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Sunday, December 13, 2009

We Have A Winner

A big hug is in order for those of you who stuck it out with me through the 12 days of Christmas posts. Oh, that's right this is the Internet and only thoughts of hugs can be given out. So thoughts of hugs to each of you. I appreciate each one and each response. It is busier than normal these days so I haven't been able to respond as much as I'd like. But I will catch up on your blogs eventually.

What we can do is send a gift as promised to the winner of the Day 6 drawing.

The kind folks at Timber Press have offered the gift of a wonderful book by Judy White, Bloom-Again Orchids. The information regarding 50 different orchids in her book is an enjoyable and easy read. Right from the start with her '10 best tips for growing orchids' I was learning new and helpful things about orchids.

Judy is also the photographer using full color pages to illustrate each orchid's unique beauty. She certainly gives any novice orchid lover a boost of confidence to increase your orchid supply.
So, let's get on with it. All the names were placed in a basket the old-fashioned draw-from-the-hat sort-of way. My granddaughter did the honors of pulling out the winning name.

The winner is... Susan from Simply Susan!
A fellow central Florida blogger who encouraged me way back when she came across my blog by chance a couple of years ago. That was what opened my eyes that there were other gardening blogs out there. Who knew! Susan grows beautiful orchids already but I know she will have fun reading this book.

Congratulations, Susan, just send me an e-mail (hoe and shovel garden at gmail dot com) with your address and we will get the book right out to you.

Merry Christmas everyone! Meems


  1. Congrats to Susan, Meems. AND thanks for your "12 Days of Christmas" posts. We've been out-of-town --so I didn't comment on many of them, but I did enjoy reading them --both yours and Marmee's.


  2. hugs back to you dear glad we did this was great fun. next time let's the 12 days of christmas in

    congrats...susan! i am quite sure you will enjoy this book and be able to add to your collection of orchids.
    happy december.

  3. Congrats to Susan. Meems, I enjoyed your 12 days so much. Something fun to look forward to every day.

  4. It was a great series~~I take the weekends off and read several at a time. Congrats to Susan~ Hugs to you! gail

  5. Congratulations to Susan! I didn't have time to leave a comment on all your Christmas posts, but I enjoyed reading them--your home is beautifully decorated, and you've put me in the Christmas spirit!

  6. Congratulations, Susan!

  7. ahh, wouldn't you know? someone who already knows all about orchids gets the lucky draw? i would have thought i stood some chance on my own daughter's blog and my great-granddaughter doing the drawing, lol! but i'm happy for Susan, really!
    this '12 days of Christmas' stimulated some spirited response and gave me inspiration for getting into the holiday preparations. by the 12th day, i had my tree decorated, my outside trimmings hung, my holiday plants added to the landscape, and now - onto the shopping. Whee!
    btw, do you know where this book is available locally or online? (if you posted this already, let me know what date)

  8. Whoo-Hoo, I'm so EXCITED about being the lucky winner. I rarely ever win anything, so I'm thinking this is my lucky week and perhaps I should play the lotto...what do you think?

    Thanks, so much Meems. I love garden books and can hardly wait to delve into this one. And, thanks again for the 12 days of Christmas idea. It was great fun!

  9. Congratulations to Susan! Meems, loved this series and hope you will do it again next year.
    Have a wonderful holiday!

  10. lucky Susan!
    Love the cool ornaments in the photo at the top of your blog!!!

  11. Hard catching up for all and totally missed this fun gift! Simply a pop-in to wish you a very 'Merry Christmas', dear Meems! Life is filled with many gifts ... thank you for being one of mine!


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