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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Blogger Shmogger

Not sure if anyone can read this.

Since last night, not even I can access my blog from the homepage. Blogger is allowing me to create posts from the dashboard but I can't open my own blog. Alas... more reasons why I wish I would have used another hosting site in the first place. But back then I hardly knew what a blog was much less there were more options for hosting.

I apologize for the inconvenience. I've checked with some other bloggers and there are many blogger blogs that cannot be accessed... not only mine. Apparently blogger is aware of the problem and supposedly trying to fix it.

I've been pondering the thought of switching to Word Press. Anyone out there have any opinions about which one is best? That is ... if YOU can see my blog.

Thanks for your patience and we will be up and running as soon as we are set free by blogger. Hope you are all having a wonderful summer weekend.


Thanks everyone for your comments and your advice about Sitemeter.I had done the research on the trouble that last night and read conflicting reports about what causing the issue... so decided to hold off on removing Sitemeter for further reports.

As of this hour (Saturday, 12:45 EST) IE still won't let me access the Sitemeter website but I am able to open my own blog and others that were having the same trouble. Which makes me believe blogger has its own issues separate from Sitemeter.

Oh well, since we're back in business with blogging that's all that really matters.

You guys rock for offering to help... thanks!


  1. The problem is with IE and sitemeter. I could not access sitemeter, and when I removed it from my blog, I could open it. I saved my sitemeter code so I can reinstall it when they fix the issue.

  2. I did a quick google search and found quite a few articles address the issue. Here is one of them.

  3. I can see your blog. It seems to me that lots of people have issue with blogger, but I have never had a problem. I have tried other sites but it's harder to set up a layout the way I want it. Blogger is easier and simple to me even though there are some things I would like to do but can't. Wordpress I hear is good but you have to pay for it I believe. Just do some looking around and maybe set up a free trial blog to try out first before paying of course.

  4. Hi Meems I had this problem a few weeks ago and did exactly the same as Patricia...seems that may be the answer for now.....

  5. I had that problem. It was the sitemeter. Removed it, problem solved. Can reinstall when they fix the problem.

  6. Meems, removing sitemeter worked for me too. You can also access your blog through another browser instead of internet explorer, like Firefox. It seems anyone using IE can't get to their blogger blog if it has sitemeter on it.

    Wish I'd saved the code as Patricia did. I copied it, but then shut down my computer. :-(

  7. Meems,

    I am a mac user and can only edit in blogger if I use firefox or IE...It is very frustrating for me to not use my preferred browser. Now I am having trouble with the latest Firefox upgrade and blogging is a nightmare! I have thought about switching to wordpress but if I have to use html without assistance I would have a tough time blogging! LIke gardengirl I forgot to save my sitemeter code!

    Live and learn, yes?


  8. I have managed to see your post on the blog. Luckily I haven't had any problems with Blogger. I do use Firefox as my browser and this seems to bypass a lot of the issues.

  9. yesterday i could not get to anyones blogs but today it is working. i know even less than you about this stuff so keep us updated. it was very frustrating yesterday and i thought it might be my new computer. whew! i'm glad it wasn't.

  10. Hi Meems, I was able to access this post, obviously, but I couldn't read the newer one.

    I wondered what was up becasue I couldn't read several of my favorite blogs this morning.

  11. Hi Meems, the problem wasn't with blogger but with site meter. If you remove site meter you will be able to access your blog. I was frustrated last night too, there was a bunch of us feeling like you. They could of warned us with an email.

  12. I don't have SiteMeter and I haven't noticed any problems...with my blog or with reading anyone else's. I did have a problem last night with a few, but I figured that had to do with my internet connection. I am having a lot of problems with that. :( I also use Firefox...I switched to that when I wasn't happy with Safari when I bought my Mac last year.

  13. I removed my sitemeter and "fixed" my problem too.

    I haven't had too many problems with blogger. I have 4 blogs (yes, in case you couldn't already tell I am a titch crazy) and I like blogger best which I why I use it to blog most often. Not that I've really given vox a fair shake I suppose, but that's a whole 'nother issue.


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