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Thursday, September 20, 2007

nothing pretty about it

if you read tuesday's post you know why there were four of these unsightly trenches dug into my yard. all the valves to the irrigation system had to be replaced due to lightning damage.
so, okay --these things can be repaired (i tell myself) but why is it the guys who do this don't seem to notice the sod never goes back down resembling anything like a lawn again?

today it was necessary for me to make my way to the local depot and procure the required amendments to re-do what the 'professionals' left for me. :-)

tomorrow i will set about to pull up most of the sod and reinforce underneathe with new soil just so the sod lays evenly. i purchased more sod to fill in the bare places where they just didn't bother to put any sod back. why doesn't the sod fit there anymore- did it shrink in between the time they dug it up and lay it back down? alas.


  1. I can totally relate to this post...well, not TOTALLY, since for me, plumbing woes caused the problem rather than lightning, and my husband had to do all the sodrepair work rather than moi. I was pregnant at the time. Oh, who am I kidding?! I wouldn't have done it anyway. :o)

    I'm sorry for your added work. Your garden and lawn require enough upkeep as it is, you don't need the pros coming in and wrecking everything!

  2. mlm: what gets me is having to pay them and then having to finish part of the job for them. oh well... it is done now and i'm grateful they are finished.


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