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"Possibility and promise greet me each day as I walk out into my garden. My vigor is renewed when I breathe in the earthiness and feel the dirt between my fingers. My garden is a peaceful spot to refresh my soul." Meems

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

beeeeautiful breeze

to my sheer delight the humidity yesterday and today has been much lower than the usual sweltering, melting, drippy bad-hair-days of summer. i honestly could not keep from exclaiming out loud (several times) how beeeeautiful it was yesterday morning in the pleasant breeze (yes, there really was a breeze) as i exercised with a friend at a nearby nature trail.

today, my goal was to get the lawn mowed. since I don’t like to crank up and make all that noise until at least 8:30 i started working by doing a little trimming. as i carted my wheelbarrow to the backyard, i realized i hadn't been enveloped with the usual smothering warm blanket of heat. not sure if you can imagine the excitement of a gardener when the weather fools you for the good. i trimmed two hedges of plumbago, buried my organic waste in the compost pile, transplanted some bromeliads, trimmed up some potato vine and cut some for rooting. i spotted my neighbor Helen and as we chatted about this and that, before you know it, she is giving me a few cuttings from her yard. i actually dug up a ginger plant and a small shoot off of her yesterday, today and tomorrow bush. so by the time i left her, i had several things to pot, root, and plant. i forgot to mention there started a very light drizzle shortly after i got started this morning. while i was trimming, pruning, and digging my hopes for getting the lawn mowed were getting slimmer as the thunder was also rumbling in the distance.

never in the history of my caladium fascination have i ever waited this late to plant bulbs. but as is my usual routine, i had saved out about 50 or so june bride and brandy wine to plant after all my other bulbs had bloomed in case there were some weak areas that needed a boost. one of my front beds was just the place. the red salvia i put in the ground in march needed to be cut back. once i did that, it was time to fill in with the last of the caladium bulbs. It didn’t take long but it was raining on me the entire time. Rain was okay with me because it was only sparse and it made for a cool morning of gardening. Because of the pleasant (in the 70’s and not 80’s or 90’s) weather I did things this morning I would typically avoid in the month of july. I never did mow because it was too wet. It is so nice to get a respite of any kind from this summer heat.

front bed before i trimmed salvia (and leggy impatiens)

last of june bride caladium bulbs

my mess after i trimmed and planted bulbs (for all of you
who like to 'see' i CAN be messy)

ginger plant from helen


  1. Ok Miss Meems, here is my comment. But the only comment I can make is I have no idea what to say about all the gardening since that is all very foreign to me. But I am impressed that you are still exercising on the trail. Running?

  2. I think you misspelled beeeeautiful. I thought it had 6 e's. I guess I could be wrong. However, I can agree that it was a grrrrreat day.

    Hi pincessk! Way to follow directions!

  3. princess K: welcome, welcome, welcome... that's my princess welcome in case you were wondering.

    jane: you are probably correct. 6 e's would have worked better. it is actually lovely outside again tonight and i am still elated.

  4. Jane: I am a quick learner...sometimes...not when I'm on cold medicine though.

    Meems: I love the welcome...just because of that I will be back!

  5. Even your mess is neast. LOL!

    We had a day like that yesterday. DS and I drove up to town with the windows open. Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! Today was hot again, but not a total scorcher. Hope it stays like this a while longer.

  6. THAT'S a MESS? Your yard looked like Jane's closet. :o)

    There's really a plant called "yesterday, today, and tomorrow"? Did I miss something?

  7. sophie: it's a rare day when we can leave the windows down - glad you caught the breeze too.

    mlm: you didn't miss anything- yes there is a plant called yt&t. its blooms are white, lavender AND purple and it is fragrant... i hope mine lives because Helen's is lovely.

  8. I think I'd like to plan that in my yard. Just because of the name and colors. But then I'd have to tend it, so nevermind.

  9. Isn't it amazing how something so ugly as a caladium bulb can produce such a beautiful plant with leaves of such variety? The original appearance is nothing to be desired, but put in the proper soil, with time and a little TLC, up comes a lovely addition to your garden.

    I wonder if that is how the Lord sees us in our original, sin-ugly form. We are covered with dirt, with no apparant value, and no seeming purpose. But, He is the Master Gardener, and He knows with His love and care taking, given time and the right conditions of the fertile soil of His Word and the rain of His Holy Spirit, we can be reborn into someone totally different. A brand new creation, which brings the beauty in our lump of clay to life and enhances His garden all over this world in a variety of colors and shapes. Just my thought for the day!

  10. mlm: if my YTT roots and blooms i will give you a cutting and help you take care of it. deal?

    dreamlady: welcome. i like your thought for the day... thanks for sharing it.


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