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"Possibility and promise greet me each day as I walk out into my garden. My vigor is renewed when I breathe in the earthiness and feel the dirt between my fingers. My garden is a peaceful spot to refresh my soul." Meems

Welcome to my Central Florida Garden Blog where we garden combining Florida natives, Florida-Friendly plants, and tropicals.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Break From the Christmas Rush

My toddler grandson and I found a shady spot to park under the oaks today for lunch. We pack up our tote bag with our P.B. & J. and he thinks his Mimi is "all that" for letting him eat on a blanket in the back garden. Little does he know what joy it is for me that he loves to be out there with me. We watch for birds, bugs, and butterflies together and talk of the beauty of all God's creation.

The first bird we saw was the red-bellied woodpecker who frequents the safflower seed close by.

Then we both lay on our backs, side by side, looking up into the brilliant blue sky. We heard woodpeckers in the trees so our eyes were on a search to find them. There were two Downeys pecking away right above us. We played "I spy something blue" ... then it was green ... then it was brown. He's a smart little 2.5 year old. :-)

Even though the Tit-mouse is a common visitor I never cease to adore its big brown eyes and squeaky little voice. Quickly to the feeder and quickly away they go. So cute to watch.

Hallelujah! The goldfinches are back. Just this week arriving
and finding the fresh thistle feed waiting for them.
Most importantly, there are many other things to cause distraction for a toddler after lunch. Things like fallen sticks and dirt and leaves and such...
And then Meems has her own distractions. Like noticing the light coming through the Ti plants ...
And peeking down inside those colorful leaves to see they have all started blooming all of a sudden.

Which means the red sister Ti plants have probably started to bloom as well. It is the case. The beginnings of their fireworks sort of bloom is just beginning to shoot forth.

Lastly, the Oakleaf Hydrangea leaves struck me as particularly pretty today. Some of them still deeply green while most have turned their rusty tones on the edges.
I am privileged to share my garden with my little ones so often. I can't tell you how thrilling it is to see it through their innocent and wondrous eyes.


  1. Hey! I recognize that Ti plant!! I have one just like it!!
    I am waiting and watching for the Christmas deco post...How about it?? You must share!
    Love you,

  2. Looks you had a perfect afternoon! I didn't know Ti plants bloom. Those were great pics!

  3. Pat- Hey. It's in the hopper waiting for some text.There just isn't enough time for everything. I simplified greatly this year so not as much glitz and glamour!

    Susie, It was a beautiful day in so many ways. I'm glad Ti plants wait until December to bloom. They are so tropical looking and with so many flowers fading, its nice to see them now.

  4. Patricia, The best kind of joy right?

  5. meems, A lovely post and as always with your gentle touch! I bet you are an incredible mimi and just as wonderful a mom!

    The Ti plant is gorgeous and I love the way you've caught it lighting up!

    It sounds like you had a wonderful day...maybe someday I will get to introduce little ones to the critters in our world...but not yet!


  6. Ah, what could be better than a warm, sunny, childlike day in Flarda?! Hope you're having the jolliest Christmas season!

    If you get a chance, check out my first giveaway!

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  7. Your grandson is a lucky boy to have you helping him see the wonder around him. Lovely photos always!

  8. A delightful post Meems. And a delightful afternoon. Little ones are so quick to see the wonder of nature and will share it with you if you only take the time. Your tropicals are sooo pretty and I like the way you caught the light coming through them.

    Happy Holidays!

  9. Hi Meems, what a wonderful break from the Christmas rush! Your little grandson is adorable - how lucky you are to be able to spend so much time with him.

    The Ti blooms are gorgeous!

  10. What a great post. When I had my home daycare, the children would love to go outside and see what they could see. One little boy would say, "Ms. Darla, let's go see if we can see us something." I will always remember that!

  11. Gail:

    I have to reply...YES, Meems is a INCREDIBLE Mimi and a WONDERFUL Mom!!!

    Meems: Like the shy that little "i-spying" boy!!!

  12. Ooops! Meant to say SKY shot...and somehow can't delete the former message. :o)

  13. Meems,

    What a special day.

    Your photos are beautiful and your story is so warm and wonderful.


  14. You want to know one of the best things in this life? A picnic in the backyard. Especially YOUR backyard (minus snakes and skeeters) and especially with PB&J. I might have to invite myself on the next one. I'm glad your grandson is still little enough (in body and soul) to enjoy the simple pleasures of life!!!

  15. They grow from sprinkling seeds in the shape of their name scratched into the soil, to building stone steps and digging great trenches -- and then they're far away at school and sea.

    I enjoy following what's blooming at your place, as compared to mine, 300 miles north, zone 8. Purple Queen, or we say Purple Heart, is blooming here, but in the shelter of the greenhouse; that outside has laid down for the winter.

    Sago palms grow here, but they struggle for the first few years. Pentas and porterweed are iffy about returning.

    Enjoyed Bloom Day, and the Picnic. Have fun.

  16. What a fun day with your grandson and your garden critters and plants! My grandson will be a year old Jan. 4th and is taking a few steps at a time. We will have him overnight Friday for the 3rd time. He's a sweetie like yours.

  17. What a blessed day you had with your sweet little grandson.

    I have never seen a ty plant bloom. They sell them here for house plants. I even had one once.

  18. hey meems, got to read this earlier and am just getting back to make a comment/that's just how it is these days. what a fun adventure for the little i. i am glad you got to make a new memory and spend time outdoor with your sweet little grandboy. the weather here has been dreadful for days. rain and cold and more cold and rain. enjoy your sunny wonderful warm winter days.

  19. I am a regular reader of your blog - dont think I have commented. Just want to say a big thank you for sharing your garden with us. Its just such a joy to see your pics and writing.
    Thank you,

  20. Lovely photo of the light coming thru the Ti leaves. I like the subtle colors.

    Some of our goldfinches go south overwinter. I wonder if you have some summer Illinois birds visiting your garden;)

  21. i meant to say last night how many lovely blooms, the ti is amazing and so tropical. the birds looked delighted to have you spectators watching. i looks like he has a club in his hand so funny.
    it is wonderful to see your lushious garden in the midst of our dreadful weather, thanks.

  22. What a delightful day with your grandson! The Ti leaves are gorgeous.

  23. Your garden, as always, is heaven Meems, but what touched me most was your precious day with little ones, seeing life though their innocent eyes. Since I'm 'Mimi' also, my 'grandboys' also think Mimi's garden is 'paradise' (I hide fossils and have given them cameras to also follow the footprints of plants). You've shared a day 'as good as it gets'! Heartfelt 'Happy Holidays', dear gardening friend aka Mimi!


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