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"Possibility and promise greet me each day as I walk out into my garden. My vigor is renewed when I breathe in the earthiness and feel the dirt between my fingers. My garden is a peaceful spot to refresh my soul." Meems

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Thursday, February 28, 2008


Sadly, I made a decision - or a mistake is a better word- in my garden that made my heart drop into my tummy when I saw the results.

Once in a great while I hire someone to help me with the heavy jobs around hoe and shovel. This time is was getting the leaves off the roof and out from underneathe the solar panels. In addition he had a short list of gardening to do. Trim some branches from the oaks, and "trim" the vine growing over the 12' wall that borders the east side of my yard. The monstrosity of a wall was built by a huge "ritzy" gated subdivision that developed the formerly wooded acres behind us about 11 years ago. That's another long story that also caused some queasiness while getting used to what felt like an invasion of my property and privacy those many years ago.

The vine overhanging the wall was planted by my new neighbors on the other side of the wall. I'm not really certain if the folks over the wall qualify as neighbors considering the fact that I've never seen them due to the height of the barrier wall. Nevertheless I think that is what you call folks who live right next door regardless of walls. (AND that's another story isn't it?)

I found this photo from January to illustrate the lush greenery covering the wall. I really like the greenery and I was so elated the wall was finally disappearing into the landscaping. Once the vine covered the wall it actually added to the tropicalesque look of my garden.

The vines were growing outward (as vines do) and latching onto my split leaf philodendron so I only wanted them TRIMMED for heaven's sake!

Unfortunately, I couldn't be here while all the work was being completed and my "handy-helper" got way too happy with his gas trimmer.

Didn't I say that? Didn't I show him/tell him/explain to him specifically what I wanted? Wouldn't it make sense to take off the edges and not the entire greenery of the vine down to the wall? I'm sorry... every time I think about it or look at it now ... well I already said it... my tummy does a churn inside.

This is a good example of why I am "delegating-challenged"!

I guess the up side is that it will grow back- kind of like a bad hair cut. This will surely take too long for me.

Trials and errors! Big sighs. Lessons learned. Note to self! Calm down. Take deep breaths...


  1. While it's vexing, truely vexing,
    Time will heal it, don't despair. The vines will soon be growing,
    Faster than your hair....

  2. So sorry that your "helper" got a little to "happy" in his "trimming." I must confess that I did this once when helping my dad in the yard. It did grow back and I have never had to edge again. :) Maybe this will be one of those things that grows really fast since it just got cut. At least that sounded good in my head!

  3. I really do feel your pain! Consider this an act of nature and it will grow back fuller and finer! In the meantime, enjoy your flowers. I have none at the moment. It is still a vast, frozen, wasteland! Harumph!

  4. Oh no I'm so sorry. That made my stomach hurt too just thinking about it. It's sad to have someone do something wrong and then have to wait for it to return to normal again. I've been reading lots of posts on blogs about yard helpers just doing a horrible job. In general it doesn't seem like these people really want to listen and just want to chop things down and do them half a**ed. Hurry back vines.

  5. Leaving someone to follow your instructions hardly ever works out well, does it? That is a major wall and adds to the 'room like' feel of your very lovely space. But you didn't say if he did a good job cleaning out the gutters! ;->

    Frances at Faire Garden

  6. nancy: Your poem makes me smile. Thanks for stopping by Hoe and Shovel.

    Jane: that's one way to solve being called on to be the helper isn't it?

    Layanee: I think I will take your words to heart. Thicker and fuller sounds very positive! Thanks.

    Nancy: Thankfully it definitely will grow back and certainly worse things could have happened. The wall is cementblock covered over with stucco. They could have put up some much less presentable options... so I am thankful in that regard. I guess I have grown used to it.. although the wooded area prior to development was my favorite backdrop.

    Vanillalotus: this particular "helper" does lots of work for folks around our neighborhood and I have used him in the past - I honestly think he thought it was what I wanted. That was the part that I could kick myself about... if only I would have been here...

    Frances: I've never really thought of it that way - the room-like space- I like it... thanks. Another positive way to look at it. He did do a good job with everything else and usually does- it was just one of those days I think. Hey- I put the wide-angle photo in just for you! No macro on the wall. :-)

  7. Oh, poor Meems! But the others are right, you know: Those vines still have their roots established and will be back before you know it. It could have been much worse (cold comfort, I know).

  8. Nan: you are right along with everyone else... they WILL come back and it will be a distant memory... there are lots worse things that could have happened.

  9. I'm sorry about your mishap. The greenery does add to the lushness of the garden. Hopefully it will grow back even better than it was.

  10. LOL! Not really in my family. Just that one task. Apparently I can still mow, sweep, rake, pull weeds, and use the weed eater. I even mowed back at Christmas when I was home. My dad told me he was afraid I had forgotten how and wanted to give me a chance to practice. :)

  11. Oh my doodness. (as my son would say) Or as YOU taught him to say: ooops, ikeszers.

    I'm so sorry to see the handyman's not-so-handy work. I hope it grows back soon. Until then, keep your eyes diverted.

  12. PS: I feel ya on that "delegating-challenged" syndrome. It seems easier to do things myself if it's going to take longer to A) explain what I want B) teach them how to do what I want or C) fix the situation when they don't do what I want.

    Hmm...lots of "I wants" in there. Maybe it's not so much a "delegation" problem I have as a "control" problem. I KNEW blogging was cheaper than therapy! :o)

  13. This reminds me of the time when I got a haircut and, since I wasn't faced toward a mirror and it was at a SuperCuts, I ended up, essentially, looking like a 12-year old boy. But alas, my hair is about a foot and a half long now, and I know that your beautiful, lush green wall will come back like everyone has said-- greener and fuller this time around :D

  14. hanako: It is true that pruning causes even more lush growth. It is what I am counting on and I hope for speedy results! Thanks.


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