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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cloudless Sulphur and Its Host Plant

The very reason I planted a Cassia Alata or candle bush was to attract the Cloudless Sulphur butterflies. They use this wonderfully large shrub and foliage as a host plant to lay their eggs.

This little lady is obliging me.

There are many that come to visit in the new front planting now. The new planting bed adds a convenient stop between my neighbor's front garden and the rest of mine.

It amazes me how easy this process works. Plant what the butterflies like and they will come every time. Somehow they find their way.
They make me happy watching them and knowing they are comfortable in my pesticide-free garden.


  1. Beautiful, as always, Meems. I'm so grateful for your lovely landscaped gardens and for the way you share them with us here.

  2. That Cassia is a real butterfly magnet, isn't ? Aren't you glad you planted it! That Cloudless Sulphur ia a real cutie. It looks so much like our Grass Yellows. Do you those too?

  3. I didn't know that Cassia elata was a host plant for Cloudless Sulphurs. I've always wanted to grow it but never have. Your blog page and gardens are very beautiful!

  4. I feel the same way Meems. There's always something to learn every time I visit you. Beautiful photos, as usual.

    Have a great week!

  5. I love both the plant and the butterfly. My cassia elata bush did not last long-which is strange because I've seen it growing as a weed on some islands.

  6. I nominated you for a meme today. Come on over to my blog to see what it's all about.

    Defining Your Home, Garden and Travel

  7. Hi Meems~~ What a cool looking bush! It's always gratifying when nature comes a wait....

    Unfortunate for me, the milkweed is not attractive to the Monarch because she doesn't come hither to Oregon. Bummer. But I like the plant anyway.


  8. Indeed a lovely plant but one with the benefit of being Key Deer resistant but at the same time if not kept in check down here can become invasive. Still very nice.

  9. Great Meems... You know the old saying: "Feed them and they will come." (Sounds like humans also, doesn't it???? ha)

    Your new butterfly is gorgeous. Glad they found you!!!

  10. You really can't beat the candle bush for attracting sulphurs. My mother grew this plant in her garden when I was a child, so I keep it going in my own yard. About mid-summer this monster of a plant becomes so big that a heavy rainstorm snaps off a couple of branches. It is a cool looking plant though - one of my favorites.

  11. Those big yellow candles are gorgeous. No wonder the sulfurs like it.

  12. Thank you for sharing how you worked your Cassia into the garden. I love the yellow candles.

    Sulphurs here tend to prefer wild coffee weeds and sickle pod which abound in the fields edges to my lovely Cassia alata. They do love my nectar plants, though.

  13. delighted you were able to attract what you set out to in such a short they were just waiting for you to plant something they loved.
    your capture is magnificent...the details wonderful. i am thinking that candle plant is one growing wild behind us...i will have to investigate further.
    lovely september.

  14. You are so right; usually they flock to our gardens....But this summer has seen fewer of the beauties here!

    The cassia is a beauty of a plant...


  15. Best looking garden blog I've ever visited! Hands down.

  16. Thank you all for stopping by to visit with me and the sweet yellow sulphur.

    That Cassia is definitely a fast growing butterfly magnet. It will need to be kept trimmed back when it isn't blooming. Although I understand they bloom for a lot of months out of the year.

    We finally got some rain today after none for an entire week. Unheard of in August. Oh, it did just switch to September. Still we should be getting our afternoon rains. Thanking God for the rain today.

    I wish you all a very good rest of the week in your gardens.


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