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"Possibility and promise greet me each day as I walk out into my garden. My vigor is renewed when I breathe in the earthiness and feel the dirt between my fingers. My garden is a peaceful spot to refresh my soul." Meems

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Squash: It's What's for Breakfast... and Lunch and Dinner

Test trials are being run calculating how many hours does it take to grow from small-ish (good but could stay on the vine longer) to medium-ish (just about right) to a-little-too-largeISH (too much middle). Crazy fast growers!

The eightball zucchini planted from seed in February has just overrun a container plant (moved this morning) and its side boundaries running into the edging plants of bulbine. The bulbine will survive (I think) but isn't blooming due to lack of sunshine.

Just when I thought I had finally given the squashes enough room for the first time in three growing seasons... the summer squash has run across the nearest flagstone pathway to impede passage and threaten the carrots. Good thing there are more walkways.

We are not complaining! We are continuing to make notes and learning from these experiences.

Meanwhile ... plenty of fresh edibles are being served up in every imagainable form nourishing the pallette.

Stir fry for breakfast is not unusual following a morning's harvest. Try some cut up veggies with homemade hummus later in the day. So outrageously healthy and yummy.

Zucchini muffins and The Pioneer Woman's Zucchini Cakes (note: not as healthy but oh, so yummy~~fixed these last squash season-highly recommend) are up next...


  1. You always have the nicest photos. Got to love summer squash; the garden gift that keeps on giving, as well as exercising our creativity.


  2. Meems: You really have a green thumb and make anything you grow look so beautiful! What can be more fresh and delicious than the one right out of your own garden? That squash looks so lush. Stir fry sounds just right for me, I will throw some crushed garlic cloves too! LOL

  3. What time is dinner?
    I never,ever have luck growing squash.....But eggplant is my thing!

  4. Your garden is looking lovely! The hummus idea is great...I need to remember that when my zucchini finally shows up.

  5. I'm not a squash grower either. Guess I'm not holding my mouth right. lol I sure would like to grow it. Like that Zucchini.

  6. Yummy is all I have to say. I realize what a difference in our zones when you post about planting in February.

  7. I love squash and zucchini! I like them in more unhealthy recipes too...such as fried and sprinkled with parmesan! :-)

    Tomatoes and zucchini tossed together is a healthy favorite or as ingredients for a pasta primavera or an omellete/frittata.

  8. Your speedy squash taking over your garden looks yummy. I would say you are a successful veggie gardener. How about some recipes?

  9. Hi Meems...Squash for breakfast??? I can see that your garden is challenging you to think "outside of the box" and that's a good thing! We should all eat veggies for breakfast...we'd be a lot healthier. I think I'll have tomatoes with my toast tomorrow.;-)

  10. LOOKS AMAZING! and yummy. way to go.

  11. Good side recipe to use your extras..

    slice the zucchini really thin(i use a mandolin) in a frying pan. Add Kens vadalia onion salad dressing, cook until tender. Add parmesan cheese(i buy the kraft in a shake jar found by the cheeses) & cover..cook until melted-- this is an easy side dish & everyone loves it that makes it.

  12. The Garden Goodies group (a 4H garden project) grew squash also - with great success. Many of the kids in the group had never tasted squash before. They used them, along with a green pepper they grew, in a veggie pizza. It was a big hit with the group.

  13. Lovely garden you have! I love birds too. God bless!

  14. I planted my first Zucchini yesterday. I shall bookmark that site in anticipation of the harvest. So wonderful to see your vegetable garden coming along so beautifully.

  15. Hi Meems Dear, I bet you and yours are the picture of health! Not to mention that healthy garden of yours. We're still months away from Zucchini-mania here. I appreciate the reminder that one plant will be sufficient for my clan. Will you be posting on tomatoes soon? LOL

  16. Your zucchini are looking great, Meems! I just planted some summer squash yesterday, so it will be awhile before we get to enjoy these prolific veggies.

    This post reminded me of what I refer to as "The Zucchini Explosion of 2007." I had so many zucchini that my daughter wouldn't eat a bite of anything before asking whether there was zucchini in it:) She had a reason for that--we had stir-fried zucchini, zucchini muffins, chocolate zucchini cake, zucchini pancakes...:)

  17. Meems, They do seem to want to take over the garden floor! I used to grate zucchini into both spaghetti and pizza sauce~the guys never knew! I am heading over to check out the 'not as healthy, but oh so yummy z cakes'! gail


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