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"Possibility and promise greet me each day as I walk out into my garden. My vigor is renewed when I breathe in the earthiness and feel the dirt between my fingers. My garden is a peaceful spot to refresh my soul." Meems

Welcome to my Central Florida Garden Blog where we garden combining Florida natives, Florida-Friendly plants, and tropicals.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Summer Evening Walk About the Garden

Late this Sunday evening was actually surprisingly pleasant outside. Not as balmy and muggy as most pre-dusk nights. I hadn't had a chance to be outside all day so with camera in hand...

and no particular agenda in mind except to see what was going on in the garden...

I took some photos of the company I regularly keep.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


  1. Meems, thanks for taking us with you on your walk about. You have some lovely garden companions. I relly like the lizard with the threatening throat pouch. What a colorful display. The butterfly is pretty too.

  2. Lisa: There are so many baby lizards around the garden right now but they are very quick to move in their energetic youth. I haven't taken the time to check out the name of the skipper but I do know I've not photographed one with all those dots on it before. This one had landed on my neighbor's grass and caught my attention as I walked along the property line. Have a great day!

  3. lovely stroll Meems! I love all the little critters. You got some great shots of the lizards and birds.

  4. Linda: The sun behind the clouds helped out with the decent photos.It's always nice (and rare)to walk outside and NOT break into a sweat instantly.

    Those two lizards were posing nicely stretched out on two different trees. While I was trying to get close enough to them the birds were not paying much attention to me as they took turns at the feeders. All the baby birds these days don't seem to be as sciddish (is that a word?) as the adults.

  5. Great title photo, the garden looks so inviting and colorful. It also reminds me I should change my winter scene before it's relevant again.

    Nice company you keep. The 'guest' house appears to be a regular hangout for the feathery crowd looking for a free lunch.

  6. I was so encouraged by your post this morning. I hoped the pleaseant, not as balmy, not as muggy evening and transfered into a pleasant, not as balmy, not as muggy morning, but alas it was not so. Thanks for sharing your newest pics and your new friends!

  7. wiseacre: That photo was taken in the beginning of July when all of Florida is in her peak. We have gotten so humid and hot it's hardly enjoyable to be outdoors for very long. Thank God for the pool.

    mjm: I know what you mean. It was not to be this morning. Very muggy, very humid, very warm... now I must get back out in it before the rain comes. Today is regular maintenance... mowing,edging, blowing... gotta get it done early.

  8. meems, Your friends look fun to hang out cooperative posing as they did! No humidity is a treat in Florida! Isn't that an understatement! It must have been a really relaxing and lovely time visiting with your neighbors.
    and, I did have a wonderful weekend,too... filled with time in the garden and visits with dear friends. Some of the best ways to spend time.


  9. Looks like you have good company for your stroll. Loved looking @ the photos. Thanks for bringing us along.~~Dee

  10. If there was such a place as paradise.....then I think you are living the dream Meems......beautiful.

  11. Those lizards are so adorable. I really love the one with the red throat.

  12. gail, wellll, I didn't say "no" humidity but it was not so high that the air sticks to you the moment you walk out the door... which in summer time equates to "pleasant". We've been spending time in the pool in the evenings which is a very refreshing change from the soaring temps. Glad you had a nice weekend, too. Yes, gardening and friends- what a nice way to spend time. Have a wonderful day too.

    Dee: Hi and thanks for coming along.

    Cheryl: And I always picture paradise to be somewhere in the South Seas or Hawaii maybe??? I'll have to take a look around again to see if I'm missing something.

    Daphne: The lizards are most plentiful here... in all shapes and sizes... none too big to be scary though. I should know what the orange throat thingie is called but I don't. It extends in and out in slow motion but never stays out... and they don't all have them.

  13. And just think - for all the critters you can see, there are jillions that you can't! Minute, microscopic life forms that all have their function in your paradise - some for good, a few for bad. Most of your visible garden companions are friendly enough though, and must add a lot of pleasure to your beautiful garden spot. Just keep your eyes open while you do your strolling so you can avoid any other not so pleasant inhabitants! Like snakes and such, oh me, oh my!

  14. Hi Mom (aka senior gardener)! I have several photos of some critters I've never even put on the blog too. Lots of bug photos that fascinate me and I don't really think most readers would care to see so many bug photos. Ever since seeing the black snake a couple of weeks ago I've wondered where it went ... no further sitings... which is kind of unusual for this time of year. No rat snakes so far either... just the 2 foot long garden snake that got in the house last week. Now that wasn't paradise!

  15. I thought of you yesterday when the heat and humidity here made Chicago feel like Florida .

    Thanks for the lvoely stroll around your beautiful garden.

  16. Just popping by to say hello...have a good day in the garden,


  17. I love your lizards! especially the green one...I haven't seen any in MN, I'm sure somewhere there must be some but they are nicer to look at :). Your garden is amazing, the birds seem to enjoy it as well, thanks for the walk about.

    Have a "Wonderful Wednesday"
    Kathi :D

  18. carolyn gail: oh my, it is so hot here right now if you had visited this time of year you would have wondered why anyone lived here.
    :-) Hope your humidity doesn't last too long. I think Chicago at least has pleasant nights... we stay humid and hot right through the night... but as you know ... our winters tare glorious... so I'm hanging in. Thanks for stopping by.

    gail: How sweet of you to pop in for a hello. Not too much going on in the garden today. I have my 2 year old grandson for the day but this morning early I got outside to do a few maintenance tasks. It isn't real pleasant anymore with the heat... but still the chore list is steady. I space them out to get them accomplished in the mornings as much as is possible. Hope you enjoyed your day.

    Kathi: That little green salamander was a baby and hiding in the penta leaves... I thought he was too cute. Thanks for coming along on my walk about. Enjoy your Wednesday evening, too.

  19. Kathi- I meant to say camillion on the green cutie... silly me.

  20. love your critter sightings!
    isn't this a big part of the reason we plant? to see what will come and keep us company!

  21. My son enjoyed seeing all the wiggle-wiggles! And when I pointed the cute little bird out to him, he kindly informed me that it wasn't just a bird---it was also sitting on the bird FEEDER. Smart boy.


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