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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cardinal Love

Vivid red Cardinals are a common site around Hoe & Shovel. The males are certainly one of the most brightly plumed of all the birds we have around here. And oh how they can belt out some serious tunes. There have been many days when I stop working in order to locate one's perch as it sings out tirelessly its melodious song. I don't take that for granted anymore. Not all gardens have the pleasure of these cheerful & brightly colored birds visiting often and even making it their home.

There has certainly been an increased amount of male/female activity in recent weeks. I've observed a whole lot more than I've been able to capture with my lens.
Fortunately, this little flirtation went on with my camera already in hand as I was actually trying to capture a blue jay acting very territorial about the feeders. Surprisely, the male cardinal won out. He's about to score twice.
A female just happens to fly in on the neighboring feeder for a quick meal. Don't you just know he is trying to think of something clever to do or say next once he discovers he's got company.
With very little persuading he quickly makes one hop and "hello, there" ...
now assuming his nonchalant position about the fast move.
Silly, silly female. All he had to do was act like he wasn't paying attention for a moment and now she's all about trying to gain it back. A little piece of advice to her.... "No, don't do it... make him work harder!"

Certainly he has come up with some very coy remark to return the flirtations. Now that he's right in the palm of her hand... she resorts to that shy, tucking of her head as if to say, "who me?"

Wow, that didn't take much. Is he sharing his meal with her or could this be a little thing called love?
It's really sweet but I still say she should have asked a few more questions before giving up her personal space!


  1. Giving advice to the birds, what would the bees say? This was an adorable post, I wish I was able to capture the birds as well as you do!


  2. LOL! Thanks for the education and I'll have to keep that in mind from here on out.

  3. He was just showing her that he would be happy to help raise the young ones if she would accept him.

  4. gail:I wish I was able to capture just one of the red beauties up close... they are always eluding me. What WOULD the bees say?... LOL

    Jane: Good idea!

    Lisa: He was moving faster than even I imagined then... with talk of little ones... HA.

  5. What a cute post. I had a demanding male insisting on more seed for his lady a couple of weeks ago. I believe they have set up house.

  6. He sure had a commanding presence. He showed her he knew how to bring home the bacon. I loved your clip by clip action series. Lucky you to be at the right place and time. Or did they care? Now adays...couples aren't so choosey where they get to know each other.

  7. anna: there's lots of love going on in the garden these days and my camera is not usually ready for it...

  8. I just love cardinals! The males add such lovely color to the garden. They like to perch on on the low-voltage lights in the garden here. After they get used to us hanging out on the patio, they come very close and seem to forget we're there.

  9. linda: our cardinals do the same only when I pull out my black camera they all of a sudden seem to notice. My biggest challenge is the screening on my lanai blocks so many great would-be close up shots. By the time I walk outside the door all the little critters are flying away.
    The feeders shown on this post are located in the "back-40". They get loads of activity but I have to try to 'get close enough' which becomes obvious... I can just hear them now... "It's the lady with the camera again! 1,2,3, Fly!"

  10. That post was hilarious! Now if only females of the humankind would listen to your advice! :o)

  11. Cardinals sing a beautiful song, Meems, and your lovely garden is the perfect 'witching' perch for them to sing ...

  12. mlm: Glad you liked it.If only...

    joey: I was listening to them again today ... they certainly cheer me along.

  13. We haven't gotten too many cardinals in my backyard, but I suspect that the highly aggressive blue jays have something to do with it. My boyfriend's mother gets them, though, so it's always a pleasure to watch their antics from her kitchen table.

    I loved this post. Your observations and captions made me smile :D Critter photos are simply the best.


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