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"Possibility and promise greet me each day as I walk out into my garden. My vigor is renewed when I breathe in the earthiness and feel the dirt between my fingers. My garden is a peaceful spot to refresh my soul." Meems

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Want To Know Why I Garden?

Photo from my September, 2008 garden

My earliest memories transport me to reminders that I was the child with an inordinate enthusiasm for being outdoors. When the other girls were inside staying out of the heat and playing with their dolls, I was considered the neighborhood tomboy finding something, anything to do outside.

Take me out of the crowded city; give me plenty of fresh air and all things organic surrounding me and that is where I shall flourish.

Over the years, gardening gradually became the supreme satisfaction that filled the craving in my soul to “feel” everything about nature and God’s creation.

Born with an instinctive passion for design and the grace to work with my hands, gardening is the central illustration of all that comprises who I am. While I have many other interests and artistic hobbies, gardening is the one expression that affords me ultimate creative license with abundant returns and consummate fulfillment.

I simply must garden in order to be me.

This post is an entry for the November Newsletter Challenge answering the question from Stuart at "Why Do I Garden?" in 160 words or less. Any member of Blotanical can enter to win.

160 words or less in itself was the biggest challenge- this topped out at 159-- whew! :-)
Have a great day! Meems


  1. Very succinct, Meems! And yet, I think I understand totally why you garden.

    I am liking these winter posts. As I commented to another blogger, it is giving us a chance to know each other better.

  2. isn't it great knowing who we are and letting it just be!
    that is "one" thing i really like about getting older.
    i am glad we share this interest and others but gardening is so good for the soul, the body, the mind, the creative, the nurturer, the need to feel dirt with your own many fullfilling areas.

  3. Meems as a child I preferred the outdoors, climbing trees and playing with my brothers and their friends. I hated playing with dolls and would prefer my brothers' train set. I was made to do embroidery from the kits I got at christmas...I did that well too since it was creative (probably why I went into fashion) but the garden was my favorite place. Wandering amongst the flowers and plants and creating a make believe world around them.

  4. Even though I am a native Floridian, I've never adjusted to the heat and humidity. I was one of those girls inside playing with dolls. It is only after I married another native Floridian (with a degree in agriculture) that little by little, and through his eyes, I began to appreciate the world outside my windows. I wish I had been the enthusiastic learner that you had been when I was much younger. Now through your eyes, Meems, I am learning to appreciate the less rugged and natural "gardening" my husband prefers. Your gift - your "passion for design and the grace to work with (your) hands" - brightens my day. I'm so glad God made you exactly the way He did. =)

  5. Sounds like a wonderful reason to garden! Excellent!

  6. An excellent post meems. You've met the Blotanical challenge! Some of us just have to garden! It is who we are!

    Except for the design instinct, you could be describing me! I was the kids outside all the time, climbing trees, wandering all over the local parks...I have wonderful memories of a park that bordered the Hillsboro River!

    Have a delicious day!


  7. "I simply must garden in order to be me."

    That says it all Meems!

  8. Gosh Meems this is a winner to me. I am still that "tomboy that must be outside" to feel alive. I must work and grow things in the garden. I can't even think of another way of life.

  9. Your story resonates with me, too.

    Thank you for sharing your passion of gardening through your blog. We learn much from you, and are entertained as well!


  10. Loved your post, meems. Love YOU too!

  11. Hi Meems.....Beautifully put.....and I can relate to it totally.....I to was the outdoor girl, climbing trees though.....

    You garden shows your artistic is a beautiful space and one I love to visit.....

  12. Hi Meems, I loved reading about your *real* self. I believe that most gardeners also love being outside, it goes hand in hand. Your entry was a good one, so hard to say what you want to say in a limited amount of words, you did a wonderful job of getting your message across.


  13. Dear Meems,
    I do understand. I must try to restore habitat for the bugs and the birds!
    Herbs heal me, the vegetables sustain me but it is the relationship I have with the plants that fills my spirit.
    I have always growm marigolds, ever since I was four years old...
    I cannot imagine life without flowers.

  14. Hi Meems~

    Your love of gardening was beautifully stated in this post. I felt as if I got a little glimpse of your creative spirit.


  15. Gardening is magic. Plain and simple!

  16. My mother gardens beside me, Meems. Though in another plane, she lives beside me for she was/is my inspiration in all that I do.

  17. Dear Readers,
    My apologies for just getting back to you all... these days are crazier than ever with distractions and busyness!
    Isn't it great to connect to other gardeners this way? Like Beckie said it gives us a chance to know each other better. It seems so many of you have similar feelings and thoughts as I do about why I garden. Thank you... each of you for leaving your kind comments.


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