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"Possibility and promise greet me each day as I walk out into my garden. My vigor is renewed when I breathe in the earthiness and feel the dirt between my fingers. My garden is a peaceful spot to refresh my soul." Meems

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Vine Ripened Tomatoes

With front feet hanging over the tomato leaf and head perked up this dragonfly of some kind is acting like a watchful one--- It does look like it is standing guard doesn't it? It was the see-through goldish wings that drew me closer at first.
April 28 addendum to post: One of my faithful commenters and nature-ID-extraordinaire has given me a helping hand once again to ID the beautiful dragonfly in the above photo.
It is an Eastern Amberwing Dragonfly... thank you Sophiemae.

Exciting things are happening with the veggie garden at Hoe & Shovel. There's a very subtle change of color on the tomato plants as each day progresses.

The leaves aren't too pretty at this point but these average sized green orbs are evolving to shades of red. The above photo taken on April 22.

Actually daily now there are new discoveries in the garden. I'm allowed to get overly excited about seeing my fruit turn colors since this is my first ever experience with a veggie garden right?

Admittedly, all discoveries are not glorious ... like the (first again) ginormous worm I picked off the underside of a leaf... only after it had eaten its breakfast on one small tomato.

And finally... the above photo was taken April 24. Funny how the tomato right behind these two is still completely green. I'm learning as I go here... but I am having lots of fun... no matter how it all turns out.


  1. Meems .. I absolutely adore the shot of the dragonfly ! that is awesome : ) .. I hope to catch some insects in my garden this year. That is now my gold standard ! Thanks !

  2. I bought a pound of bacon just today thinking of how good it would be to have a BLT. Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches are one of my summertime favorites with one of these red beauties. Yummmmmmm

  3. Lovely! I can almost taste those tomatoes.

  4. Wow Meems! You have ripening tomatoes already, and here we won't be setting tomato plants out for another couple of weeks. It won't be until sometime in July when the first tomatoes are ripe here.

    They look good enough to eat!

  5. You are absolutely allowed and EXPECTED to make a big fuss and post a lot about your first ripe tomatoes.

    They look yummy! My tomato plants are still inside... I won't plant them out until after Mother's day.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  6. I won't be setting out tomatoes until the end of May and you have ripening tomatoes already. It's hard to believe but then I guess you might not believe snow is real.

    You're expected to be excited over your tomatoes changing color as they ripen. Even the oldest of us still do.

  7. Hi Meems - it's been ages since I've had much time for blogging - there's just so much to do in the garden and with a gardening business too - a really busy time of year! Just goes to show how advanced things are in your neck of the woods - I haven't even got my tomato plants to germinate yet - let alone producing tomatoes! We have had some delicious rhubarb though! Hope that I'll have some time to write some stuff on my blog v. soon- take care Miranda

  8. meems, it's time for a tomato sandwich...a nice bit of whole wheat toast, a smidgen of mayo, some crisp lettuce and your sliced tomatoes, yummy.


  9. lets plant: Thanks. And thanks for the pick over at blotanical.

    joy: Thank you. I actually (finally) was able to capture a green multi colored one last night while working in the garden. They are so small for the camera lens and by the time you get close enough they decide they are too shy. :-)

    nancy: we can only hope they have taste to go along with their color... that remains to be tested. HA

    lisa: too. Love a BLT any season... good thinking.

    Vertie: Thanks... I surely hope so.

    Linda: It seems I'll be all fat and happy by the time you begin your harvest... amazing the difference a couple thousand miles can make in the world of gardening!

    Carol: I DO hope so because I have to tell you I am restraining myself not to give an update every day it is so thrilling to see what is happening each day in the veggie garden AND the flower garden. This is such a wonderful time when everything is filling out and changing daily. YOU would understand the excitement.It's possible I just might wear out my readers with eternal posts on progress. HA

    May dreams are right close by now...

    wiseacre: thanks for the confirmation. As a gardener I can't help but get excited over any kind of growth, change, bloom... it is part of what makes us LOVE to garden I suppose. But THIS... growing food... is more thrilling than I had dreamed all these years it would be... so thanks for indulging me.

    BTW, I do believe snow is real and really like to visit it. I do however have a hard time believing folks that garden actually like to live where it snows for so many months of the year. It's all in what you get used to I guess.

    miranda: I completely understand... I should be outside right this minute watering my veggies before getting ready for church... please do write soon and let us "see" all your progress.

    gail: you, lisa, and me ... let's do lunch together real soon!We'll hold the bacon on your yummy sandwich. If only... :-)

  10. How nice - ripening tomatoes!

  11. YUM-O! My maters are still green. I can hardly wait to slice one up for a mater and sprouts sammidge.

    Nice job catching the Eastern Amberwing (dragonfly). I've managed a decent shot or two, but they're so small, I usually end up frustrated, coz my camera keeps focusing on whatever is behind them. Gotta get in more manual focus practice.

    Your elephant ears look great! I love those black ones! Oh, and I keep meaning to mention your mandevilla. I'm right partial to them. Is that an Alice Dupont?

  12. katarina: I'm finding I get just as excited about the tomatoes on the bush as a flower bloom I've been anticipating.

    sophiemae:Thanks for the ID on the Amberwing... you are the best! The Diplademia is a little different variety with smoother, shinier leaves (not as crinkly)than the Alice Dupont. I think the yellow throat is a little longer too... not sure.

    I am so excited about the Midnight and the Illustris elephant ears I purchased at Just Fruits... they seem to be very happy in their new home... so far. I have several new things I'm waiting and watching to see how well they do over the long haul.

  13. Looks like it's time for a yummy B.L.T.sandwich.

  14. Hi Meems - just to let you know I've added a couple of postings to my blog now - with a few more on the way... thanks for patiently waiting!

    Enjoy your tomatoes... Miranda

  15. Don't forget the caprese salad...the best reason to grow tomatoes! As for those tomato worms...look for the black poop on's easier to see than the worms and then you'll know where to keep an eye out. Also...sometimes I mist the plants and the worms wiggle when they get wet making them easy to spot!


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