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"Possibility and promise greet me each day as I walk out into my garden. My vigor is renewed when I breathe in the earthiness and feel the dirt between my fingers. My garden is a peaceful spot to refresh my soul." Meems

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Monday, May 11, 2009


Palamades Swallowtail

Not only are the Agapanthus spp. lily of the nile, beginning to bloom but the Swallowtails are coming to visit.

Giant Swallowtail on Lantana camara

So nice to see the butterflies out in abundance again.


  1. Wow. Photos like these make me want to move to Florida!


  2. Dear meems, Ahh my favorite critter whisperer is at it again! They are all beautiful! Now, if only it would get a bit warmer and the sun would shine we might have a butterfly or two! They do make us smile! Have a sweet week, my dear! gail

  3. Wow Meems, It looks like you're not the only one enjoying your flowers.

  4. Meems - lovely!
    Cameron in Paris

  5. Meems,
    Lovely photos! I've never been able to get on a wild Giant Swallowtail for a photos. I was chasing on one on Figure Eight Island once and Al Gore's G men chased me off, he was VP then.

  6. Yes mam, it is great to see the butterflies around again!

  7. What a lovely butterfly. He certainly love loves those plants. Haven't seen any up here yet. Still a bit too chilly.

  8. Butterflies are still scarce around her, but hopefully we'll see them soon.--Randy

  9. I think Swallowtails are my favorite butterflies. They make any plant they visit look better. I can't wait until they make their way over here.

  10. So busy & beautiful - I've never seen a butterfly on the lantana - talk about a great colour combination! Saw my first butterfly at the nursery last week - shouldn't be long before I find one fluttering about my garden.

  11. meems,

    i keep meaning to tell you i love the deep coloured day would make a great header.
    we just saw another butterfly this morning out in the wildflower garden...which is having a little bit of trouble being so moist.
    your swallow tail is soooo big.

    your blooms are looking amazing.

  12. Oh how I've missed the butterflies! I still haven't seen any in my garden yet Meems but it's just beginning to warm up here. I didn't know they liked Agapanthus?? That's another good reason to plant them besides how beautiful they are! Your photos are so good ~ sometimes it's hard to get them to "sit still" for a portrait but you've done well.

  13. Beautiful! I can't wait to start photographing them in my garden :)

  14. Those are a wonderful set of flowers.Love them all specially the one with the butterfly on it.

  15. Hi Meems, I love catching up with your blog posts. Your flowers are incredible and the veggies make my mouth water. YUMMY!!!!!

    Thanks for the link to see your Florida Beach pages... I loved seeing the grandson on the beach with you all. NEAT!!!!

    Hope you are having a great week. Can't you fly up here and give us some of your FRESH veggies?????

  16. Hi Meems, oh what a visual feast your garden is! The giant swallowtail is a gorgeous creature. We saw a black swallowtail yesterday, but they are still flying too fast for us to barely even see them, let alone photograph them. Your veggie patch is a masterpiece! And to think you just started that type of gardening a year ago is miraculous. You remind me to go thin the squash and cukes, too. The lushness of your garden suggests what Eden must have been like. :-)

  17. Meems -- I had to come back to this story for a look on a "big screen" instead of my iPod in France!

    Your butterflies and flowers make stunning photographic subjects!

    jet-lagged, but happy (we were up for 24 hours before getting to bed after 1:00am this morning and getting up again at 6:30am).

  18. Thanks everyone for coming over to have a look at the swallowtails. They are making their way around the garden daily now. Although we have butterflies all year long -- this winter with the freezes there were a few brave butterfly souls that hung around during the coldest days. But now,along with 80's and 90's during the day they are back in numbers and giving us so much 'flying flower' excitement.

  19. I've seen a hummer in my garden. But few butterflies yet. I've got a garden full of delights this year for them. So they'd better come visit me!

  20. just started seeing a few in the garden the last week or so....the warm weather and available pollen and bug juice gets them through the garden!


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