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Monday, July 30, 2007

white ibises

on my early morning jog i again spotted the white ibis flock in my neighbor's yard - only this time there were 4 rather than the group of 14 i spotted on saturday. i didn't have my camera but quickly retrieved it on the next lap past my house.

i really must get a new camera with a real zoom lens

white ibises in my neighbor's yard

an excerpt from my 'birds of florida' book has this to say about the white ibis:
Despite severe declines in numbers in recent decades, the White Ibis remains one of the most abundant and conspicuous wading birds in Florida. It is found in virtually all wetland habitats and even commly forages in fields and on lawns. As shocking as it may seem today, as recently as the early 20th century, White Ibises were routinely shot for the cooking pot and were known as "Chokoloskee Chickens"! This activity is perhaps still practiced by a few Floridians today.
i can only imagine where this might be practiced by the "few" today. yikes!


  1. Good fences make good neighbors. :o)

  2. its been practiced by a relative of yours. according him they are quite tasty.

  3. NT: like i said- i can only imagine. when i read that bit of info i pictured some of my backwoods relatives but didn't really want to know who. gee-thanks for sharing.

  4. family has done some hunting, but I don't think this has ever been a target. However my younger brother has been coon hunting before.

  5. it was years and years ago(decades actually). I don't think they were targeted per say as in a traditional hunt for that particular quarry, but they were killed and tested for their culinary quality.

  6. Well, I've eaten a lot of things that most people think strange, but never Chokoloskee Chicken! I must remember to share this tidbit with DS.

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  7. jane: certain members of my family have done their fair share of coon hunting. i can picture your brother having fun at this activity.

    nt: well- this update is a bit of a relief from your earlier comment. i guess this is what the book was referring to. thanks for clarifying.

    sm: i must admit i am happy to hear it. :-)


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