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Sunday, August 19, 2007

superior fit and dexterity

sometimes the gear gets me as excited as the hobby. strange, i know.

every avid gardener needs a good pair of gloves (or two, or three). once i started wearing gloves... yikes... i actually did all my gardening bare handed for years. for some reason i couldn't get used to having gloves on my hands. not being able to 'feel' as i went along did not appeal to me. unfortunately, my hands are all the worse for it now. needless to say, i made myself get used to them and i am incessantly on the hunt for the perfect gloves.

my current favorites from smith and hawken... only when they get wet-- which is a given-- the leather fingers dry stiffly making it necessary to soften them up and i don't abide taking the time to do this with each use.

i have experimented with many different variety of gloves over the years: short , long , leather, thorn resistant, all purpose, lightweight, water resistant, sturdy, and even form-fitting knit gloves. typically my right thumb and next two fingers wear clear through the ends of the glove long before the glove itself wears out.

i may have discovered the glove of all gloves. while i was working my day-long project on friday the pair i had recently ordered from smith and hawken arrived in the mail. without delay i excitedly donned them to assist me in my tasks and to give them an immediate test-run.

my new digs ( a pun - yes)--VERY comfortable-- i dare say the MOST comfortable pair i have ever owned. they are light lime green (a favorite color of moi), not pale yellow as they appear in this photo.

here's the scoop:
Fashionable and functional, these sturdy, lightweight gloves protect your hands while offering superior fit and dexterity. They are ideal for digging, weeding and planting in the garden.
Fingertips and palms reinforced to resist abrasions, punctures and tearing

Superior grip in wet or dry conditions
Ventilation panel with moisture-wicking mesh keeps hands cool
Terry-cloth thumb panel acts as a brow wipe
Carabiner hook quickly attaches to a belt loop
Adjustable wrist closure
Machine washable


  1. If I were in the market for new work gloves, I would definitely take your recommendation into consideration. When I help around the yard at my parents I always end up wearing my dad's old leather work gloves like you were describing.

    BTW- I like the lime clock...I'm sure there were other additions as well...I will have to see what else I can notice.

  2. Those are COOL! And totally don't look like garden gloves at all...except they probably do now after all your labor (crusted with dirt and stuff).

  3. You should write for the J. Peterman catalog.

  4. NT: I thought so too, but I think she might have lifted the copy from the catalog....meems???

  5. Now this is some practical advice that I can totally use. Only thing I need to know is how to order. Do I go online and search for Smith & Hawkin? You also didn't mention their cost?

    I also have been through hundreds of gardening gloves, and alway lose the the right hand pointer and index fingers long before the gloves are completely gone. I don't like leather as they are so hot to wear in Florida, and the stiffness you mentioned. So I wind up with cotton with the little nubbies on the fingers, and often get stuck through the material anyway. These gloves you have featured seem to fit every possible gardening need, so I would like to secure a pair for myself. Can you give me more info?

  6. jane: thanks- i'm a big fan of limes.

    mlm: they are EVEN machine washable- how fabulous for me.

    nt: as long as i could copy and paste like i did for this post.
    does that mean i would have to dance like elaine too?

  7. sg: we gardeners must have a sufficient glove that pricklies can't penetrate.

    they only cost $22- i wish i had ordered two pair. to get to the website you can click on the link in my post where i mention smith and hawken. type in the word gloves in the search and all choices will be displayed at once.

    But - don't you have a b'day coming up? maybe you should wait???

  8. I'm so excited about the gloves I just don't know what to say! (:

  9. pk: i feel your excitement. at least you said 'something'... thought i lost you there for a while. :-)

  10. I never have been able to get used to wearing gardening gloves. I really should get some, though. Yes, I'll definitely check these out.

    I like your new clock, as well. I tried to use the watermelon, but it isn't in their gallery. Go figger. >8\

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  11. sophie: thanks. i'm pretty sure the watermelon was a choice within the lime series along with a lemon and an orange (if i remember correctly).


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