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"Possibility and promise greet me each day as I walk out into my garden. My vigor is renewed when I breathe in the earthiness and feel the dirt between my fingers. My garden is a peaceful spot to refresh my soul." Meems

Welcome to my Central Florida Garden Blog where we garden combining Florida natives, Florida-Friendly plants, and tropicals.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Azaleas are Blooming

The azaleas began bursting forth this week. There are more buds than blooms but what a refreshing sight the new blossoms are. This is a tall growing Southern Indica best known as Formosa. These popular southern plants are rugged (hardy to 10 degrees F) and form huge spreading mounds that can reach 15 feet in height. At mid-season it covers itself with huge (3 inches across) purple-lavender, pink or white flowers.

One of our most popular Southern Indica azaleas, the 'Duc' has single salmon flowers that are about 1.5 inches across. It is an early bloomer (from December to May depending on location). 'Duc de Rohan' forms compact spreading mounds from 2 to 3 feet in height.
Azalea; Rhododendron; George Tabor - the pale pink- possibly my favorite variety...

The white variety ('Mrs. G.G. Gerbing') haven't any bloooms yet... I've noticed in years past they tend to lag a little bit behind in time before they begin their show. That's okay with me as it will prolong my joy to have waves of blooms.


  1. Wow, azaleas already? I grew up in SC, and they were always later in the spring there, but that is quite a bit north of where you garden.

    Beautiful pics. I enjoyed my visit!

  2. Beautiful pictures and I like the new look of the blog!

  3. I'm from the Azalea state of Alabama and I just love them ! I am in the Tampa area right now ( snowbird from Chicago ) and have seen them in bloom. Of course my mouth was agape for about five minutes.

    Lovely photos of your Azaleas.

  4. Sigh...azaleas in February--I'll see mine in May and June!But then again, it means I can enjoy them several times--now, while yours are flowering, later in spring when others in warmer zones are having blooms, and finally when mine come along. We have mostly deciduous azaleas here because they're hardier, but no less colourful--and the fragrant ones are divine.

  5. It's May in Michigan when azaleas bloom, my favorite time of year ...'The Lusty Month of May'! Your 'Formosa' is indeed handsome as is the the pileated woodpecker. Enjoy the warm weather ... we had heavy snow yesterday!

  6. Pam: You are right. The Azaleas will bloom from here now to the extreme north all the way into summer when ours are long dormant.

    Jane: Glad you like my switch to pink.Don't worry- it will change again. :-)

    CarolynGail: Honestly I think the Azaleas do better a little further north but that's just me. We love them so we enjoy them for the few weeks they pop out to brighten our days.

    You are visiting in my neck of the woods... this weekend promises to be "perfect" Florida weather... I sure hope you are outdoors to enjoy it.

    jodi: hey- thanks for popping in. I hope your book deal is moving along for you. I've heard of the fragrant Azaleas but can't say I've ever actually seen them. You've got me wondering if they are hardy for Zone 10...

    joey: Good... I will look forward to enjoying your azalea photos in May when mine are just a memory. Stay warm ... Spring is not far away for you.:-)

  7. Meems,

    I work in the Tree and Shrub department of a large garden center. The fragrant deciduous azaleas will even grow in Chicago ( Zone 5 ) .

  8. OMG!!! I love the new look. I like the pink. I like the brown. I like the new "Florida" feature on the right column. I like the new flower photos...everything looks lovely. Now I know what you've been doing with your "R&R" time! :O)

  9. The pink was definitely short lived. I liked it so why the change? I forgot to mention the new photos on the right, but I think they are also a good addition.

  10. What fabulous flowers - reminds me of all the wonderful gardens in Cornwall - the Azaleas there are stunning not to mention the Camellias, Magnolias and Helebores! Sorry for the lack of contact recently but have been away and have finally got around to putting another posting on my own blog and now time to visit other people's! Will visit again v. soon.... Miranda

  11. Your Azaleas are beautiful. I love the vivid colors; I never had very good luck with the Azalea plants in my garden. What is your secret?

  12. Carolyn Gail: I am going to have to do some investigating to see if the fragrant azaleas like this zone. BTW- congrats on your new level at blotanical!

    MLM: thanks for all the kudos! Glad you like it.

    Jane: still playing with it... that pink was so bright which I like just not with all the other color.

    Miranda: Glad you're back. I read on your blog you would be gone. I'll get over to read your new post as soon as I get a minute.

    Rusty: I really don't "do" anything to them... I think they like the acidic soil combined with their sheltered home beneath my oak trees. To tell you the truth some years they do better than others and I never really know why.


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