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"Possibility and promise greet me each day as I walk out into my garden. My vigor is renewed when I breathe in the earthiness and feel the dirt between my fingers. My garden is a peaceful spot to refresh my soul." Meems

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

fall clean-up progress

it's a slow, steady process right now... the fall clean-up is still underway. there's been progress made and i finally feel i've made some headway with the daunting to-do's. anytime there is a change of season gardening can feel overwhelming if i don't keep things in perspective. i'm a project sort of girl - i like to get things done - check them off my list. but truly, as the years go by, i'm doing my best to learn how not to rush the process getting to the result. it can be frustrating when i don't have time to get to the gardening or when i don't have as much time as i'd like. i love gardening (every little detail) but sometimes when i put pressure on myself to be finished, i rob myself of some of the pleasure.

today every muscle in my back hurts from trimming the confederate jasmine off of 40+ feet of fencing yesterday. it was a big job even using a gas trimmer. holding up the blade at shoulder level must be what enlisted the help of muscles that forgot they were there.


i have been checking out all the lawn and garden shops and nurseries for two weeks now... visiting several and making plans for new plantings. in between big clean-up projects i have managed to plant a few new things. i planted two milkweed for the monarchs.

fire bush

another "first", i now have my very own (actually two) fire bush plants. i put them where they will have plenty of room to get quite large and attract all the butterflies they can. in the same area as the fire bush i planted something my neighbor gave me that i had left in the pot since last year. i am hoping it is a fire spike. she didn't know and i am only guessing until i can be sure when it blooms.

the grass killing seems to be moving along as planned. next week i hope to dig out the dead grass which will enlarge this bed for some transplants and some new plants. digging out grass might be my least favorite gardening job... but ... it's necessary for the most fun job which is designing, digging and planting.

i also have about 8 trays of annuals in the driveway waiting to be put in the ground... oh happy day!


  1. 8 trays of annuals?! I had to go back to your profile to remember you are in Florida. You have fall clean up, too? I guess the difference is after the fall clean up, you keep going with the garden, whereas here in the midwest, we hole up for the winter and just dream about the garden!

  2. Sounds like you were way more productive than I was this weekend.

  3. You sure have been busy! I was lazy this weekend... well, I did walk around a lot at the 'thing' in Perry. Oh, well, tomorrow's another day. 8-]

    I really like those milkweeds and firebushes. You're going to have lots more butterflies to snap before you know it.

  4. "Grass killing"...sounds so ominous. And to think you did it on purpose. Round here, it happens all on its own. :o)

  5. carol: yes, there is quite a difference. we do our best gardening in the fall and early spring. it is likely the temps won't get to freezing here all winter. each year i take that chance because if it doesn't freeze, the annuals love the break from the stressful heat of summer.

  6. jane: your relaxing weekend is well deserved. hope you caught up on your rest.

  7. sophie: hope you enjoyed the shindig in perry. did you eat lots of seafood?

    mlm: i have my own share of grass dying all on its own. when that happens my solution is usually the same... make a new bed.

  8. What a gorgeous milkweed! Do you know what kind that is? We are a certified Monarch waystation and I would love to have that beauty for the butterflies in my garden.

    I'm enjoying your blog, which I've just come upon from a comment you left at ewa's blog.


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