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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Southern Crabapple Tree

One afternoon this spring, on an especially beautiful day, it was my nose that detected this tree originally. Walking through the butterfly garden at Rainbow Springs State Park in Dunellon, Florida, a distinctly heady and yet most deliciously light fragrance was wafting through the warm air. My eyes were as pleased as my nose when I caught sight of this loosely bloom-laden tree.

My senses were joyously filled up by the splendor of this small, erect, native tree. The smooth, silvery-greyish bark subtly visible, the 5 petaled open, showy pink flowers blooming profusely, the oval, scalloped edged, alternating green leaves all easily creating a perfect specimen tree.
Southern Crabapple, Malus angustifolia

The first photo is my entry into the Gardening Gone Wild Picture This Photo Contest for July. The subject this month is flowering trees.

The photo below is a bonus for readers who, like me, want a closer view of those fragrant and unique flowers that were making me wish I lived just a little farther north in order to grow one of these successfully in my garden.


  1. Hi Meems. We had a Crabapple tree in our yard in my hometown in VA where I grew up. My mother would make Crabapple jelly every year. I haven't had any in a long long time.

    I'm not sure the difference between our Crabapple and yours---but yours is SO gorgeous. Love the close-up of those little blooms. GORGEOUS!!!! Hope you win the contest!!! I'll check out the link.

    Hope you are having a good summer.

  2. Beautiful tree and lovely photos, Meems. I've never seen a Crabapple tree here which is surprising because if it grows in Florida, it should grow in Mumbai too.
    Hmmm.... you've just given me a new quest :)

  3. It sure is a beauty Meems. I wish I could smell it.

  4. I have a crabapple called Makamik which bloomed wonderfully this year, and is apparently going to have crabs too, which is exciting. I had no idea you grew them in Florida, but I always learn something new when I visit your blog!

  5. lovely memories! our side trip to Rainbow Springs State Park, which was an unexpected, unplanned detour in our route for that day. we also had a few other treasures of little adventures into the byways off the main road as we followed our instincts instead of the predetermined plans. let's do it again in the Fall when it cools down some.
    p.s. this photo should definitely be a winner!

  6. hello meems,

    i have been quite busy as you already know. so no time for blogging or reading anyones blog. i am sneaking some time away right now until i am discovered...i have gwyne and ellery today plus ethan and to us horse...well you know how it goes.
    i love that you were able to see your butterfly right after he/she emerged. that is way cool and i hope to be experiencing that here sometime soon. we are heavily laden with tomatoes and i really need to learn about canning pronto.
    the crab apple tree is so much like our dogwood...which i love. you should really think about planting one or some in your yard.
    isn't summer great....

  7. ps.

    i also love the pagoda flower. what a beauty to be your center piece.
    i keep meaning to tell you that i am so glad you bought yourself a new birdbath...i really love it.
    i am really enjoying mine too.
    love and hugs dear sister.

  8. Hi Meems~~ I've always enjoyed Crabapple trees. I like to see the blossoms and foliage together, covering the tree. It's always a delight. You've got two beautiful photos.

  9. It's a lovely tree meems and beautifully photographed. We have too many cedars and all our crabapples and hawthorns get apple/cedar rust! But I still love them...gail ps You have my vote!

  10. Hiya Meems:
    I had no idea that Crabapple trees grew anywhere in Florida. The photos are gorgeous. Did you get my email?

  11. That tree is so pretty. Good Luck in the contest~

  12. Thank you all for the votes of confidence. When looking back through the archives for flowering trees it made me realize how few I've taken. Funny how we love to come upon one and look at them in wonder but trying to capture the essence of one in a still shot is quite another feat I had never thought too much about before this challenge. It is always fun to participate so I stuck my big toe into this contest for fun.

    Sunita, I don't think this crabapple would do well in my yard. I wish! So it probably wouldn't do well in India either. Sadly. I think it is much like the Redbud and the Dogwood that will "grow" here but won't produce many blooms unless we experience some very cold temps in the months prior to spring. That doesn't happen this far south often enough. This beautiful tree was about 4 or 5 counties north of me where it gets much colder (freezing temps)in the winter months.

  13. Love the pictures, just wish I could smell it through the screen, lol.

    I had a similiar expirince in January. I smelled a heavenly scent blowing towards me in the wind. I found out it was a Loquat bloom. I now have a very small tree that is growing very fast.


  14. I do love the smell of crabapple in the morning. It smells like . . .SPRING! Delicious. Nice pictures too.


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