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"Possibility and promise greet me each day as I walk out into my garden. My vigor is renewed when I breathe in the earthiness and feel the dirt between my fingers. My garden is a peaceful spot to refresh my soul." Meems

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Fully Fragrant Spring Garden

Undoubtedly this is the best season for the most remarkable fragrances wafting through the air of the garden. The most outstanding scent has to be the Gardenia jasminoides oraugusta. They really do permeate the air in a lovely lemony-flowery sort of way.
Grafted gardenias will thrive in the garden for many happy years when given the correct environment. They like lots of organic material, a mostly sunny spot, and require fertilization with minor elements as they are heavy feeders. The Miami Supreme has flower sizes of 3-5" and this one is a single-trunked specimen sited on the perimeter of the circle garden.

The powerful scent of the Jasminum nitidum, Angelwing jasmine draws my attention towards the back side of the tropical pathway. These are potent and profuse little bloomers all the way through summer.

Even though the southern magnolia tree has gotten so big the blooms are difficult to see (or photograph)there is no mistaking it is blooming. A walk near the north side of the back garden will fill up your senses with the mixture of magnolias and confederate jasmine nearby. Just bring one magnolia bloom indoors and you will instantly refresh the room it resides.

My favorite time to peruse the veggie garden is as the new day dawns. Just before the sun crests through the trees.Early mornings and late evenings the sweet fragrances are more prevalent.

I just love how a soft breeze will pick up the scent of the fragrant plants and gently carry it to me as I work. It is a sweet reminder that good planning for fragrance throughout the garden pays off for years to come.

Thankful for the maturity of the Trachelospermum jasminoides Confederate jasmine that clambers both sides of the otherwise undesirable look of the chain-link fence that surrounds the veggie garden. It also serves as protection against strong winds and many damaging critters.
I'm not sure if the Ligustrum japonicum tree has ever blossomed out quite like it has this spring. I've noticed others all over town billowing with white blooms just like mine. Though the scent is subtle it is noticeable during peak flowering. The bees favor visiting also.

Our ligustrum shades the south end of one of the first planting beds I ever created (in 1998) in the back gardens on the border of our property line. A wrought iron arbor drenched in confederate jasmine connects it to the wildflower garden and creates a walk-way opening up to the circle garden.

We are savoring all this intoxicating fragrance while it last. There won't be another time in the year when it is as profound as now. Interesting how all these plants have white blossoms.

Happy gardening. It is hard to believe May is half-way over. Meems


  1. Wouldnt it be lovely to have a scratch n sniff feature on blogger? I could amost smell those scents though as you described them so well.

  2. What a lovely post, and I also wish I could smell some of your blooms that I've never smelled before.

    I stopped to smell a gardenia bloom in HD today. They make me want to cry, yet make me feel joyful at the same time. They are one of my earliest memories of FL and I've not had success with them in my gardens. Of course that was many years ago. Maybe I would have success now, but the economy keeps me from buying one.

    I just love their creamy white thick petals, and their unforgettable scent.

    I also have confederate jasmine blooming as well as roses, plumeria, and Grand Duke of Tuscany jasmine.

    These scents are all a wonderful experience while we have them. Pretty soon they will have faded and we will have to wait until next year to enjoy them once again.

    Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.


  3. Hi Meems...I never thought about it but you're right, they are all white in color...hmmm. It seems as though everywhere I go I can smell fragrance among the plants. The ligustrums really have performed this year. I was visiting with my neighbor and her home was filled with the fragrance of ligustrum branches in a large vase. I think every gardener should grow confederate's just heavenly!

  4. Sounds heavenly! I had a Miami supreme gardenia but it died in a matter of months. My current scented bloomers are orange jessamine, jasmine and neem.

  5. Oh the scents of spring.....well kind of like spring. Our gardenias are starting to look pointy. Next the flowers. I love that the evenings are still a tad bit chilly. Loving spring for sure!

  6. I've been enjoying these scents in my travels lately, though I don't have all of them in my own garden. It is a bit strange that our spring scents are coming from white blooms. We still have our roses, though.

  7. What gorgeous flowers. I just love the gardenias...I had them in my wedding bouquet and their fragrance brings me right back to that special day :-)

  8. Hi Meems.....your garden is full of fragrance, how delightful.
    The blooms are lovely....white flowers are my favourite.

    Thank you for the stroll around your beautiful garden.....a treat for mind and soul.

  9. Um, I can smell that gardenia from here, heavenly! I think that all those white blossoms they have to have strong scents to attract the pollinators to them since they have no showy color.

  10. I was just thinking about how the fragrant plants in my garden are all white. It does seem to be the most fragrant time of year here too. I have Mock Orange and a Lilac Tree right by the patio. I can open the patio doors and the fragrance wafts in. Mmmmmmmm

  11. Love all your fragrant white flowers. Beautiful photos of them all. Your angelwing jasmine seems to be a more prolific bloomer than mine. Maybe I should get out and put some compost around mine. Love the raindrops on the blooms.

  12. The tour of your garden inspires me to go out and do more in mine. Thanks again for beautiful photos as usual.

  13. You always inspire me - both with your photos and your writing. Your success and joy in your success helps to keep me going as I work to get my garden growing.

    I took your advice and planted the bougainvillea against the fence. It is doing well so far.

  14. I like all the white flowers. I use them mostly in the front garden and the more colorful things in the back. I am always inspired by your posts.

  15. I like all the white flowers. I use them mostly in the front garden and the more colorful things in the back. I am always inspired by your posts.

  16. Africanaussie is correct and could make some money...perhaps she and Stuart could come up with something?! :) I'd invest in a scratch and sniff feature!
    Your aromatic blooms are fantastic! I have all the jasmine as well, along with the citrus blooms that make my garden smell heavenly all summer! I don't have a gardenia, though...mine burned the first year I was here and I never tried again.
    Your blooms, and entire garden, are magnificent!

  17. I can smell the fragrance in your garden through the screen! (or maybe I can cheat it by putting a gardenia flower in my garden next to the screen . lol) I love all your fragrant flowers and I love white blooms too! I only have gardennia, jasimine saramac, and another new flower I recently purchased. It is also white, and I will be post it soon since it is about to bloom.

  18. I also have the Confederate Jasmine & my Ligustrum all are in full bloom so my immediate neighborhood smells divine. My roses are also blooming. I now have 4 of the Knockout Roses--2 yellow, 1 dbl pink & 1 dbl red that brother brought me. The other roses-Lovestruck & Black Cherry are also gifts of brother.
    I have entertained the idea of putting my Dwarf Forsythia in the background of my rose garden {it will be kidney shaped} as that is where I planted 1 of the yellow Knockouts. So it would be a red/yellow garden. It is shaping up but still work to be done.

  19. Wonderful post! In fact, you beat me to the punch as I've been meaning to post about these seasonal fragrances for a while. They're the best thing about May!

  20. Your garden is so full of lovely blooms, Meems, but the scents must be just heavenly! I could almost smell the jasmine and the gardenias through the monitor. I miss my lilac blooms now which filled my garden with sweet fragrance just a few weeks ago. Spring is definitely my favorite time of year!


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