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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Crashing Doesn't Feel Good

On a not so bright note... my (only two years old) hard drive crashed in the middle of Monday night with no warning. Hubby was wondering if too much blogging could cause a hard drive to fail. Ha! He's my funny man.

My super-duper IT guy has taken it to perform major surgery. The hard drive is a goner. He will attempt to retrieve my photos and my other data but it didn't look good at first glance. Sadly I hadn't bothered to back up anything on disk since last year some time ... I know... really BIG sigh! He says he will know rather quickly once he attempts to do this whether anything can be recovered. I'm praying he is successful.

Regardless, we will be getting a new hard drive and reloading all my programs sometime next week. Until then, I'm out in the garden and greatly limited in my blogging abilities since I am relying on the use of my relatives' computers when and if I am at their house. This weekend we happen to be in Tallahassee visiting child #3 and his wife. Fortunately, for me- in so many ways, I'm sitting on their front porch with her laptop enjoying her beautiful garden and the sounds of wildlife this early Saturday morning.

Just wanted to keep folks posted as to why I've been MIA for most of this week and probably will be for most of next week. I'm trying not to feel too sorry for myself as I will be deeply saddened if I've lost all my digital photo journaling ... even though there was no reason whatsoever for me not to have backed them up on disk ... I just never got around to it. Another BIG sigh.


  1. Hard drive crash is bad.

    I was always horrible about backing up my data and then found out about an automatic backup service called Carbonite. It automatically backs up everything over the Internet to some unknown location. When I got my new computer, I just restore everything from the backup. Voila!

    Robin at Bumblebee

  2. So sorry to hear about your crash. This happened to me a little while back. Not a good thing. It also happened to my DB. He was most upset becasue he had 30 years of birding records that hadn't been backed up. It was retrieved by an outfit up in Ann Arbor, MI after the computer peopel around here said it couldn't be done. A major lesson learned that time.

  3. Robin: I'm glad to hear from a Carbonite-happy user. Over the last few months when I heard it advertised there was a little voice in my head saying, "you need to do that." Alas... I had not checked into it yet. Sounds like a very good plan for the future... thanks.

    Lisa: It is a hard lesson to learn. I might be e-mailing you about the place in MI if all else fails... have heard it is very pricey to use one of those places for retrieval... more sighs.

  4. Computer woes are never fun. As one who has made lots of mistakes over the years regarding computers, I completely sympathize with you. I failed to back up a very important 20 page paper in college and lost it. I cried major tears!

    Not only have I learned to back up important things, I learned a valuable today about warranties. When I bought my Mac almost a year ago, I lamented over the expensive warranty they wanted me to purchase. Thinking that it would probably best, I did. This week part of the hard plastic case cracked. That warranty came in real handy when I paid $0 for a $370 repair. :)

  5. I missed you! My hope was that you were having an adventure with your mom or another family member. I am sorry to hear about your crashed hard drive... You know, sometimes I hate those life lessons, how about you!

    Glad you had the garden!


  6. There will no doubt be lots of backing up going on in the next few days...we will all profit from your loss:( I'm thinking good thoughts that things will be retrieved for you ...and all will return to normal.

  7. Meems, so sorry about the crash. I hope you're up and running soon, and hope your data can be retrieved.

  8. Major bummer! I hope your photos can be retrieved. I've turned into a photo-copying machine this year. So far I'm on my 6th CD of the year. Maybe that service Robin mentioned is the way to go.

  9. That IS bad. I had the same problem. Lucky for me I got a laptop for Christmas so I haven't been down and out, but I haven't been able to do all of the blogs that I was planning on doing. Grr.


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