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"Possibility and promise greet me each day as I walk out into my garden. My vigor is renewed when I breathe in the earthiness and feel the dirt between my fingers. My garden is a peaceful spot to refresh my soul." Meems

Welcome to my Central Florida Garden Blog where we garden combining Florida natives, Florida-Friendly plants, and tropicals.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

no heat, no humidity

the calendar turned a page as we woke our first day in this quaint mountain house. as if there was a heavenly announcement proclaiming a change of season, the morning was full with crisp, cool air in highlands, n.c.

every morning at the dawning of each sunrise i could be found sitting in a rocker on the lower deck that hung over the mountain with my coffee and my Bible. with ample time to meditate and breathe in what each new sunrise had to offer, I was a happy girl.

the view from the upper deck

highlands cove golf course

Our youngest son and his wife (whom I will refer to as j & e from now on) had come from tallahassee to join us for the long labor day weekend. after a brunch of meems’ infamous french toast served outside on the upper deck, there was a tee time to be attended to at Highlands Cove for the boys. e & i opted to lounge and loaf staying close to the house the first day, both of us recovering from all the work it takes to get there.

journeying out for a hike on the mountain road to play and practice with my new camera, much to my delight, was the discovery of many flowers and foliage i don’t grow in my florida garden.

hydrangea was everywhere

i didn't waste time creating a flower arrangement for the cabin

it seemed like there were bees or bugs on every flower

More highlights to come.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Must admit that I would love to find a quiet mountain home right about now. Rest, Relax, spend time with God...hmmmmmmm...

  2. Loving the highlight pics and story...your words have set the mood and the photos do the rest to "take me there." Now if I could only reallllly go there. Sigh.

    Love the new looks, updated photos and text and all. Love the Chambers quote and the park bench and the jatropha. Thanks for sharing, MEEMS!

  3. i'm with MLM. i want to go where you were. looks like your camera is capturing some great shots.

    i must confess, i look at your blog with absolute jealousy!!! i've probably confessed this before, but it's still true.

    i guess i'll have to post some lovely fall foliage photos on my blog to make you jealous of how wonderful the autumn season is in Iowa.

  4. GREAT bee shot! Is that coastal plain palafox (Palafoxia intergrifolia) he's sipping?

  5. jane: thanks. your quiet will come again... hang in there.

    mlm: thanks for noticing and for always being a fan :-)

    ml: you make me lol. i always think i would love to live where the seasons change-- so see... we always want something we don't have. selah.

    would love for you to post some of YOUR beautiful fall foliage.

    sophie: how is it you know the name of every plant imaginable?

    i looked up Palafoxia Intergrifolia but i don't think it was that... this flower was huge and had many, many pods of what you see in the photo. so i actually have no idea what it was but the bees loved them.

  6. I just have some really good books. LOL! I should have Googled images first. And checked my spelling. 8-} Your picture looks just like the one in my wildflower book. I was thinking maybe it was one of the other palafoxes, but I haven't been able to find any that grow in that part of the country. Yes, I'm a research freak and unsolved mysteries nag at me. LOL!

  7. sophie: you are right i couldn't find any that grow in that area either... but then again i only quickly checked it because you gave me the name.

    i appreciate your research and the unsolved mystery thing,too. i will send you a larger photo off blog to assist the sleuth in you. :-)

  8. Hey, thanks ever so, Meems! I thought it might be wild bergamot, but none of the pics I Googled looked quite right. I'm sure the bees don't care what we call it. 8-]

  9. Joe-pye-weed? It's looking more and more like a Eupatorium of some sort. What do you think?

  10. sophie: mystery solved, super sleuth. i googled eupatorium and you have nailed it once again---
    Boneset Eupatorium - Indian Sage.
    thanks so much - it's so nice to know now.


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