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Thursday, November 29, 2007

the nature coast of florida

we've driven by the highway signs on many trips to the panhandle but it's been years since we stopped in for a visit. yesterday hubby and i ventured north about 2 hours to the sleepy little nature coast town of cedar key.

we drove around the few streets that make up the tourista district. with several choices of restaurants we randomly asked a couple of the locals where they would eat for lunch.

after a few varied suggestions, tony's seafood was our pick. we both had a very decent grouper sandwich.

walking off that yummy lunch we sauntered through the few short blocks of art dealers, gift stores, consignments, the city museum ...

and down to the public park/beach area. it was interesting to learn that the Florida Railroad connected the Atlantic Coast to the Gulf of Mexico by way of Cedar Key with the first coast to coast train in 1861. that railroad service ended and the track removed in 1932.

we then ventured out to look at property/houses along the coast and drove to the "airport". i spotted a kingfisher perched on a power line and frantically made hubby slam on the brakes and back-up- then said, "no, wait. i'll just hop out here." oh well... it flew away at first sight of me.

at that moment the flitting about of several teeny butterflies caught my eye on these low lying weeds. they appear purple when in flight... i don't know the exact ID but they are some variety of the blues...

what a thrill to capture two in one shot!

i just love the look and feel of the open marshes...

while exploring the outskirts we spotted this newly built walkway without any signs or information as to what it lead to or why it was there. we parked the car and walked the length of it as it wound us around the perimeter of a cemetery on one side and the edge of this marsh on the other ...

eventually it ended at a point where we were completely alone with only the sound of shore birds flying overhead and water gently lapping at the edge of the shore.

we spent a fair amount of time wandering around here seeing what we could see. of course i snapped loads of photos but it was getting late and time to turn back towards home.

thanks, hubby, for a beautiful and memorable special day!


  1. Great pics of one of my favourite places! I'm trying to get Duller to work out when he can take a couple days off so I can go back down thataway.

    I took pics of that cormorant roost last time I was there. I'm irresistibly drawn to places like that.

    I think your butterflies are Ceraunus Blues. Miamis are very rare and, if I remember correctly, only found in the Keys. Great job capturing those flighty beauties!

  2. sophie: firstly- i'm so glad you saw this post right off and helped me with the cormorants and the blues. i wanted to say cormorant but the last time i did it was an anhinga in the distance... alas. i am going to officially correct my post. you are a good pal for helping out.

    i read that about the miamis being very rare (and almost extint)but then read where U of F has done a project to breed them so i thought maybe... and on top of that i don't know a thing about butterflies. LOL.

    i hope you get that way before it gets unbearably hot again. this time of year is so perfect for day trips to wonderful florida sites.

    ahhhh.... so many photos ... not enough blog space.

    have a great weekend.

  3. Awesome pics. Looks like a really fun trip.

  4. Glad you had a fun and enjoyable birthday trip.

  5. Looks like you your husband had a great time, I never been in the panhandle of Florida. I must plan a weekend trip with my wife. Your pictures convince me.

  6. Hey, Meems! I really don't mean to be pedantic. Huh, I didn't catch that you said the corms were anhingas. Thanks ever so for taking my comments in the spirit they are intended. 8-}

    I didn't know UF was trying to breed Miamis! I hope it works out.

    I'm hoping to go down to Tarpon for Epihphny, if I can find a place to stay. It's almost like trying to get a room in Tally on game night. LOL! I definitely want to get back to Lowry park when it's cool. I need to poke Duller and find out when he can get some time off.

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  7. nt: it was fun AND relaxing. one of the rare times we didn't have an agenda or timeline. ahhhh.

    jane: a wonderful way to spend a birthday. i have to say it was one of the most fun b'day's (the actual day)i've had in a while.

    rusty: you & your wife would LOVE the panhandle but you'll have to stop on the way to see Cedar Key- it is only about 2 hours north of Tampa.

    sophie: i had to look up pedantic but i don't think i would call you one. :-) butterflies and birds are a newfound interest for me. i REALLY appreciate your help and always look forward to your input.

    isn't Epiphany in january? if so, maybe we could plan to meet up somewhere? you'll be right around the corner...

  8. I am sorry you didn't find the place we ate with the awesome hearts of palm salad! We have got to get back up that way, if only to eat that salad again! Thanks for the memory tour with your awesome photos.

  9. The composition and perspective of your photos is stunning! This is an exceptional photographic tour.

  10. kylee: thank you. it was a fun day and the simple-town sights made it easy for this snap-happy girl.


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