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Thursday, November 22, 2007

all the fixins'

Every Thanksgiving I am filled with childhood memories of all the country folk gathering at one relative’s house or another. There were so many of us, we didn’t necessarily sit down to a fancy table. Even as a very young child I could sense the excitement leading up to the day we would all come together to see family we might only visit with on this one day of the year. The biggest draw for me (sad, I know) was more about getting to eat so many delicious foods from some of the best cooks in this part of the country. It was in those early days I decided someday I would host Thanksgiving when I grew up and I would wish to cook like these women of old.

Soon my house will be teeming with family and friends who will sit down to a meal presenting more food than this gathering can possibly consume. I’ve been hosting Thanksgiving for some 30+ years now. Most of the old-timers have gone on to heaven. The gathering is not as large, but altogether as valuable.

The table is set. All the preparations have been made. My favorite recipes baked. The turkey is in the oven.

On this national Holiday where we stop to realize what we are thankful for, I remind myself to be more thankful everyday. We are so blessed as a nation. I am grateful for family and friends and firstly for God who loves me and gave His Son Jesus Christ for me so I could be reconciled to Him and live with Him for eternity.


  1. I don't know how you have time to design photos shoots and then execute them as photographer on TOP of all your culinary work. You're amazing. Truly. I don't know why I didn't realize the Thanksgiving Holiday was so important to you. I can see why, since you have so many lifetime memories surrounding it. I'm happy you get to enjoy your day, a day made beautiful by all the love and effort you put into it. May you receive a bountiful harvest! I SO wish someone from a magazine would see your blog because your photos, creations, and eye for beauty are all very good!!!!! Most people are either the planner, the cook, the decorator, the designer, or the photographer, but you my dear are all of the above! Thanks for sharing with us on your blog.

  2. Yummy~in my tummy! Just to know I will be sitting down to that table of abundance in just a short while, makes my gummies start to salivate (can't seem to rhyme that)! I am truly thankful that Thanksgiving dinners are your thing, even after all these years! Being a guest is so much better than being the shopper, cook, cleaner, decorator and coordinator for such a large gathering. And to think you had time to share it with us on your blog at an early hour on the day of days - well, what else can you do to top us all? You have me giving thanks already this morning. Thank you, wonderful daughter, and friend of mine. Be blessed and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and all yours (and ours)!

  3. i love the photos you took time to take during all your preparations. almost feels like i was there, or most certainly, wished i was there.

    i'm thinking you need to apply for a job for the next food network star or at least better homes and gardens.

  4. BEAUTIFUL, while E and I had a wonderful time with her family and were blessed to able to share Thanksgiving with them this year I always miss those smells of home.

    Those memories you shared were the memories you created for us as children. I love the Thanksgiving time and the loving way you planned, prepared and made it all so special.

    Of course I would be remiss to not mention your excellent cooking. The "women of old" would be prouder than a peacock at your culinary excellence. It wasn't until I was older and learned of others experiences that I came to truly understand how blessed I was to have a mom who could cook so well and enjoyed doing it for her family. I am very thankful for YOU.

  5. Thank you all for your thoughtful comments. It was a beautiful day to add to the memory pages with yummy food and great people! I pray the same was true for each of you.

  6. Goog Morning Meems, thank you for stopping by and comment in The Greenhouse....We don't cellebrate Thanksgiving in our country, I wonder why? I've to look in to that. The bread in your post looks very nice, what is it called? is it a traditional bread?


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