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Monday, December 13, 2010

Mother Nature's Switcheroo

Last week when the reports came that freezing temperatures were on their way for Florida I wasn't convinced.

Maybe it was just high hopes. But so often a degree or two makes a big difference. And so does my tree cover.

What are the forecasters saying today? We haven't seen cold weather like this in December in twenty years.

Strong winds slamming plant-life around all day and night are battering leaves and limbs.

At this point I kind of hope they keep blowing. Maybe it will be the wind that keeps the temperatures from dropping down to the twenties.

Regardless, as much as I resolved not to scurry around covering plants ~~ I did it today.

Just a few ~~ but I felt compelled. I just had to help some of them out. Maybe they can make it through these next two nights bundled in blankets and maybe ... just maybe we won't have anymore of this out-of-the-ordinary weather even though winter hasn't officially arrived.

I'm feeling it for the strawberry growers. The fruit is not ready and they can't afford to lose the crops now.

There are many signs of stress already in the garden from this weird weather.

Tomorrow promises some very different views if the temperatures drop overnight as predicted.

This time it's likely we won't escape Mother Nature's switcheroo to winter while it is still officially autumn.
The garden will recover and life goes on. Of that I am certain.

We'll just have to learn to look at the damage a lot longer while waiting for spring to come.


  1. I hope your garden comes through okay, under tree cover and cover you provided! It is 7F here but we kind of expect winter like that and have a good snow cover now which protects those dormant plants.

  2. I know it is disheartening to see a freeze come to your area. All of those tropical plants will protest. I hope it isn't as bad as predicted. Best of luck.

  3. I hope you suffered no losses Meems. It didn't get as cold as predicted down here, and I've not ventured outside yet to see how things fared. At least the wind has died now. It sure was blustery yesterday. It is supposed to start warming back up again, let's hope so.

    Have a lovely Christmas ~ FlowerLady

  4. 27° at my place near Orlando this morning. Not as cold as predicted, but cold enough to do major damage. Predictions for tonight are more of the same. At least if everything freezes now, we don't have to worry about it the rest of the winter!

  5. I enjoyed the views of your lovely garden and hope the damage wasn't too severe!

  6. I hope everything is safe. I expect those temperatures, but it is not fair that you have to worry about them.

  7. Carol,
    Tree cover is a LIFE-saver!A blanket of snow makes good insulation.

    Those predictors DO like to be overly cautious which can make me doubt my instincts. It is disheartening but not the end of the world... there are more important things than damaged plants. Especially this time of year. Stay warm, friend.

    Not as bad as they thought... tonight when the wind stops it could be worse. No matter... it's Christmas and much to celebrate! Thank you for the well-wishes.

    I am so sorry. Orlando always degrees colder than us. It looks like we just barely hit 32 and not for long... tonight may be a different story. True. No more thinking about it for the rest of winter if it all goes now.

    Garden Sense,
    The tree cover and not as cold as predicted may have gotten us through last night. Tonight? ... well, we'll see. Thanks for the visit and kind words.

    It is a little more difficult for Floridians to get used to these crazy weather patterns. But I think we're getting better at it considering the last two winters we've had. I'm not complaining. After all I wouldn't want to garden any place else... too much fun here!

  8. Meems - hope it didn't get as cold as predicted there. Here in Sarasota (east) it was supposed to be 24. Checked the Nat. Weather service at 4:30, but it was offline. At 6:00 it reported 37 for this area, so it seems like it was not as bad as predicted. Will know more later when I take a look.

    I am so happy I have 2 big old oak trees in the back. They offer a lot of protection.

    As always....your pictures of your yard inspire me.

  9. It's hard to see so much of the garden disappear, but you have good structure in your garden that will offer beauty right through the cold season. I'm still working on that. And, boy, can I see where more work is needed now that we've had this ridiculous weather. The garden thermometer showed 29 at first-light. BRRR.

  10. I have been thinking about all of my southern bloggers this week with the drop in temperatures.We heard it was suppose to be record lows for you all. I hope it doesn't hurt your plants Meems.

  11. How right you are about tree cover. I never fret too much about broms in the backyard. I cover the few tropicals I have in the frontyard and I let the east side yard(coldest area) go. They're mostly butterfly plants intermingled with green plants and they will recover come spring. We had a low of 30 and the angel trumpet and glorybowers are hanging their cute little heads. :-( Hope you fared okay.

  12. It is just too early for the low temp this time of the year. Even I live south of you, last night I did some covering for some tender tropicals in my garden. Best wish to your garden, and Happy Holidays!

  13. I feel for you. I certainly understand what it is like to look at the fried landscape after a week of this hideous cold. 22 degrees here last night.

  14. Let the frost fall where it may...20 degrees or so below normal here...sigh

  15. Siesta Sister,
    Trees are a plant saver... no question. Like cloud cover they insulate and keep temps from falling on the understory. It doesn't look like it got into the twenties last like predicted. In a few days signs of hitting 32 will be showing. I'm thankful the weather was WRONG again! Stay warm and thank you for the encouraging words.

    Every year we learn a little more and we decide how to make it better. I'm still doing both, like you. Already schemes and plans are swirling for more than hardy specimens. It's all good!!!

    You are sweet to drop by with your kind thoughts and words. We are so blessed in this region to garden all year. Fluke cold fronts really make us whine. You all are the ones who have been hit so hard. Hope you are staying safe and warm. *hugs*

  16. Susan,
    My lone angel trumpet (gifted last year) was loaded with hanging buds. It will likely not bloom... but the leaves were tattered and torn already from the winds the last few days. I covered very few things. Teaching my plants to be tough! :-)

    I thought about you yesterday when they said it would be 32 in Miami. Crazy! If it didn't get as cold here as predicted hopefully you were spared all together. You are just too far south to have to be thinking about freezing weather EVER.

    I know you have had a rough go with such low temps. I sure hope all your beautiful tropicals come back quickly (in a few months).

    What can you do? It is what it is... record breakers everywhere this month. We'll keep our chins up no matter!!!! **Blessings**

  17. Wow beautiful photos of your garden. Just fantastic. All the best.

  18. Hi Meems~~ My fingers are crossed and I've whispered a prayer that you'll be spared the worst of old man winter's onslaught. The farmers... they must really be worried. Such a helpless place to be. Keep warm!

  19. Good luck to you and your beautiful garden. Here in central California we're dealing with more rain (and wind) than we've seen in decades. My succulent collections do not like it.

    Nature heals.

    All joys to you and yours,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


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