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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Parade of Pink

I do like the color pink. It soflty speaks of all things feminine and girlie. And today is Valentine's Day which speaks of love and the loves we share.

Thanks to Anglea at cottage magpie who published her adorable Color: Pink post and challenged fellow bloggers to join in with photos of all things 'pink'. I'm a little late joining in but I started this post a couple of days ago and never could get back to it.

When I first thought of participating I instantly knew I would go to my garden archives for photos. Pink is a color I use for accent in my plantings. Inside my home it is all about reds, khakis and greens- no pinks.

Take a look through my parade of pink and think of me wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day and love for all things most special to you!

In honor of Valentine's Day I'll start out the parade with a couple of my beloved heart- shaped caladium photos. Above is the variety Carolyn Wharton from July of 2007. Below is pulled from the archives of summer 2003 -- a mass planting of Florida Sweetheart .

Florida Sweetheart are a shorter growing variety of caladium that have done well for me in years past. I have ordered more for this year even though for some reason I haven't planted them for the past couple. So many varieties... so many choices.

Speaking of archives this little one I'm pretty certain was born with pink on from head to toe. My one and only granddaughter is now 5 the above photo is from 2005. She did then and still loves to find the pathways in Mimi's garden. We call her our little princess of pink.

The common annual impatiens balsamia do extremely well in my shady garden and performs for me like a perennial blooming all year long. The pink ones above I planted in November are still blooming great for me today in my front yard.

Cone flower from last fall.

Pink Pentas

Pink rain lilies

Mandevilla from last summer.

Now that I've pulled out all the pinks from my digital folders these Begonia are looking more peachy but I've always considered them a blush pink. The blooms above from a 2006 photo but this very plant continues to show off its dainty blossoms.


We don't want to leave out the pink draceana. When the afternoon sun beams through the leaves they shine with bright magenta.

And last but not least... the pink sunset of Anna Maria Island, Florida.


  1. Oh those pink Pentas look good enough to eat! And I believe I recognize that sunset!! ;-)

  2. kylee: Pentas are a staple here at hoe and shovel offering color all year round and they like the shade or the sun... you can't beat that!

  3. Love your pink parade. Pink is one of my favorite colors too.

  4. i liked your pink montage...and your made me sad and glad to see that photo. time flies by so fast and i'm grateful for pictures, how they are able to "capture" what we cannot and make time stand still. i wish there were some way to hold that 2005 little girl while still holding's like that other little girl is gone forever, like it or not, yet we would not give 2008's little girl to get her back. sorry if my comment makes no sense, but this is what happens when i type exactly what i'm thinking. :o)

  5. Susan: Thanks. Pink does add a soft feel to any garden.

    MLM:You make more sense when you type exactly what you think than I can make when I edit! You are so right about time and holding on while we can and wishing time would stand still. So the lesson: breathe in the moments and enjoy the time while it is here...

  6. Love your post! I'm so glad you decided to join in the pink fun. I added your link on to the round-up post. Fun!
    ~Angela :-)


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