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"Possibility and promise greet me each day as I walk out into my garden. My vigor is renewed when I breathe in the earthiness and feel the dirt between my fingers. My garden is a peaceful spot to refresh my soul." Meems

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Things Money Cannot Buy

Thanksgivings come and go so rapidly and by them we measure the launch into the holiday season. It's a day we love to celebrate in my home. It would be difficult to recount how many Thanksgiving meals I've prepared over the years.
It takes a couple of days of preparation to cook all the yummy traditional foods we look forward to with great anticipation.

We realize the importance of having a grateful heart at all times around here. We are so blessed with so much. I'm not even thinking about material things although we are ever thankful for the things that make us comfortable as humble as they are.

This year, for so many reasons, I am especially thankful and feeling a bit sappy this morning.

Maybe it's all those onions I've been chopping.

No, this is what happens when I'm the only one awake in the pre-dawn hours.

My heart is overflowing with gratitude for the blessings that reside deep down inside. They are the ones that keep me a grounded, sensible girl.
I give thanks first of all to my God and Savior, Jesus Christ. "O give thanks to the LORD, for He is good;For His lovingkindness is everlasting." He is the air I breathe.

I'm so, so thankful for family and friends near and far today. For my parents who are both still with us and very much a part of my life. For my children (and their spouses) who love me unconditionally and with longsuffering patience even with all my glaring flaws. Each one of them (my children~ not my flaws) makes my world spin ... they fill me up with the best laughter, joy, and goodness a mom could ever hope for.
I'm so very full today with thanks for the gift of my late Grandmother's tattered and misspelled original recipes in her own handwriting. She was THE best cook and a mentor to me at the stove all my young life.
It wouldn't be a proper Thanksgiving without her pecan pie at our table each year and long after she has been gone.
I'm grateful for veggies picked straight from the garden to give our celebration meal that fresh, personal touch...

... for fresh herbs and beans out of the garden in November

... for the rain the last two days that got us all caught up on our moisture levels.
... and for the end of it today with sunshine and cool temperatures in the 70's on tap.

And grateful...
for peace of mind, joy in my soul, and health in my body. For truly those are the most basic things in life and the things that keep me steady... the things that money cannot buy and that no one can take away.
... for the purity and innocence of grandchildren to remind me what life is really all about. They keep me steadfast and my mind fresh with childlike perspective. Most grateful for their tender, sweet voices that fill up my life to overflowing. For helping hands to eagerly help make Thanksgiving decorations. For laughter and sweetness and love abounding without hesitation because they see life with all hope and goodness ahead of them.
And grateful...
especially for Mr. Meems who has lovingly supported every one of my crazy ambitions for 31+ years and counting. I can't imagine spending one day of my life without him.
For each of you. The friends I know who read and the friends I don't know who read. Imagine creating a blog (on a whim) about gardening of all things and somehow folks actually browse to it on purpose and leave kind comments ... fascinating.

I'm grateful and I wish each and every one of you a most Happy Thanksgiving day (and holidays~even if you don't live in the U.S. ~always good to be thankful right?) from the depths of my heart. Meems


  1. Hi Meems~~ A beautiful post. An attitude of gratitude is not difficult when we count our blessings. The pecan pie looks yummy. I'd better get started on mine. Congrats on 31+ years with Mr. Meems. I've been with my hubby since 1978 and can't imagine a day without him either. Life is good!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you dear meems. Thank you for sharing your beautiful writing and photos with us, they inspire me every time I visit. We're in RI visiting our son and feeling blessed by all we have~~love, health and serenity. Warmest, gail

  3. What a wonderful posting Meems.We all have so much to be thankful for today that we may somehow just take for granted.
    My grandma left me her old recipes also. She was such a great cook.On days like today memories come flooding back too that are so precious. I am thankful to have had them.
    Have a wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving.
    Your pie looks so yummy ;-)

  4. Beautiful post, Meems! Pecan pie is my favorite, yours looks delicious!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. What beautiful thoughts. I really enjoy your blog. I am so thankful for my family and friends. Learning about plants and watching them grow from seed has been very therapeutic.

  6. Hey Meems,It's really heartwarming to know that you have so much to be thankful for and that you stop and reflect upon it on this Thanksgiving day.

    How lucky to have both your parents as well as the wonderful memories of your grandmother. I am so enjoying my first grandchild so I know how you feel about your grandchildren.

    I know 31 plus years with your spouse is a lot but for me 46 have passed by so fast that I wonder where has the time gone?

    I'm so glad, my friend, that you have so many blessings this Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  7. A beautifully written piece Meems. Family is our greatest blessing. Isn't it wonderful to have those handwritten recipes?! To me they feel like a warm hand on my shoulder from the writer. Happy Thanksgiving...

  8. Everyone else has said it all...Lovely post!

  9. Tku Meems....what a lovely heart tugging post. I must confess to my eyes being a little full.....grandchildren are a joy beyond words.......

    I love the fact the USA celebrates the joy of everything and everyone they love. I count my blessings everyday......

  10. this is the best time of year...everyone in gratitude for what is truly
    if only we could have this same way of being grateful all year...i am working on it.
    i so appreciate that you are my sister and i have been able to gleen from your wisdom for so many years...i am one blessed woman.
    you have so many wonderful qualities that make your home a wonderful place to celebrate or visit any day of the year.
    your table looks does the pie from grandma g's recipe.
    wonderful...i wish i could just have a sampling from each thing you served. greens fresh from the garden...yummy.
    there are just too many things that i miss from our holidays shared but i have the best memories.
    love you, dear sis.
    happy day after thanksgiving and day before your birthday.

  11. ps...i need that recipe...hehe.

  12. Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for all your beautiful posts including this one!

  13. i am thankful for the blessing of having been invited to share that beautiful table at your Thanksgiving dinner, and that yummy pecan pie! you always prepare not only a feast for the stomach, but also one for the eyes! your table settings and decor are beyond the norm, and even just for family, you still go all out! it is a treat of treats to share it all with you, and as usual, it was beautiful! the food was delicious! the joy of sharing with the family was soul satisfying! not having to cook, priceless! love you much!

  14. Meems,
    Enjoyed this post and do know what you mean. Do you usually have artichokes for Thanksgiving dinner never heard of that before.

  15. I keep you fresh on my "favorites"...You are a blessing...How the Lord has blessed and kept you with thanksgiving in your heart...Feeling your gratitude this lovely weekend. Thanks, Diane

  16. Grace,
    You were a child bride too! LOL. If we just think about the blessings it's not hard to be thankful. I'm thankful for you.

    So happy you are in RI with your dear son... no place better than with those we love most... what a blessing that is. Thank you for stopping by with your greeting... safe travels and stay warm up there.

    Hocking Hills,
    Grandma memories are the best! Holidays bring out those precious times we like to recall with such fondness. I hope your Thanksgiving was full of all the things near and dear to you.

    I so wish I could share mine with you... it is my favorite too.

    I could just hug you right now. One of these days you are going to be teaching me about seeds... I just know it.

    Carolyn Gail,
    Wow... 46 years and you are so young! Another child bride. :-)
    I know you are loving caring for your little one... they are so perfect for keeping us young!

    I love that... "warm hand on my shoulder"... It's true and I hope she is proud that her pie lives on in the family.

    Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you and your family.

    You ooze with thankfulness in all you do... your heart is full of blessings and you express it in your love for family and life. Your little ones are a big part of your life as mine are in mine... we are kindred spirits where they are concerned.

  17. Marmee,
    Well, we must hold onto all the memories of holidays past because there were so many we did spend together. Thank you for all your well wishes and kind thoughts. You are a treasure to me and I appreciate so much hearing about your holiday, too.

    I think I'm using that recipe for my "family recipe page" this year ... so you will get a copy.

    You are welcome. I am blessed by you and wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with your beautiful family.

    SG aka Mom,
    So happy you enjoyed everything. Thank you for all your generous words and all your help with clean-up! You and my #1daughter are aces in that kitchen afterwards!

    Not for dinner... just for decoration. Lots of turkey though!

    Thank you... so much to be grateful for... and thanks for visiting.

  18. A beautiful post, dear Meems ...looks & sounds like you covered just about everything! Indeed, you are blessed as I am for knowing you :) Did Marmee spill the beans ... Happy Birthday wishes ... enjoy your special day (mine was the 13th)!

  19. A lovely and touching posts with beautiful pics. yes, our family and close friends are far more important than all material things so many people seem to get caught up in.

  20. Lovely post, Meems. You are blessed indeed.

  21. Meems, I'm grateful and thankful for the gift of your friendship and the wonderful opportunity I had earlier this year to have met you. I wish we lived closer, because I know we would have so much fun together!

    Your blog is such a delight to the eyes and your beautiful spirit shines through your words.

    *hugs and love* to you!

  22. Belated but no less heartfelt Thanksgiving wishes, Meems. This was a lovely and heartwarming post. Taking time to count our blessings is a good exercise every day.

  23. Joey,
    Thank you for the birthday wishes. I haven't been to faithful to keep up with blotanical notifications... I'm sorry I missed your b'day on the 18th. A late greeting to you now... hoping you have a very happy year.

    It's good to remember our priorities... and to be grateful every day.

    Thanks for stopping by...

    Such good memories of your visit and all the easy chatting we have had... kindred spirits in so many ways. God bless, sweet friend.

    Something about being thankful that lifts the spirits... it's impossible to be negative when we count out the blessings. Thanks for stopping in... never too late. :-)

  24. Meems, so beautifully said and I agree with every bit of it. It echoed in many ways the feelings I had this Thanksgiving.

  25. Once again, just an absolutely beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts!

  26. K,
    You certainly had lots to keep you hopping lately and yet so much to keep your grateful heart happy!

    rissalee aka #1 daughter,
    mmmmmwwwwaaa for your flying fingers on my comments page... I'm SO grateful for you!

    Orlando Realtor,
    And thank YOU for the visit. Always good to see you here... enjoy your day!

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