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"Possibility and promise greet me each day as I walk out into my garden. My vigor is renewed when I breathe in the earthiness and feel the dirt between my fingers. My garden is a peaceful spot to refresh my soul." Meems

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Sky Is Blue

Last week weather predictors reported a messy disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico. It wasn't known exactly to what extent we would be affected. But it was clear central Florida was to expect a few days of rain. It was exciting news for our drought-weary state. I was eagerly anticipating rain for my garden.

So much so that I scurried about in the days prior planting dozens more caladium bulbs and dividing/transplanting begonias, irises, blackberry lilies, grasses, and gingers. I snipped coleus, pentas, blue sage, red salvia, Wendy's wish, and cordylines to root, readying for the "rain event" that was to come.

Oh, every gardener knows there isn't a water source to compare with nutritious liquid from heaven. The hope of clouds and rain for a few days in a row meant new cuttings would perk right up and easily adjust to their change in location.  New plantings wouldn't wilt in the midday sun. Divisions would adapt with ease under a blanket of clouds. No hose dragging to be sure ~~ at least for a few days.

Tropical Storm Debby certainly took her time to formulate. Three overcast days ending with typical late-afternoon rains left us wanting more. By the weekend we were in for a surprise.

Debby was declared a tropical storm and began moving north. Then she just "sat" in the Gulf of Mexico churning out high winds and soaking rains. Some tornadoes touched down while rivers and lakes flooded parts of the West Coast and beyond. Many homes, businesses, and roads were under water or damaged.

It was cool, then eerily balmy. Gusty winds stirred up memories of hurricanes past.
Over 14" from 24 hours of non-stop rain was the final result here.

For two days following we've had intermittent bursts of rain and very high winds. We were surveying for damage each day. Fortunately, oak tree debris and frayed banana leaves is the worst of it here. Minor and minimal. We are blessed.

Today the weather is almost back to normal. I'm grateful for the rain. I'm grateful it stopped when it did. The earth was full and couldn't hold anymore.

Butterflies found their wings again today. (They hide well during a storm.) Buzzing critters were happily flitting about as rays of sunshine beamed through puffy white clouds.

Florida is the Sunshine State for good reason. We are rarely lacking in ample doses of it. It is a beautiful thing to see blue skies today.

I hope all my fellow Florida gardeners and your gardens are safe and sound. Meems

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  1. Gosh your garden looks as though it pulled through just fine. I don't know if it can burst forth with any more colour!

  2. its gonna to be beautiful tomorrow morning.....and i got most of the yard cleaned up...soooooo much moss! love the caladiumsresparke

  3. I am so glad to read this Meems. I was worried that your area might have had real damage. I am sure your garden is thrilled with all that rain now that it has soaked in.

  4. That is good news that your garden escaped from the worst of the storm. Your garden looks beautiful.

  5. africanaussie,
    It is remarkable how little damage there was. We are grateful. Thank you.

    So much moss... dripped right out of the trees! And yes, beautiful this morning.

    You are so kind to think of us. The rain was glorious and I think I can hear the garden growing. :-)

    Thank you... I do feel badly for those who had terrible damage. It was really bad for some folks.

  6. Glad you were not affected by the storm. Our neighborhood was not so fortunate. What is the brilliant white plant? It's amazing!

  7. The rain was a blessing here after so many dry days. I, too, scurried around taking cuttings and planting a few rooted cuttings in the ground in anticipation of rain. Oak debris and moss left a big mess to clean up afterwards but so worth the irreplaceable rain. Your containers look terrific!

  8. When it rains, it pours, right? Wish we could have spared you some of it and redirected it here. I'm glad you didn't suffer too much damage. Hope you divisions and transplants appreciate all your hard work!

  9. Daisy,
    I hope everything is okay in your garden. The white bud is a brand new agapanthus just starting to burst open.

    Beautiful replenishing rain... now we are drying out again. Craziness.

    For days the forecast couldn't decide if Debby was going to turn your way or come back across FL. I thought about you and my other TX friends who need the rain badly.


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