to go back for a few more little treasures I foolishly passed up. Restraint is not in my vocabulary. Well, it is but it's often ignored.

    For many years now my mantra has been, if I like it. I buy it. If I don't have a place for it, put it in a container. Eventually a place will open up or maybe it won't but I'll have the plant.

    I have another justification for all of us incurable plant people. We're stimulating the economy.

  9. It would be downright silly to pass up such a great bargain. Us gardeners are good enablers as well, right? :-)

  10. The Tacoma automatically stops at every nursery it passes.I swear,it's not my fault;it's the Tacoma!That darn truck can smell a bargain a mile away.
    "It was on sale."

  11. Meems, Seems to me there was no impulse buying - you saw, you considered and then you made a very thrifty purchase! I am afraid that I'm not that into container plants right now - I think it's the heat - and my inability to find enough watering time. You combinations are gorgeous!

  12. You know, I try and tell myself the only way not to buy something from a nursery is to just not go. It is just about the only way I can do it.


  13. meems,
    as you well know i just had one of these little trips myself...with some huge rewards...pots/plants.
    the only way i can resist is to drive right by the place. but i love the fact you got some great bargains. your containers are always sooooo never do them real justice.
    hope you are surviving the heat.
    love and hugs dear sister.


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