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"Possibility and promise greet me each day as I walk out into my garden. My vigor is renewed when I breathe in the earthiness and feel the dirt between my fingers. My garden is a peaceful spot to refresh my soul." Meems

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Friday, August 31, 2007

gone fishing

well, not exactly but you get the idea. hoe and shovel are hanging on the wall hooks in the garage along with all other gardening tools and effects. tomorrow , errr, no, it is already tomorrow... this morning before the sun is fully risen we will be on the road for the beautiful blue ridge mountains of north carolina. we won't have wireless and we could very well not have cell phone connection. ahhhh... just the cooler weather ( 50's at night is predicted) and all the beauty of our surroundings.

we actually will spend the end of our 10 days in apalachicola at the beach and the very last night in tallahassee.

hopefully, i will figure out my new camera and bring back some wonderful photos to share.


  1. Oh, bummer! If I'd known you were going to be so close to me... Then again, I'm sure every minute y'all have alone togther is precious. Have a wonderful. JESUS-filled trip! Can't wait to see the pics! 8-]

  2. How wonderful for you. Cooler temps are something we are longing for in middle Tennessee. (I am near Nashville.) I am a Northwest Florida transplant and returned from a weeks vacation at Alligator Point, Fl. earlier this summer. Catch something wonderful..!

  3. Have a great time...I refuse to be jealous. (: We are actually going to Maggie Valley end of September for 10 days so my day is coming. Can't wait to see the pics!

  4. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! I have a feeling you will definitely master that new camera and will have much to show everyone.

  5. Hey... you up there in the cool, cool mountains... are you thinking about us down here in the furnace? LOL!

    While you're heading toward my neck of the woods, I'll be in yours. Ain't that a hoot? Have a blast! See ya when we see ya.

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  6. Meems! Sure hope you had a good time. I've been missing you in blogland! Do you have lots of great pictures for us to enjoy? Some cool mountain air?

  7. sophie: we must be doing the ole' switcheroo with locations.

    anon: welcome and thanks for stopping by. my sister lives near nashville in leeper's fork. beautiful country up there.

    princess: ahhh... you must be counting the days.

    jane: wish i could say i mastered it but still working on it diligently

    mlm: thanks... we had a wonderful time and photos are forthcoming. if only i could have packaged up the cool mountain air to bring back with me...


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