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"Possibility and promise greet me each day as I walk out into my garden. My vigor is renewed when I breathe in the earthiness and feel the dirt between my fingers. My garden is a peaceful spot to refresh my soul." Meems

Welcome to my Central Florida Garden Blog where we garden combining Florida natives, Florida-Friendly plants, and tropicals.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday's Garden Views

It seems like it's been forever since I had the opportunity to be in the garden for an entire day.

With the kiddos returned to their respective parents and a whole day to myself it was an early start in the garden with a very long to-do list. Every gardener knows that list never really diminishes much. But it does shift around here and there.

It also seems like forever since I spent some time alone ~~with just me and the camera~~ walking around the garden taking photos for fun. I soon realized that here we are right in the middle of summer and the caladiums are happy as can be for the warm weather.

Turn any corner or look out to any view and you will see them winding through a planting bed or popping out of a container. It's no secret I use them in great numbers to add color and pizzazz in these hottest months of the year.

It's a little early for the cassia to be blooming but we don't mind and neither do the butterflies.

Connecting several planted out borders the circle garden has turned out to be just as I envisioned. From every direction it is a focal point and has created a centering place where all pathways converge.

The front side-garden has taken on a bit of a tropicalesque appeal with a mixture of Florida natives and Florida-Friendly plants under towering oak trees.

One of my favorite container plants located in the pathway to the edible garden.

Just about the only plants producing food in the edible garden are the pepper plants.

The rest of it is pretty much a mess. Getting it ready for fall planting is still on the to-do list. I suppose it's a good thing the dead vines are still hanging around to provide a landing spot for the butterflies.

Coleus, caladiums, zinnias, and gaillardia are vying for attention along with the weeds in the edible garden.

All the container plants on the back patio are void of flowers. In their stead bromeliads, sedums, coleus, caladiums, cordylines, cannas, purple queen, lemon-lime dracaena, and other variegated foliage fill up the pots.

There is still lots of color and it helps keeps the pool deck a bit tidier without all the flower petal mess.

If you are in the mood for more photos from the garden today click here to see the rest.

Turns out I had so much fun I took too many to post so I've uploaded them to my Picasa account and made it public for you to view.

Try to stay cool and happy summer gardening,


  1. Meems: Yes, I am in the mood to see more pictures of your garden! I looked all your pictures in Picassa account, and loved them all! Your summer garden is so colorful and lush! I envy you have so many varieties in each turn, and yet they are connected in harmony in a way. I love how you used bromeliads, coleus, sedum, mezzo trailing, variegated plants and caladiums to create the color and texture in the container. Wonderful! I might steal your idea to re-create some of my dull-looking containers :)

  2. Meems - I always find myself wanting to stand on my tip toes to get an aerial view of your gardens - envisioning one garden leading to another! The idea of having 'alone time' with your garden & camera = heaven.... -Shyrlene

  3. Ami,
    Feel free to steal. There's nothing more flattering. I loved your photos of China... need to get back over to your blog to leave a comment. :-)

    Funny... I was on the roof a few weeks back blowing off the oak leaves and thought I should have had my camera up there with me. It is a very different perspecive from that viewpoint.

  4. Meems ~ What wonderful, colorful lushness in your gardens. One picture that really struck me was of the Stromanthe leaves. I have never seen them and they are fantastic looking. I also loved pic #14, of the white queen caladiums with a beautiful reddish brom bloom.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely garden stroll with us. It was a nice way to start the morning.


  5. Awesome, Meems. I will be in the caladium fields in August in Venus Fl. to evaluate new selections with the breeder, Dr Bob Hartman.
    I hop to have pictures to share.

  6. I'm not sure how it works, but just looking at your lush garden makes me feel at least 10 degrees cooler. Thanks! daisy

  7. FlowerLady,
    This garden depends heavily on foliage variety to add texture and the needed color to the landscape. It is fun and challenging to me to find ways to make that happen.I have to agree~~ the combination of broms and caladiums is a favorite of mine too. Thank you for your generous comment.

    What fun! And what a treat to be around all those caladiums. I'm so grateful for the link ~ I had forgotten about the website and it is so helpful. Thank you.

    Actually it IS 10 degrees cooler in the shady parts of the garden. I try to be sure I'm following the shade around on these extra hot summer days while gardening. Thank you for your kind comment.

  8. Daisy,
    I've added you to my Florida blogroll because I just realized you are in Florida. Yay. Then I tried to leave a comment on your blog but only members are allowed. Please let me know if you do not want to be on my blogroll. Thanks.

  9. I just found your blog from a link from DragonFly Gardener. Your garden is lovely! We both live int he Tampa Bay area but mine is nothing likes yours, lol. Great job!

    WE don't have armadillos in our yard but we are having a problem with possoms. Not a good mix with 2 rat terriers. Armadillo + rat terrier - noise!

  10. Great photo tour! Quiet moments in your garden -- must be paradise for you!

    I showed my husband your photos, too! He is amazed.

  11. My Little Family,
    So happy you spent some time here and thanks to Rusty for the link. I'm curious what damage the possums do to the garden. We see them once in a while but don't notice any damage. The armadillos however are destructive little creatures... of course they aren't doing it on purpose but the mere fact of how they forage causes lots of damage to roots and upturns many plants. UGH!

    A full day in the garden was definitely paradise yesterday. Stopping to walk around with the camera is SO relaxing and the temporary cloud cover helped with inspiration for some decent photos. Tell the Musician thanks... and thank you, too!

  12. 'Visiting' your garden, is always a joy.

    I was inspired by you, to plant caladiums this year...first time in a long time. They've worked out well. I have lots of shade here. They'll be added to, next year.

    Thanks for the tour.


  13. You have so much to see in your garden. I agree that those chore lists are always around. Never a restful moment if you allow it.

  14. Your garden looks so fresh and lush. I love your caladiums and coleus Meems. So pretty.

  15. Beautiful views of your gardens. I'm so glad you included the extra photos. The circle garden looks like the ground cover is filling in nicely. Love the variety and placement of your caladiums. A whole day spent in the garden is a wonderful thing, but with this heat I have to take a mid-day break. Enjoy getting your fall veggie garden back up and running. Can't wait to see it.

  16. BTW - I really like the new look to your blog. It really shows off the photos.

  17. I certainly can't get enough of Florida garden photos! Love your caladiums and broms. I tell myself every summer I don't have enough of them. I try to add two or three every year, but it's just not fast enough. I really like that white strap-leaf caladium. Is that 'White Wing'?

  18. Just gorgeous! Have you ever thought about hosting a mini Florida garden bloggers event? (Hint, hint for someone!) I for one would LOVE to see your garden.

  19. Patchwork,
    Aren't caladiums a 'must' for the shady garden! So tropical and so many choices of foliage colors. Glad you're adding more and more... they never disappoint.

    Those chore lists are never-ending... we just have to 'know' that and not let it overwhelm. :-) A little at a time...

    Caladiums and coleus have much the same needs and characteristics. I think they make really nice companions. Thank you!

    Oh, I took a mid-day break. Got my feet wet in the pool and had some lunch. Drank lots of water along the way, too. The circle garden will take another year or so to fill in completely but it has done better than I initially expected.

    Yes, I finally took some time to re-vamp my blog... something I've wanted to do for months... glad you like it. I'm not looking forward to reining in the veggie garden... it needs lots of attention right now and it is hot out there in the sunny side of the garden.

    Even though I have so many caladiums I still have to purchase them every year ~~ too much digging I suppose during the off-season. Yes, it is white wing... one of my favorites!

    Yes, I've thought of it ... would you come all the way from Miami?

  20. Hi Meems. I'm terribly sorry for the confusion. As you can see, I'm new at this. I'm still trying to figure this whole blog thing out. I'd be honored to be on your blogroll. Thanks!

  21. Your photos are wonderful!As is your garden.
    Don't you just love the grandkiddoes gardening with you? We are anxiously awaiting #3's arrival in September.
    You should have taken pictures from your rooftop.Bet they would have been great!

  22. I like the new blog look meems~and thanks for a peak at more of your fantastic photos~Planning for the fall planting..already, where did the summer go. gail

  23. Your pictures are fabulous. When I visit your blog, I am transported to another place. I have learned so much by going to your site. Your painting buddy

  24. Penny,
    Will try to figure it out and I'll keep you posted. Thanks.

    No problem. Sometimes it's just a lot of trial and error. But I'd still love to be able to comment on your blog???

    Congratulations on #3... it only gets better with each one. Hope all is well over there across the big highway.

    Thanks... it was way overdue for an overhaul. Summer is still very much here but the fall garden calls for some serious clean up in the spring garden. It's been neglected too long.

    Dear Painting Buddy,
    You make me smile. I SO appreciate your comments and your good spirit! So looking forward to FRIDAY!

  25. Hi Meems...Thanks for the tour of your summer garden. The caladiums really do add so much color in the summer. They are great plants...requiring so little care. I'm glad to see and hear that your circle garden has turned out as you had hoped. It's always a feeling of great satisfaction when that happens. Try to stay cool while you're out there working in the heat. I hope you're getting seems to be missing us these days.

  26. Your garden never ceases to amaze me. How do you do it? I love the butterfly shots. My butterflies never seem to hold still long enough and the pictures just end up as 'blurrflies'.
    Thanks for the garden tour. I'm inspired.

    David at Tropical Texana Houston

  27. Meems, I really MUST visit more often! Your garden is such a beautiful in the world do you stay out of it?! Your kiddos must think you're an angel or something mystical to have such a fantastic garden space!! I really love how your circle garden has turned out. An inspiration to me!!!

  28. As usual your photos are gorgeous. I love having the opportunity to play with my camera in the much going on at all times.

  29. Meems, your garden looks very green and vibrant for the end of July! As I look out my windows, I see a lot of unhappy plants. Too much sun and too little rain in recent days equals stress for both garden and gardener!

  30. Susan,
    We did get two good rains this week. None for two days though which dries out the container pots rather quickly. Always something to keep up with. When we make it through another August we turn the corner toward a change of weather. Right? Hopefully anyway.

    Hello David and family,
    thanks for stopping by and for your kind comment. Have you tried changing your shutter speed to catch the butterflies while in motion? My biggest challenge with them is getting close enough to them to make a decent shot. :-)

    I am IN my garden a LOT! It is not difficult to spend time there. Something is always calling to me from there and I almost always heed the call. Thanks for your generous remarks.

    Orlando Realtor,
    It is always a treat to spend time relaxing with the lens while in the garden. This time of year the wildlife alone could capture all of our attention. :-)

    It is definitely the shade that saves my garden from the brutal sun. Our summers bring us our highest rainfall. I only wish it were more consistent.

    M R,
    Thank you for your visit.


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