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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cranking Up The Troy-Bilt Saturday6 Team

It's that time of year again when gardeners everywhere look forward to a good long day of gardening when Saturday rolls around. I know I love a Saturday without obligations so I can garden completely uninterrupted. A full day in the garden is a treasured commodity for gardeners.Troy-Bilt is a company I admire for their hard-work ethic and family owned values. They started their company in 1937 with the first tiller introduced into the market. Florida doesn't use tillers as much as the rest of the country. They offer a wide range of dependable lawn and garden equipment with caring customer service.

Above we are visiting The Chef's Garden Micro Greens Grow House and taste testing (I'm not in the picture).

Last year Troy-bilt put together a team that makes up the Saturday6 bloggers from different parts the U. S. You can read my articles describing our adventures so far here and the link to my Saturday6 page is here.
Each of us will individually choose products to review, write helpful articles to help make all of our Saturdays in the garden more successful, and we will include some videos to show you how we do it right here in our own gardens. Sound like fun?
I'm still in the process of choosing the Troy-Bilt products I'd like to review this year. But without the least bit of hesitation I'd like to remind you of how pleased I am with the lawnmower and the chipper shredder I was given in the last campaign.

Of course, it goes without saying, the lawn mower has become necessary equipment to crank up weekly for mowing that last bit of lawn in the back garden.

My chipper-shredder? Oh, it is a life saver and a favorite power tool.

Our oak leaves fall in the winter/spring and provide oodles of organic goodness to return back to the garden in the way of mulch and organic amendments.

All I have to do is wheel it out of the garage, give it a start, and I am on my way to shredding glory.

It is always at the ready for helping out in the garden. I love what this machine accomplishes for my garden!

Watch for Saturday6 monthly articles when you sign up here (click on Tips, Advice, and How-to's) for 'The Dirt' newsletter Troy-Bilt publishes.

You can *Like* Troy-Bilt on Facebook to see what fellow gardeners are saying and doing.

Disclosure: My reviews and/or recommendations are always my own thoughts. I am being compensated for my partnership with Troy-Bilt as one of the Saturday6 team members. This post is in conjunction with that partnership.


  1. Great tools you have there Meems. That chipper really looks great.

    I have been thinking about asking you about oak leaves for mulch, and you answered my question in this post. Our neighbor's huge black oak (I think that's the kind) dumps lots of leaves into our property and I've been wondering about using them for mulch. Now I will! Free mulch.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  2. Oh my gosh, what an awesome tool. It is great for all of the leaves, but especially those huge MAGNOLIA leaves! How I wish I had one. Yours is just fantastic!

    Jacksonville, Florida

  3. Flowerlady,
    My trees provide me with most of the mulch I need in spring. Many of the beds are self mulched but the shredded mulch is really great for the edibles and new plantings.

    The shredder is a treasured tool. I pile up branches and sticks and then the machine chews them up to go back into the garden as well.

  4. Gee, Meems, I've never used my oak leaves for mulch. They seem to mat down but shredded, I can see they would be fabulous. I planted maples just so I could have leaves for compost. Do you compost your oak leaves?

    Mary Ann in Naples

  5. I used to use the whole ones for mulch and also composted my oak leaves before I got the chipper/shredder. But now I shred my oak leaves for mulch, Mary Ann.


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