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"Possibility and promise greet me each day as I walk out into my garden. My vigor is renewed when I breathe in the earthiness and feel the dirt between my fingers. My garden is a peaceful spot to refresh my soul." Meems

Welcome to my Central Florida Garden Blog where we garden combining Florida natives, Florida-Friendly plants, and tropicals.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Week ENDS in the Garden

Front garden... agapanthus blooming
Circle garden entrance to central pathway in perennial garden.

Circle garden arbor

Circle garden view to tropical pathway

Circle garden

Pathway from circle garden to wildflower garden

Miss Muffett caladiums

Northside berm

Blue plumbago

From tropical garden leading into circle garden

Queen Emma/Tropical pathway

Tropical garden container plants

Tropical pathway/Red banana

Tropical pathway container plants

Gaillardia pulchella


Tropicanna leaves

Variegated cast iron

Queen Emma

I hope you enjoyed your weekend in the garden, too. Meems


  1. I love the way the pathways just invite you to explore! Your tropical garden is so serene.

  2. Yes, I enjoyed the weekend in my garden and I really enjoyed the post week-end views of your garden. Can't tell you what I like the most in your garden....♥ it all.

    Have a great week Meems!

  3. Aah, I could spend a whole batch of weekends just drifting around your garden, Meems. What makes it extra-special for me is that they are all such growable plants for me. Seeing them grow so beautifully in your garden is really inspiring.

  4. Ooohh, Ooohh, Ooohh, Once again a lovely tour through your quiet, colorful and peaceful gardens. I am in love with your Miss Muffett caladiums.

    Thank you for the tour, it was a great way to start off the week.


  5. I can see why your week would begin and end in your gardens!

  6. It looks so lush in your garden. I appears that you are ready for a garden tour. Everything so neat and tidy.

  7. Thank you for sharing your wonderful garden with us. It gives me such inspiration to be creative in my own little neck of the woods. Looking forward to more pictures and words of wisdom. : )

  8. I always enjoy a stroll through the garden -- yours and mine.

    I'm waiting for agapanthus buds; glad to see your blooms.

  9. Hey Meems...The week certainly does end and begin all over again in the garden. It looks like your summer garden is in full bloom and looking great. :-)

  10. I love how you've named different parts of your garden. I do the same thing with mine. I LOVE those Caladiums!!

  11. Gorgeous views of your summer garden. How in the world do you keep it all so neat and plant 100's of caladium bulbs too?

    Your agapanthas are so pretty all blooming en masse. I just planted a large one in full sun and now I think it's too much sun for it. Maybe it will acclimate soon. It has a second bloom scape on it so I hesitate to move it now. I will get "right plant, right place" down someday:)

    Your circle garden's ground cover and pathways leading to other gardens is just coming together perfectly.

  12. I also envy your agapathus! Mine still don't have even single scape :(

    Your tropical garden just looks so peaceful and always in perfect condition. What is that chartreuse colored fern-like plant in that 12th picture in the container? I think I might have one similar to that one, but I don't know the name...

  13. I always know where to go to be blown away by a garden full of fantastic color, foliage and flower wise!

  14. I never tire of your garden, keep those tours coming.... I am off to have another look at your mosaic tutorial - I think I am going to make one for my butterflies!

  15. Hi, Meems !
    What wonderful rich color! Your flowers are gorgeous! What beautiful Blue plumbago. So nice to see the beauty in your pictures! Your pictures are always perfect!

  16. Daisy,
    The tropical gardens might be my favorite place... can't say for certain but especially right now with this heat it is a amazing respite.

    Siesta Sister,
    It turned out to be decent with a bit of a breeze and not nearly as humid as expected for June. We have to make the most of the time in our gardens with summer approaching rapidly.

    Thank you... wouldn't that be a nice gift to share a walk in a garden someday. It is remarkable how very similar our climates are. You've been a busy girl, too. Enjoy your summer.

  17. FlowerLady,
    Miss Muffett is a prize among the foliage plants... I hope you get to love her even more soon!

    Awww... it is true... and everything in between these past few months. :-)

    This is a working garden and not everything is neat and tidy. No tours this week... just you and me. :-)

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment.

  18. Nell Jean,
    Some of my agapanthus are finished, some blooming, some just budding... yours are probably right behind mine.

    Everything does seem to be right on time this year. Lots still going on and summer is almost here. I keep thinking I'm going to wind down any day but it isn't happening yet. Maybe July???

    I have seen agapanthus is full sun and they don't seem to do as well as partial sun. It will be okay though until fall (will acclimate) but I don't think for the long haul I would leave it there. The circle garden has really filled in and 'feels' more natural this spring. Every season brings new excitement doesn't it!!

    I do love the tropical pathway. All the shade and lush plantings feel very peaceful (and much cooler than the rest of the garden midday). The congo philo has artillery fern growing at its base. It is a shade plant from Riverview Farms you can find at Home Depot. It has been a good performer... I'd like to try it next as a ground cover.

  19. Ami,
    Sorry I meant to give you the entire name... Pilea microphyllia.

  20. Jim,
    You have only to step out your own back door... but your kind comment made my day. Thank you.

    Oh, please do let me know if you end up making a mosaic. That bird bath is still doing well and the birds love it. Not that they appreciate the mosaic but I do anyway. :-)

    Thank you.
    Blue flowers are a lot of fun. This blue plumbago is an easy one to grow in this climate.

  21. Your garden looks luscious. I really like the bunny peeking over the blooms.

  22. I just found your blog looking on the net for garden stuff. WOW!!! I am very impressed!! :) Beautiful Gardens, and Very Well-Written Blog!! I can see why you were given awards. :) This is the first year I am getting into flowers and such!! :) I have had potted plants in my adulthood, but the last 4.5 years is the first time I have been in a house. It has all been a little overwhelming, so I haven't done much all these years. I just started playing around last Summer and Fall. I really only have a handful of stuff, which I see by nature could be quickly wiped out and forgotten by next year if not kept up. I have had desires at times for a house or apt. to look like Southern Living or Better Homes and Gardens.....but I apparently am not that naturally creative or energetic. I can also dream of my yard looking like this!! :) It all looks so lovely!! I guess it all just takes time!!! :) I have always lived in North Alabama, South Huntsville. I hear the soil is not very good, but it is all that I know--clay. We are near Redstone Arsenal, hence the name I have heard.......Anyway, I am trying to learn to "bloom where I am planted"--to try to enjoy where I am at and make use of what God has given me.....I think that has been my lesson this past year or so....:) Hard lesson for a sometimes naturally negative one like myself-but, I'm praying God won't give up on me. :) Your blog, and all the other pretty garden things I have seen, inspire me. :) We put up a bluebird box, bird and hummingbird feeders. That has been a joy to watch them the last three years. We have a few vegetables growing, and I have a few flowers growing--and our azalea bushes are still trying to stay alive--:)--too much sun for two of them, we think. We have both grown things at different times in our lives, but I guess consistency hasn't been either of our strongpoints. I think we both like the idea of having most of the yard be gardens!! My husband mentioned that first a few years ago. I think I could handle that. Do you have a shot on here anywhere--a straight shot of your house from the front?? I just wondered what the "big picture" looked like?? We have both been to Fl many times and both love it there. I thought years ago about moving to the Gulf area, but never did. Do you have any suggestions for my area--Huntsville?? Is your soil a lot better where you are. Like I said, I'm pretty new at doing all this myself, as opposed to enjoying what my parents or someone else had.......Thanks again!! And respond only if you have a chance........Have a wonderful day!! :) Robyn--in Huntsville, Alabama. :)

  23. HI Meems!
    Everything looks so lush and like a verdant dreamland. You must be getting more rain than us here in Texas.
    What is that gorgeous Calocasia in the north berm photo? It has a scalloped leaf edge that I've not ever seen in this plant.

    Very cool.
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston :-)

  24. Lola,
    That poor bunny is being overtaken by all those volunteer impatiens. :-0

    Hi Robyn,
    Thank you so much for all your kind words and for letting me know you enjoyed my blog. It sounds like you and your husband are heading in the right direction with your desires for a garden. You are doing the right thing searching for good advice and doing research for your area. I wish I could help you but I don't know anything about growing in clay. We have very sandy soil down here in this part of Florida. I've done a lot to amend mine with hopes of making it more and more organic with each passing season. You might want to do a search of garden blogs in your immediate area to connect with gardeners close by or try Garden Web Forums ( and scroll down to Alabama. In the meantime feel free to visit here anytime. You might pick up some design tips or ideas you could implement in your own garden. Keep pressing onward with your gardening instincts. It does take time and energy but there are ways to reduce maintenance by creating a garden of natives and making correct choices for your environment. I wish you all the best in your journey.

    Not much rain. Thank goodness for my shade and an irrigation system. You are asking about the Portadora Alocasia. It is a very fun one.

  25. So full, so lush and beautiful... wonderful combinations, Meems! and I do lust after that caladium. Our summers are so hot and dry compared to the wet and cool spring, that we have to lean toward more drought tolerant.

  26. Lovely cladium; have not seen this variety before. What is it called?


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