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"Possibility and promise greet me each day as I walk out into my garden. My vigor is renewed when I breathe in the earthiness and feel the dirt between my fingers. My garden is a peaceful spot to refresh my soul." Meems

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Coffee in the Circle Garden

Strangely enough Florida has had better temperatures than most of the mid and northwest this week. Summertime in Florida is normally hot and humid like a sauna.It has actually been unseasonably less humid for any day in July! So unusual that it has been bearable to enjoy morning coffee in the circle garden.
From this seating area in the central hub of the back gardens looking to the right is the perennial gardens. There are narrow pathways running throughout but not visible from the seated position. Without moving from the chairs here are a few views from that vantage point.

It's still quite hot and humid but noticeably less. SO... I've been out in the garden taking advantage of the reprieve this week. We've been warned the weather is quickly making a switcheroo to high humidity by weeks' end.

I hope you are enjoying your gardens.


  1. What a lovely spot to sit and drink coffee. If I went out right now with my coffee, I'd have to fend off mosquitoes (6:22 a.m.) unless I sat in our screened room. I'm usually in my computer with my coffee catching up on blogs and email.

    If the humidity has been less, I've sure not noticed it as I've been out sweating while working in gardens. When you say it's going to be higher humidity in the next day or so, YIKES!

    I am so thankful for air-conditioning.

    Have a lovely morning sipping coffee in your wonderful space.


  2. A pretty place to have coffee Meems. It must be the global warming that is keeping your area less humid and mine more humid. ;)

  3. FlowerLady,
    Only Mon/Tues/Wed we were surprised the slight early breeze kept the skeeters at bay and the humidity was in the 50's instead of 100%. Believe me, I was sweating when working in the garden. I think I am a barometer sometimes ~~~ I'm outside so much that I notice the slightest changes. Then I like to take advantage of the good ones.

    On a typical summer morning I'm outside this early sitting in the screened porch with my coffee and a fan circulating overhead.

    It's already different today. Humidity is in the 90% range and I can tell! Have a great day.

  4. Racquel,
    Your more humid is probably the same as my less humid. :-) When a Floridian says "less humid" it means we are still very humid but any change here is noticed.

    I write-off all the swings and changes to climate 'cycles'. They aren't that unusual when you look at history.

  5. Love how the caladiums peek through!

    Hopefully, the humidity will bring more rain!
    Happy gardening, Meems.

  6. Daisy,
    It is the trade-off. Drier air means less chance of rain. The humidity is back today and the rain chances rise. We are in need already. Only a scant .5" for almost 2 weeks. Looking forward to a good shower if it comes our way.

  7. There's been a slight breeze too. Almost fall feelin'.

  8. We've been enjoying the cooler type weather too.
    Though the lack of rain is something missed.

    What a beautiful place to just sit and sip... enjoy

  9. How lovely Meems! Would so love to join you for morning coffee. Enjoy the cooler temps ... it will be hot/humid/hazy 100º here today. Heading for the lake tomorrow but it's even hot up there!

  10. I need to get out in the's growing wild! It's so nice to sit and enjoy the garden, and you've got some pretty views from your chairs. Enjoy it while you can.

  11. Meems I will be over later for a cuppa in your beautiful garden. I will be sitting in MY chair as usual :-)

  12. I think your garden would be perfect for afternoon iced tea, too, with a sprig of fresh mint. And after-dinner aperitifs. Or really any kind of beverage! It's inviting at any time of day.

  13. What a beautiful view with a glass of ice water out in the garden.(I do not drink coffee. It makes my ears ring louder LOL!) Your Coleus are so pretty. My daughter has been on vacation in Tampa.She is really going to be surprised when she gets home tonight and finds how hot it is here.

  14. I love the way you have the coleus backlit in the sunshine. I think it is important to try out all the assorted seating places in the garden at some stage.... glad you had a little break form the humidity.

  15. Ah, morning sunlight in your garden makes for some beautiful views. The lower humidity has been wonderful and I, too, did get to spend some extra time in the garden enjoying it. Have you been preparing the veggie garden? I'm being lazy about mine. I have so many herbs growing full and blooming that I hate to move things around.

  16. Dani,
    I had the same feeling this week...thought folks would think I was looney to mention that fall feeling. *grin*

    We could really use some rain. It has been missing us for almost 2 weeks after that one VERY rainy weekend. Maybe this weekend when humidity increases, too.

    Wouldn't that be lovely! I know you don't like the heat. Hopefully it will quickly pass for all those up there who are not at all used to it.

    Even a short-lived reprieve from the humidity is glorious. I've actually had lots to do in the garden so I've been thankful for the relief.

    Sounds wonderful... will be waiting for you. Although I moved "your" chairs to the *front* garden... but it's a lovely place to sit as well.

  17. Nanette,
    Ummmm... if there's any sipping in the afternoons unfortunately the seating spots are just too muggy... but the pool steps are good for that. *grin*

    Cold water is good (better for you), too. Your daughter has been in my backyard. Does she know someone here or just a *fun* vacation because Tampa is great?

    We do like to move around to the different seating places and gander at the beauty of nature from every perspective. Thank you.

    Glad you have gotten out in the *better* weather. I HAVE been working in the edible garden -- working on a post about it so I'll catch you up.

  18. Your garden always seems to look so cool! No matter the temperatures.

  19. It's been very humid here Meems. YOur gardens are a you ever see venomous snakes? Snakes and the heat keep me indoors in late summer.

  20. Cameron,
    It must 'look' cooler than it really is. :-) But walking from the sunny parts to the shady garden is considerably cooler on any hot summer day.

    It's humid here, too. Just a tad bit of relief and it is noticed. One moccasin in the earlier years and an occasional pygmy rattler. But mostly rat snakes and black racers typically. There isn't a day that goes by when I am not outside for some length of time no matter how hot.

  21. That seems funny to know that your weather is a little better than ours here in the north! Lots of heat and lots of humidity makes me feel like I do live in Florida. The humidity has been fierce, you are dripping wet and soggy the minute you set foot outside. Enjoy your coffee in the circle garden!


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