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"Possibility and promise greet me each day as I walk out into my garden. My vigor is renewed when I breathe in the earthiness and feel the dirt between my fingers. My garden is a peaceful spot to refresh my soul." Meems

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Florida Gardening in January

For all my whining of the exhausting heat and humidity in the summer (sometimes in spring too) these days of winter are what keep me “put” right here in my birthplace of central Florida. Weather reports are full of talk of the “winter wallop” sweeping across the south central states to the East Coast tonight. Ice, rain, snow and all the stuff old man winter conjures up.

January could very well be the slowest gardening month for Florida gardeners. Thankfully for us we are enjoying some of our best weather of the year surrounded by greenery, blue skies and for the most part mild days. While the blooming of perennials and lawn growth is at a lull due to shorter days and cool nights we actually get to take a break from the constant attention demanded in other seasons. This month I’ve still had to mow and edge, still had to dig up weeds- weeds like the mild weather too- still building compost with cuttings and all the kitchen clippings… still hand watering all the container gardens.

I even bought some red geraniums and some other native plants (below) I hope to finish putting in the ground this weekend. I’ve tried really hard not to purchase new plants this month but what can I say I popped into a couple of garden centers and they were selling plants and I bought them… it just happens like that. I do the same thing with shoes. Is that so bad?

This photo also shows the American Beauty Berry plants I bought in Sanibel. They don't have any blooms on them yet. I'm excited to see how well I do with these. They are a first for me.

Oh, I almost got distracted by shoes… back to plants…I purchased a new container for some herbs that were growing out of their current home and got them transplanted and a new wire hanging basket I was thrilled to find at a newly opened garden shop in my neighborhood.

What about you? Are you biting at the bit to get back in gear with gardening? I'm torn between enjoying the break and wanting to get back in the swing of designing and digging.


  1. Absolutely I'm chomping at the bit up here where winter is in full force! We're just starting a big snowstorm at this very minute. They're saying that double digit accumulations are a possibility. I WANT SPRING!!

    I just love all the gorgeous photos on your site!

  2. Meems: Thanks ever so much for visiting my garden and blog. Gardening and gardens are a great unifier are they not? It is nice to visit Florida via your posts. My Mom and Aunt are currently in FL for the winter months which seem to be to be the best gardening days even if flowers are fewer it is a manageable temperature. That is probably just a northerners viewpoint. Love your gardens!

  3. kylee: I know I say this over and over but it is hard for me to imagine a winter like the north experiences. It has been helpful to connect with northern gardeners through blogs just to actually hear and see the vast differences. On the bright side ---now that it's Feb. you are one more month closer to SPRING! It will be here before we know it and we will have more than enough to keep us busy.

    layanee: I really enjoyed your blog and thanks for stopping by hoe and shovel. Always welcome new visitors! It is true that these few months of winter are our "most" manageable temperature-wise... not just a northerners viewpoint. :-) Good for your mom and aunt for coming to the tropical south at a beautiful time to visit. I hope they are somewhere they can really take advantage of the time!


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