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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

power tools

well... this is sort of a power tool. yesterday my husband brought home this new toy for me. i am so excited. my old McLane is completely pooped-out. these jewels are hard to find...he had to go to St. Petersburg to pick this up from a mom and pop store that carries McLane walk behind edgers. for some reason everyone uses those stick edgers now. but i like the old fashioned heavy duty sort like this.

this one is 3.5 hp- my last one was only 3 hp. my hubby is so sweet to make sure i have good equipment (I haven't gotten a new kitchen yet, but we're working on it). i haven't cranked this baby up yet but i hope to give it a good work out tomorrow. isn't it pretty? and it's red, too.


  1. Love the new edger. I meant to ask you about your pooped-out one the other day and forgot (imagine that). Nice of hubby to bring home some sparklees for you! I like the color too. Haven't the foggiest on how to use one of those things, but sure is purty all brand-new!

    Btw, I like the new header and the new "photo journaling" section. Your blog is so fun to look at! All the colors and shapes and design. Thanks!

  2. I am sure hubby is all too happy to provide you with any new tools to help you maintain your beautiful yard. If you get the best on the market, it is better on the budget in the long run too. No one can do a good job (in the yard or in the kitchen) without the proper, working tools. So, nice arrangement - he shops, you edge! Everybody is happy! Yes, it is pretty - if you can qualify an edger as pretty! You described it as a jewel, heavy duty, good equipment, this baby, and pretty! Sounds like a description of a good wife, which I know you to be! Have fun, and give us a report on it's performance. The edger that is!

  3. sg:
    yep, he's no dummy.
    my plan was to get the mowing and edging done this morning before work but it started raining. unfortunately it rained only enough to foil my plans. i will try again tomorrow. i have no doubt this edger will make me proud. :-)

  4. you sound just like me. no matter what material object i get, if it can be red, then i love it.

    mystery solved on my purple plant—it's a russian sage.


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