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"Possibility and promise greet me each day as I walk out into my garden. My vigor is renewed when I breathe in the earthiness and feel the dirt between my fingers. My garden is a peaceful spot to refresh my soul." Meems

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mowing Day

Weekly mowing began a couple of weeks ago. That's when we know spring has sprung. When the smell of fresh cut grass fills the air this gardener is inspired. There's something about mowing day. It just gets everything in order all at once. After everything was all tidied up I took a few random photos of some blooms here and there.
One of the (smaller) angel wing begonias making a come back from the cold...
a closer look... as the flowers hang above ...

... some double impatiens and silver beacon lamium

... more double impatiens grouped with coleus and liriope.
Happy spring and happy gardening to all,


  1. Spring has definitely sprung between the blooms every where and the smell of fresh cut grass. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Happy Spring to you, too. I think I might start mowing at the end of this week, maybe next week, but soon!

  3. Hi Meems, your garden is looking lovely, as always. I love your oak leaf mulch too. Mowing does officially declare spring's arrival. It makes the yard look so neat too. We only have a small bit of grass on the property, but it is visible from the street and when freshly mowed makes the whole seem so well cared for. Sometimes the other plantings can look a little wild in front, the grass looking neat helps the rest look more tended. :-)

  4. Wow, it's all coming back glorious! I do love the smell of fresh cut grass!

  5. We don't need to mow here yet. Just seeing your blooms makes me want to get out there an pot up some annuals. Can't do it yet. They aren't even available here yet. I am chomping at the bit though. Happy Spring...

  6. I agree! Mowing is one of my favorite "jobs" because everything just looks so nice when you're done!! It's like making a bed... it just tidies up a room :-)

    Happy Spring~
    Michelle @ Getting Dirty in Texas

  7. I like the mix of different foliage colors and different textures too. I have to admit, mowing is my very least favorite summer activity.

  8. I don't mind mowing at this time of year,but in another month or so,I won't be liking it too much.But I use it as my time to get away from things and bitch about the state of the world.:).
    You're right,it does neat and tidy when you're done.
    I really like that Silver Lamium.It makes for a nice contrast.

  9. Meems, everything looks lovely! I can't wait for our garden to be in full force. I'm so ready for it.--Randy

  10. Meems,

    Everything looks great! I love going out to do the first mowing. You get to survey the garden and the yard. You get to see everything that you need to do and just be out in the fresh air after a long winter. I did my first mowing this past Friday, it was great!

  11. Oh, I love that combination, too! Soft and pretty!

    From your previous stories, you've gotten me thinking about caladiums with impatiens to put at the knees of my tree form azaleas by the front porch.


  12. I love your plant pretty. The month of March here has been cloudy and rainy and I am sooo longing for sunshine!

  13. Meems, I would love to see your yard. It must be fabulous.. All of the plants and colors ---WOW¡¡

    Our mowing started also. Like you, I love smelling freshly mown grass. Spring is HERE. Yeah!


  14. Meems, the angel wing begonia looks wonderful! With your warm weather I expect the garden will be looking fantastic shortly! I love the smell of fresh mown grass and wish it wasn't mixed in the gasoline and oil! I have just begun to realize I now have a real lawn to mow! A small push mower with Gail power is in order! I also seeded over a few spots that could use a good greening! Happy mowing! Happiest od spring days to you~~gail

  15. Meems I am not sure what blogger did but it looked like I had three I erased them!

  16. mjm,
    Hey!Once it starts there is no doubt it is here.

    Wow, that is inspiring to know your grass is ready to mow. I know you like your mowing.

    You said it better than I could... "the grass looking neat helps the rest look more tended."

    No matter what when all is mowed, edged and blown it just puts everything in order ... at least for a couple of days... kind of like cleaning the house.

    Well, I woulnd't say that. I didn't show you any of the stuff that hasn't come back yet... but thanks for the kind words.

    I'm always a little taken aback when I hear gardeners say "they aren't available here yet" since our nurseries are open year round which means they are always there to tempt. :-) It won't be long for you and you will be sprucing up those containers.

    You are so right! That bed has to be made and then the whole room looks better -- even if it doesn't. :-)

    Thanks. I think one either likes the mowing thing or doesn't- there's no in between.

    Thanks, Chris, this is my first time with the lamium- not sure if it will take our summer heat yet. But it has done great since early January. In the summer time I get out and mow very early.

    I hear ya... it is coming for you... very soon!

    Mowing is so cathartic and surveying the entire place affords that connectedness of gardener to garden.

    We don't have a first time mowing around here. I've been mowing all winter long. Only now there is no way I can let it go for more than a week now. I think the longest I went without mowing this winter was for 3 weeks. That's a break believe me.

    Sounds really good. I like the way the tall caladiums help hold up the impatiens and vice versa when you plant them intensively together.

    Oh, Connie,
    Thank you... always fun to play with the potted containers.
    I'm wishing for sunshine with you. Soon maybe?

    Thanks so much. With all the planting beds I have (and keep making more) I still have lots of grass to mow. Right now it is getting greener and thicker and that wonderful, fresh smell is strong when cutting... I just love it, too.

    I've been wondering if the lawn you just put in is your only lawn area? My one sweet neighbor (who gives me so many plants) does not have any lawn... her entire almost- acre is planted out. Very different than my yard. Mowing, edging, blowing here is a half day job. Right now when it's cool it's kind of therapeutic.

  17. I like your pot with the double impatiens. I really enjoy their miniature rose look in the garden, and usually plant them out at the end of May, when the frost danger has passed.

    Like Chris and Jon, my enthusiasm for mowing wanes over the garden season. However, it perks up again when the leaves drop in the fall, and I can mow them to tiny pieces.

  18. Hi Meems, wonderful garden and photography. I love Florida!.

  19. you know i love mowing on my tractor. i am just waiting for a few dry days the ground here is soaked and it is still drizzling today plus it's very chilly.
    i never quite get that tidy feeling out here in the country, we have to many wild things. but i can relate to that feeling when we lived in brentwood.
    it feels like spring around here quite different from fl springs. i am glad the sun is starting to shine more now. love your that your blooms are coming back after your terribly cold winter. i do love that silver beacon lamium, it is doing very well.
    happiest of springs days to you.

  20. Begonias bring back memories of Granny's old farmhouse front porch. We would sneak a couple of blooms and EAT them. Just a couple each summer, didn't want Granny to catch on to what we were doing. Now looking back, wonder if they are even safe to eat. Kids don't know any better.

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  21. I love the look of a freshly mowed lawn, but don't like the hours it takes to mow our large yard. It cuts heavily into my gardening time.
    It'll be a few weeks yet for us.I'm not in hurry for that chore.
    Aren't the begonia blooms so beautifully delicate? Your photos are all wonderful, Meems. I love those double impatiens, especially with the lamium. You've given me some ideas. Thanks :)

  22. It will be awhile before we can mow, but things are greening up. Your place looks like a botanical garden!


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