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"Possibility and promise greet me each day as I walk out into my garden. My vigor is renewed when I breathe in the earthiness and feel the dirt between my fingers. My garden is a peaceful spot to refresh my soul." Meems

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Naked Without My Camera

Yesterday was a glorious Florida autumn day. Sunshine, crystal blue sky, 58 degrees starting out and warming to 76 degrees by midday.

So, I took advantage of the weather and a free day to work in the garden all day long. Just the kind of day that makes my heart soar.

Sunday I stuck my camera in my daughter's diaper bag when I had a few too many things to carry all at once. There I forgot it and it is now at her house. I'll see her again tomorrow but in the meantime... what's a girl to do without her camera?

There were so many butterflies out enjoying my gardening with me yesterday. It's been a while since I've captured a zebra longwing even though I see them often. The one in the photo above just seemed as if it knew I didn't have my camera close by as it floated from one flower to the other right next to me.
When I couldn't stand it anymore I decided to dig out my reeeeeallllllly old digital that hasn't been warmed up since I bought my most recent camera. I couldn't even remember how to use it. Oh well, I gave it my best and happy to have a photo of the pretty black and yellow beauty that has, what I think might be, the most graceful flight of all the butterflies.


  1. The photos are are the subjects.


  2. Hi Meems......beautiful butterfly....they are long gone from here....
    Is it resting on Lantana?
    You did well with your old camera.....

  3. good thing that you had a backup. Your were very determined to capture the moment. We do not get the zebras down here and would love to. Florida has many lovely species of butterflies. You have the best of both worlds where you live.

  4. Exactly what I'd have felt too. But the shot is lovely!

  5. Meems,

    Hello and good afternoon! Beautiful butterfly. I don't believe I have ever seen that one before!

    It would be hard to not have my camera handy! Since the leaves changed I am keenly aware of forgetting my camera and wishing it were with me to capture an interesting insect or foliage scene!

    Enjoy the day.


  6. I was recently in St. Louis, feeling for my camera the whole time. Somehow the iPhone just does not get it! Getting ready to buy a point and shoot that can be brought on trips where the SLR just doesn't need to be taken.....butterflies are at an all time high in Charleston right now.

  7. Start sketching?

    Lovely photographs, haven't seen any butterflies for weeks now.

  8. The butterfly is gorgeous, as is that lantana! I love the colors in those blooms.

  9. It's like we almost feel disconnected from the world without our cameras. You still got a great picture though.

  10. Wouldn't you just know it? I always see something I want a picture of when I don't have my camera.

  11. hey i am proud of you meems, having to rely on older technology but posting anyway. the zebra is a beautiful good that you got a whole day outside.

  12. Hi Meems,
    I don't always remember to take my camera out, either. Sometimes I leave it inside on purpose so I will get more gardening done. Even then, I have to stop and watch the butterflies and may end up going in for the camera. I want to get a different one soon. I played with my sister's Cannon with a 100 mm macro lens inside at our parents. I loved focussing it myself, as I sometimes have trouble getting my camera to focus. I'm glad you went in for your backup and remembered how to use it!

  13. Cameron: Well I'd agree with you that the butterfly is beautiful even though I didn't do it justice.

    Cheryl: Yes, I was trimming the lantana which is usually full of monarchs, bees, skippers, fritillaries while the longwing seems to favor the jatropha... but not today.

    islandgal: Now you have me curious about your butterfly population. Florida is truly unique in so many ways.

    Kanak: With my other camera I typically take lots of shots of the same subject... this was the only one I got of the longwing.

    Hi Gail: I almost always take my camera with me these days no matter where I'm going. It never fails when I don't have it --- I wish I did.

  14. compost: I wish my camera was an SLR... maybe someday. It would be handy to have a point and shoot for times when you don't want to carry around your big fancy one.

    Zoe: Sketching would be interesting. Then no one could identify what I saw. LOL

    Nancy: I have so enjoyed the lantana in this color. I have all varieties of lantana in every color and this one is the most prolific. Right now it is almost as tall as me and also as wide- well not wide as me but as wide as it is tall. lol AND it is a butterfly and bee magnet.

    Susie: Funny, the camera has become an extension of my right arm.

  15. Lisa: And you can be sure you're going to see something you want to photograph when you don't have your camera.

    Marmee: And it wasn't even a great photo. See one can overcome OCD. It was absolutely perfect out yesterday. Today I spent most of the day outside too. Got lots done.

    sue: I know just what you mean. I had that thought yesterday and today thinking I'd get more done without it. I was left to watch all the critters and not photograph.

  16. Beautiful pic even though you had to use your old camera. Sometimes they work best. I forget mine all the time. But I do enjoy watching all the little critters.

  17. Good job! You know that's the State Butterfly for Florida. I love that color Lantana. Today is supposed to be another beautiful day here so I am planning to work in the yard the most of the day.

  18. It was a beautiful day yesterday, and I, too, spent the entire day outdoors planting, planting, and planting :-)

  19. Darla: I did forget that very imporatant fact. I'm actually glad it is our state butterfly since I like it so much. Don't work too hard. Looks like you'll be getting even cooler this weekend. My kind of weather.

    Susan: Good thing we got it done Monday and Tuesday. It is 89 degrees today... yuck. Maybe some cooler weather coming our way this weekend? Would love to know what you're planting????

  20. Meems, I know exactly what you mean! I take my camera everywhere. I too have a back-up but I don't like using it anymore. It's so slow! I'm glad you were able to capture the Zebra Longwing. I've seen those in conservatories here. They're beautiful and aptly named!


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