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Monday, November 7, 2011

How-to Video:: Lawn Removal

Those of you who have followed this blog are familiar with my habit of reducing the amount of lawn wherever it isn't completely necessary to maintain it. Currently I'm working on another section on the south side of the back yard.

Today I'm sharing with you my first "how-to" video created for Troy-Bilt and will be posted in their newsletter "The Dirt" in the coming months. But you are viewing it first here.

The layering method described here is the most gentle method I've found for killing the grass either for a pathway or to prepare an area before you plant.

If you prefer you may watch the video directly on You Tube by following this link:

Stay tuned for a lawn mower give-away coming soon ...

Disclosure: My reviews and/or recommendations are always my own thoughts. I am being compensated for my partnership with Troy-Bilt as one of the Saturday6 team members. This post is in conjunction with that partnership.


  1. Good morning Meems ~ That was a great little video and an easy way to make a path or new garden area. I didn't know that they sold pine needles in bundles like that. Great mulch.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  2. Easy and good for the earth-what more could you ask for?

  3. I love your pathway video Cindy! I have used only one layer of newspapers and not dampened them first, so I learned another two tips from your video. Looking forward to seeing more vidbits!!


  4. I am not sure I would trust this method for Bermuda because I've seen it grow up through asphalt -- nothing stops that stuff! But for St. Augustine, this sure saves a lot of back-breaking digging :-) Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I appreciate it.

  5. We use this method too Meems,we call it the Lasagne Method.....

  6. That's really an easy and fun way of doing it in the temperate climes, but that can work as well in the tropics with modifications. But what i admire most here is that you have a lovely voice! Am glad to hear it, now your blog feels so personal.

  7. Loved the informative video ... and hearing your guiding voice and sharing personality, even more!

  8. I have done this method many times. I don't get to use pine needles though. Good job with the video.

  9. Bravo, Meems! You know I'm always in favor of getting rid of grass. We used the newspaper method at our house and it worked beautifully. Your garden is looking lovely as ever.

  10. Hi I just discovered your blog and I feel fantastic, good job

    Un Saludo


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