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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

snapper upgrade

mexican petunia

after what feels like a rookie crash course in "more than you can take in about cameras"--- yesterday i made the plunge and bought a new one. it is what they call a 'bridge' camera (not a DSLR); it is a Canon PowerShot S5 IS which i purchased from ritz camera store because they have a 10 day guarantee allowing you to return for full refund if you aren't completely happy. i am having a difficult time with my practice shots. most of them are blurry and i haven't been too successful with the zoom. it made me wonder if i had made the correct choice because i wanted a camera i could just zoom, point and click and every snap would be perfect- close-ups and moving objects. ha.

[i've included some snaps that aren't too bad from my practice today. if anyone knows anything about this camera or anything else comparable i should look into - please, please feel free to share- i welcome all information.]

so, i trudged (i know it sounds dramatic but i have been to ritz 4 times in as many days-yikes- who has time for this?) back to the camera store with the intention to return this one and upgrade to the DSLR. for the money it seems like a couple hundred dollars more is well worth the difference for the quality and ease it offers. they are bulkier to carry around though. in the end they talked me out of it... saying that for the money, i'd be really happy with this one once i got used to it. they gave me an extension on my return allowance which helps me not feel so rushed in making a final decision.

jewel of opar bloom
we are leaving for a blue ridge mountains vacation on friday so i will have plenty of time to get to know and explore my new toy. now, if i am not thrilled with it by the time i get back home, i still can return it and get my money back or choose another one.

crepe myrtle - gone to seed



  1. IMO, it's hard for me to tell " a lot" of difference between these pics and youd old ones because I thought your old ones were so awesome. But I do have to say, the photos on today's post were so clear and the colors so vivid. I don't know if that's the camera's work or not, but your photos are BEEE-U--tiful! Have fun in the mountains.

  2. Hmmm, I see what you mean, The backgrounds seem too grainy. I know that's to be expected to a degree, but... That Canon is one I'd have been looking at if I'd been ready 6 months ago. I'm hopelessly stupid about the technical aspects of photography. The only thing I can think of is to check your settings and see if quality is good, normal, fine.. whatever. When I finally figured out enough to set mine on fine, it made a big difference. File sizes are bigger, but it's worth it. You can also set it to take smaller pictures. I usually keep mine set on a size large enough to use my favourite shots as backgrounds. I don't know if that would have any effect on your clarity, though. And I would imagine you need the largest size possible when shooting small subjects like the chickadee.

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. I sure hope you get it figured out and come back with some AbFab Blue Ridge shots!

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  3. mlm: you are ever so kind. maybe when i do get the camera figured out you will see a difference.

    sophie: i must admit i don't know what i am doing and my little point and shoot sure did seem lots easier. i will be reading my manual thoroughly while on vacation. thanks for the tips.

  4. hallelujah, you bought a new camera. i think almost every other post you mentioned how much you disliked your old camera. although, i'm with MLM on the fact that your previous pics were always so stunning.

    enjoy the mountains and i can't wait to see what you see.


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