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"Possibility and promise greet me each day as I walk out into my garden. My vigor is renewed when I breathe in the earthiness and feel the dirt between my fingers. My garden is a peaceful spot to refresh my soul." Meems

Welcome to my Central Florida Garden Blog where we garden combining Florida natives, Florida-Friendly plants, and tropicals.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dripping Happy

The phrase 'April showers bring May flowers' was not written my a Floridian.

In Central Florida it is a true gift to receive any substantial rainfall in the month of April or May. Spring is our dry season.

With our dry season most often come drought conditions and watering restrictions ensue.
Our county is allowed one day to irrigate. For your own county restrictions you can click here. Did you know watering thoroughly (rather than often and more shallow) only one day per week actually encourages roots in your lawn and plants to go deeper and builds drought tolerance?

Yesterday we received a much needed gift of rain. It was a good, steady rain that tapered off and on to a drizzle and soaked the parched, sandy earth of my garden.

This morning it was still dripping with liquid happiness. The nutrients contained in rain are unlike any other substitute.

Our true rainy season can begin anytime from June to July as it coincides with hurricane season. Rain will continue through October while humidity and temperatures are high. Most of Florida will receive an average of 50" during this period.

Tree cover helps to hold in moisture as does good mulching habits. Even so, without rain for weeks even in the best conditions the garden dries out.

So we are thankful today for the heavens opening up on our little 'ole garden and bringing some much needed relief.

Refreshed and renewed!

I hope your garden (and you, too) is singing happy songs today. I know I am and I'm sure I can hear hallelujahs of thankfulness coming from my plants.

Happy gardening, Meems

**all photos taken today ~~ click on any photo for description/location.


  1. That collective sigh of relief that we gardeners hear from our plants when it rains is pure music! Love your brug photo.

  2. It is always a delight to wander through your garden photos - we have rain today too and showers predicted throughout the weekend. You are so right there is something in rain that just lifts the spirits of my plants up.

  3. I love how clean all the plants look after a beautiful rain and the green in the yard and garden seems a richer color. Your Angel's Trumpet is gorgeous!

  4. Our weather in south east queensland is so similar to yours(but reversed) with late winter & spring our dry months as well. It's amazing what a shower of rain can do to refresh the garden and the gardener.

  5. The Angel Trumpet is one sexy beast right now. Beautiful! I look forward to our rains as well. In about a month, they'll be here. Your garden looks great....healthy and organized.

  6. Oh, that Angel Trumpet is just gorgeous! That rain was so welcome here in my garden as well. As always, your layers upon layers are inspiring to see.

  7. Rain has been good for us lately and the temps cooler. We're having a "real spring" -- something that I've not experienced in years.

    As always, your garden looks glorious, lush and inviting.

  8. It did not rain here last night but, the day before much needed here. I thought things were for sure going to die. We have a pretty big pond in the pasture that is probably 20' deep in the deepest part and when you stand on the edge it's like you are on top of the mountain that how much water is gone. So many fish were looking for air and last week there were 7 eagles came to visit the pond and still are 3 left. So things are very dry here still. Love your flowers

  9. We are lucky down here to get rain almost every day this week. Your rain soaked garden looks so beautiful, and that Angel Trumpet is just GORGEOUS!

  10. You are so right that there's nothing quite like rain from the heavens to refresh and renew a garden. Your garden looks lush and luscious!

  11. I'm very impressed with your Angel's trumpet. It is neat and well structured with a crown of flowers.

  12. Glad to hear you are getting some good rain. Your Angel Trumpets are just gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Love how your rain=liquid happiness. I miss my garden (been away for almost a month) so no happy songs for me today. Maybe tomorrow because I'll finally be home and hopefully be able to see all my plants healthy and in bloom or flushing.

  14. Your garden is bursting with lovely plants and shrubs. Everything looks so fresh and perfect. Your garden looks wonderful.
    Your blog is one of the ones I most look forward.


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